Season 1 Episode 27

The Chunin Exam Stage 2: The Forest of Death

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Apr 15, 2006 on TV Tokyo

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  • The second test of the chunin exam begins.

    Anko tells the genin the rules for the next test in the chunin exam. There are 13 Earth Scrolls and 13 Heaven Scrolls and each of the 26 teams receives one of the scrolls. The object is to survive the Forest of Death and get to the temple in the middle of the forest with both scrolls. Now half of the teams or better will be eliminated from the exam. After receiving their scrolls, the teams gather at one of the gates leading to the forest. Once the gates are opened the teams will have five days to complete this part of the exam. Already, it seems that several teams are after Team 7.....
  • This was cool to see.

    The Chunin Exam Phase two begins. This episode starts with the explanation about the next phase of the Chunin exams. Everyone as always is thinking about what they'll have to do. It was nice to see what people were thinking about the exams. When the Chunin exam finally begins and the gates are open I couldn't wait to see what would happen next. People are clever I just have to say. Hinata, Shino and Kiba seemed like they had a plan on top of a plan, I mean they got their scroll in the beginning of the test. Naruto's team was looking well although Naruto was captured, Sasuke saw through the disguise and yet again Sakura did nothing. This episode is the beginning of a new arc. It is a great episode because there is much action.
  • They finally start the challanging part of the exam.

    The candidates that made it through the first part of the chunin selection exam are briefed on their next assisgnment: to obtain both a "heaven" and an "earth" scroll and make it to the tower in the center of the forest in the time period of 5 days. But if one member of a team dies or is unable to continue on, that team fails. It hadn't even been 10 minutes when a team had already been caught in a trap and attacked by humungous leeches. (EWWW!!!) (Not sure why Ibiki is considered a sadsit when Anko was the one laughing when she heard the ensnared team scream.) Naruto's team is getting off to a rough start too. Naruto goes off to use the bathroom, but the person who comes back isn't Naruto. Not even 15 minutes into the second portion of the exam and Team 7 already has a challenge.
  • This was an awsome episode. It sets everything up for the rest of the series.

    This was an awsome episode. It sets everything up for the rest of the series! the first few minutes in the forest and Sasuke goes and get's himself cursed! Naruto goes unconcious, and Sakura does absolutly nothing. I hate how Sakura just sits there and doesn't fit back. Even when her teammates were unconcious, Rock Lee had to come and save her. Shikamaru's team fights the most, although they and Lee get beat, at least they tried! When Sasuke wakes up and asks Sakura who did this to her, I thought that was cute. It proves he really cares about her. When he broke the sound ninja's arm, I was amazed. I also thought it was cute how Sakura stopped Sasuke by hugging him. That was so cute! And Naruto was clueless as usual. I also like how Tenten wakes up Lee by shaking him violetly.
  • Man, I just saw this episode. It was so cool, it was about naruto sakura and sasuke in hte forest of death and their striving to survive. It was just amazing, all the action! I don't want to be the one who ruins the episode for you so just watch it.

    I just saw this episode today and I just to write a review on it. I know I know, I'm late it might be an old episode but it is still very very worth watching. I give it a 5 out of 5 because the scenery is just good at creating anxiety, it leaves you at the edge of your seat the whole time, it keeps you wondering whats gonna happen next. That is just how captivating this episode really is. I can safely say now that I'veseen every out of all 230 episodes that are out with english translations. What don't call me a nerd I heard that.
  • Season 2!!!!! Good season, horrid theme song. Fighting Dreamers is the best Naruto theme song.

