Season 8 Episode 12

The Byakugan Sees the Blind Spot!

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Aug 23, 2008 on TV Tokyo



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    • Naruto: Uh oh! (Grabs Haruna and dodges an attack) What was that?!
      Renga: Bravo! I must commend you for anticipating that attack.
      Naruto: Who's that?! Where are you?!
      Renga: (Laughs and appears above them) I'm right up here. You were so close, but you'll never reach that village now. I'm afraid your journey ends here.

    • Haruna: But I was sure that protecting me wasn't part of your mission. If that's true, why are you doing this?
      Naruto: It's just the way we are. We don't like it when we see somebody getting a raw deal, even if that somebody isn't maybe...well...the nicest person in the world.

    • Haruna: I depend on no one. I will do this on my own.
      Naruto: Hold on! I'm coming with you. Like it or not, I made a promise to Hinata and I'm going to protect you.
      Haruna: To Hinata?
      Naruto: She got pretty badly injured fighting that second ninja who was after you.
      Haruna: She what?!

    • Hinata: Our mission is far from being over. There's still Princess Haruna. You must find her and protect her.
      Naruto: Don't worry. I'm gonna take care of it and I swear to you by this headband that I'll make sure that nothing happens to her. Besides, I can't let you go around making me look bad.
      Hinata: Of course not.

    • Naruto: Say, where did Mr. Magnet Man get off to?
      Hinata: He won't bother us anymore. He's buried under the sand.
      Naruto: He's what?! You mean you did it?! You really beat him?!
      Hinata: Yeah... I mean I did what I could.
      Naruto: Man Hinata, you're amazing! You saw how well I handled him.
      Hinata: You don't know what that means coming from you, Naruto.

    • Choji: Hinata, are you okay?
      Naruto: Hinata! Hinata!
      Hinata: (Comes to) Naruto, you're here? And Choji? Yurinojou? You did this... You this this all just for me?
      Naruto: Sure. What'd you expect? What do you think friends are for?

    • Jiga: What... What the devil's going on?!
      Hinata: Just now I hit one of your chakra points, disrupting the flow of chakra through you body. And now your body is a powerful magnet that you can't switch off.
      Jiga: That's why you led me to this canyon full of iron sand. Make it stop!
      (Jiga is covered completely by the sand)

    • Jiga: Little fool, you annoy me. I've changed my mind, I'm going to finish you off now.

    • Jiga: Enough of this, playtime's over. Give up! Can't you see it's pointless?
      Hinata: Not while there is still breath left in my body. Giving up is not part of my ninja way.
      Jiga: It's your funeral.

    • Hinata: (Thinking) He's too powerful, I could never defeat him. Can I even survive against him?

    • Jiga: I thought so. That's the Byakugan of the Leaf Village, huh? Interesting. The famous Byakugan, huh? Let's see how it works. Can you see your way out of this?

    • Naruto: Get out of here! Go on.
      Hinata: (Shakes her head) I'm not gonna leave you.
      Naruto: Hinata, he's too strong, more than you can handle.
      Hinata: No way! I won't let him have you!

    • Hinata: Naruto!
      Jiga: Save your breath, he can't hear you. My magnetic sand interferes with the electric impulses in his brain. Ha! Hear you, right now he can't even think straight.

    • Naruto: Okay, now you've made me mad.
      Jiga: Stubborn little brat. (Uses magnetized stones to hit Naruto) Huh, you won't get up again.
      Hinata: Naruto!
      Naruto: I hate to disappoint you...
      Jiga: Hey, impressive. At least you have some spirit.

    • Hinata: The only ones going to the spirit world...are you and I!

    • Jiga: I'm disappointed. This wasn't worth my time. So tell me, where did you hide the girl? If you talk, I'll spare you. That kid, too. If you save him now, he will not die.
      Naruto: Run away... Hinata...
      Jiga: Well then, talk! You don't want to save that kid? Or do you think that you can beat me?
      Hinata: (Thinking) If I did talk, Naruto would never forgive me.
      Jiga: Well then, I will force you to talk! I'll change your brainwaves with a strong magnetic field. And regardless of how you move, the magnetic polarity will change accordingly. So, it's pointless to run away!

      ~Japanese version

    • Jiga: Well then, it's about time to finish this game! Well, let's settle this quicklly!
      Hinata: I will never give up! That is my ninja way!
      Jiga: How useless.
      Hinata: How dare you do that to Naruto?! I will not forgive you!

      ~Japanese version

    • Jiga: Its pointless! Your voice will not reach him. A human's brain has faint cavities that allow currents to follow through them, allowing the brain to function. If I change the magnetic polarity, the interference that it creates will stop his ability to think! And this chain is filled with strong magnetism. Go get buried!
      (Slams Naruto into side of valley)
      Hinata: Naruto, are you okay? Thank goodness!

      ~Japanese version

    • Naruto: The second one of those criminals came and attacked. I got defeated.
      Choji: What happened to Hinata and the Princess?
      Naruto: That's right! I can't stay here!

      ~Japanese version

    • Third evil ninja: Yes, I've found you! It's impossible to run away from me.
      (Choji reches for a Kunai and is hit by something that makes him cough up blood)
      Hinata: Choji!
      Third evil ninja: Stop this futile resistence. I'll take you guys as hostages. We'll take these guys back to the castle.
      Henchman: Yes!

      ~Japanese version

    • Naruto: How dare you do that?!
      Jiga: Annoying brat! Now you can't stand.
      Hinata: Naruto!

      ~Japanese version

    • Naruto: Hinata, that's incredible! And against a person that I couldn't stand up to at all...
      Hinata: To get praised by Naruto... Naruto, this...
      Naruto: This is my forehead protector.

      ~Japanese version

    • Hinata: (Thinking) Naruto, I will definitely come back to rescue you. However, there's too big of a difference in strength between that person and myslef! He's not an opponent I can defeat! He's catching up to me already! What should I do? This is... iron sand? I see. That person's technique is able to convert the things he touches into magnets after touching his body. The reason why he didn't attack me earlier was so that he could get rid of the iron sand that was in his body. If I could get around it, he would drown in his own iron sand. His attack patterns are a combination of Magnetic Ninja Arts and Iron Sand Illusionary Techniques. He switches his magnetic power on and off so that his own body will not become a magnet. In that case, there is one way to defeat him!

      ~Japanese version

    • Hinata: Naruto, I will definitely rescue you.
      Naruto: Hinata!

      ~Japanese version

    • Hinata: The ones going to Hell are you and me!

      ~Japanese version

    • Naruto: I will not lose, Hinata!

      ~Japanese version

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