Season 8 Episode 12

The Byakugan Sees the Blind Spot!

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Aug 23, 2008 on TV Tokyo

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  • Pretty exciting

    This episode was exciting, showing Hinata's true potential as a shinobi. She has been slowing progressing as a ninja, surprising us with every new mission. An example in particular in this episode was her ability to assess her situation and discover the magnet users weakness through using her Byakuugan abilities. She is slowly catching up to her cousin Neji and should make the Hyuuga clan proud. Everyone is gaining more faith in her abilities, most noticeably Naruto (much to Hinata's delight). He shows this when he tells Haruna that he will protect her because he promised Hinata. However, honestly I don't think that Haruna is worth it due to the way she treats Naruto, but then again i guess Naruto is just more honorable than I am :P