Season 7 Episode 17

The Closed Door

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM May 31, 2008 on TV Tokyo

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  • It's going pretty decently.

    The story and pacing so far is a little rough on the edges, but good enough to say that the execution is at least decent. It is interesting how they're incorporating Orochimaru into this arc since the made up villains that the filler arcs usually introduce suck and are totally lacking in character. Though like the previous episode, Isaribi is being turned too much into a sob story, much like how the canon stuff tried making Sasuke and Gaara into an emotional outbreak. So far the story is at least pretty decent, but knowing that the arc is going to try to make you empathetic with Isaribi's situation and not doing a good job of it so far, you can't help but feel like this is going to end up as a trainwreck.
  • I like the Fishy Girl!!!

    OK, so I'm still not happy with Laura Bailey, but I'm learning to live with it. Anyway, so Isarabi the Fishy Girl saved Naruto from drowning. Meanwhile, Ino is still unconcious and Anko and Shino are still looking everywhere for Naruto. They eventually decide that he will turn up soon and leave. At Isarabi's house, she gives Naruto food and tends to his owies. Then she very rudely tells him to get out of her house! Geez, I knew Naruto was unpleasant company, but I would tell him to leave! He starts to go and then some village brats start pelting Isarabi with rocks. LOL, I would've let them if I were in Naruto's shoes after she made me get out of her house. Anyway, he stops the kids. Ino and Shino gather some useful information about the Sea Monster. Apparently it lives near an island and anyone who tries to go near it dies. So the two find Anko, who has been hiding away due to her Curse Mark pain, and they go looking for Isarabi. They see her and she turns into a Fishy Girl!!! So they capture her, and Naruto shows up. And Anko gets some memory lapses. All very complex, if you ask me.
  • We find out about the sea monster.

    Isubiri has saved Naruto and brought him to her house for him to recover. Meanwhile, Anko, Shino, and Ino are continuing to look for Naruto and meet with the shipping company to learn that the schedule for the money shipment has moved up to the next day. They head out for Isuribi's house to ask her some questions and hope to find out where Naruto might be. Naruto is now awake and feeling better. Isuribi tells him that after he finishes breakfast that he must leave. Some kids outside start to throw rocks and call her names. Naruto stops them. She sees a messenger on a horse ride by and ....
  • Suspenseful in the least.

    This episode was great. Very suspenseful. We finally see Sasuke, as of barely seeing him, but seeing him. No Sakura and him together yet in this episode though. (Yeah I am hardcore Sasuke and Sakura shipper). We see more of Anko's past, which is good. I feel sorry for her. She kind of went through what Sasuke is going through, although she isn't now pure evil and stuff. The ending was my favorite part of this episode, I liked the fact that Ino didn't look completely weak and her and Shino actually captured Isaribi with some teamwork. Naruto and Isaribi, don't ship them together people! Naruto and Hinata rule surpreme still! So, that's the review.
  • Is their more beyond Isaribi?

    Anko's memory was destroyed by Orochimaru, to hid his secret. His jutsu creating lab. Where he created the freak Isaribi. Well I have no idea Isaribi is doing this. Maybe its by force? or free will. Whatever it is Naruto, Shino and Ino must stop this. And yes finally i saw Sasuke. Bout time.
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