    Hey, if you don't like it that I gave this episode a 10, too bad. I give all Naruto episodes a 10 even if they were horrible. All the Genin meet Anko in front of the Forest of Death. She tells them that they need to get 2 scrolls in order to pass. One is a dark scroll that says Earth on it. The other is white and it says Heaven on it. Each team is given one or the other and must fight in order to get the other. There is a 5 day time limit. After the 5 days are up, they gotta be at the tower in the middle of the forest or they flunk. Team 8, Kiba, Shino, and Hinata get their scroll easily because Shino and Kiba tricked older Genin stalking them into being eaten by leeches. Naruto says he has to pee and tries to go in a bush, but Sakura hits him and tells him to go waaaaaay over there. Naruto returns without the cut Anko gave him a few episodes ago, and Sasuke figures it out. Plus the Rain Genin disguised as Naruto had the Shuriken holder on the wrong leg.
  • Everyone who has passed the first exam is gathered outside the forest of death, eagerly waiting for the suspense to be over with.

    This is a good episode, naruto gets attacked by the examiner, Anko Mitarashi, Which is pretty funny. The exam gets explained, even though nothing funny or actiony happens its still a great episode. Its a very suspenseful episode f you don\'t already know what happens from reading the manga. Everyone is doing something so you don\'t get bored, even if its not fighting. Its somewhat funny when Sakura and Ino get into a fight over who can\'t survive the exam and the others to weak. I liked when it showed everybobdy at their gates it showed all the characters different personality. Overall it was a good episode.
  • Another great installment.

    With the annoying toddlers out of the way, the second part of the exam starts, and it's all about survival. There's a tower in the middle of the forest of death, and in order to pass, the team must have all their members intact, and they must possess both a scroll of earth, and scroll of heaven. Each team will have either the scroll of earth or heaven, so they'll need to fight for the other scrolls with the other teams. Though it's not only the other teams that people have to worry about; the forest of death itself is a deadly grounds. The second exam starts, and the other rookie genin have took out some of the teams already. Naruto had to take a piss, and when he returned Sasuke attacked him. He then asks him where the real Naruto is, for he's a fake. The man in disguise reveals himself.

    There's just something about the chuunin exam arc that just makes it awesome. This particular episode wasn't really standing out in any way, aside from the end with Naruto being kidnapped, but it's the establishment of the past episodes, and how it already set the tone for this. And this episode, with all the complicated rules, and the forest of death itself, is just so awesome in many ways, that you just want to marathon Naruto all in one go! Well, that's what I did the first time, and that's what I'm doing the second time too. Plus, it's making it more interesting with these new ninjas being introduced, specifically the long tongued ninja, who stealthy came behind Anko, giving her back her knife. You just want to know who these guys are, and what their goals are, because you know for sure that there reason for entering this exam isn't just to become a chuunin.
  • Enter Orochimaru...the Hidden Leaf\'s most wanted S-Rank criminal!...A Kage level opponent disguised as a Grass Genin examinee! Is Team 7 up to the task?

    This is an incredible first glimpse at the evils of Orochimaru...and there\'s plenty more to come. The episodes where Team 7 fights Orochimaru are among some of the best early episodes this great anime has to offer...and it only gets better.

    Here we see team 7 take on their first major enemy since the Zabuza battles...and this time there is no Kakashi to back them up. Who is this wierd snake-like Grass Genin? Orochimaru of the Hidden Sound! But is he really a Genin? Can the team take him down?

    He's one of the 3 legendary Sanin, a Kage level foe against 3 sharp Genin. This is no small time imortal foe that can hope from body to body, every 3 years. He can be male, he can be female...but he\'s ALWAYS Orochimaru! and he\'s incredibly tough to beat down. He\'s bent on ruling Konoha (the Hidden Leaf) or destroying it! What does the future hold for the team if they can\'t beat this foe?
  • Orochimaru first appears! The question arises, "Who the heck is this person?"

    Orochimaru sucks, except for his cool eyeball of death thing. What the heck is with this person? Is he a guy, a girl, or a monster?

    Pah, I don't know what he is anymore. In episode 70, Coward No. 1 - It's Troublesome, But I've Got to Do It!! , it turns out he was a girl! And an ugly one at that. Yuck, he (or she) is a psycho.