Season 7 Episode 9

The Cursed Warrior

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM May 03, 2008 on TV Tokyo

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  • Who should you have called? Ghostbusters!

    This episode was actually pretty funny for most of the first half. It opened up with a hilarious sight of Naruto training by hanging on the bottom of one of the Hokage's noses, looking like a booger. Later on, Naruto gets in a fight with Tsunade and gets a black eye. Just something about seeing him with a black eye was just so amusing. The story itself opens up like the rest of the Naruto fillers have. The first episode introduces the client at hand, the team that Naruto is going to be working with, and the conflict. Unlike other pilots to filler arcs, this actually has an interesting concept and it'll be interesting to see how it takes off from here.
  • Naruto, Neji, and Tenten become ghostbusters?

    It seems that a ghost has been causing havoc in The Land of Birds. A man pays money and begs the Hokage (Tsunade) to help him and his lord. The scene then cuts to Naruto enjoying some ramen. The man stands around the corner looking and Naruto confronts him. Naruto buys him ramen since he paid all his money to Tsunade. Naruto confronts Tsunade in a funny scene about the mission. He learns that she is sending him with Neji and Tenten to The Land of Birds. On the way the man fills them in on the history of what happened. Once they get to The Land of Birds, they run into the ghost....
  • Naruto and friends go ghost hunting...

    I was a bit disappointed, I thought Sakura was gonna be in this one. :( I don't exactly like Sakura, but I just feel like Team 7 is falling apart. First Sasuke leaves to join Orochimaru, Kakashi is always out on missions, and we rarely ever see Sakura because Tsunade keeps her locked underground making copies of stuff and bringing fish back to life! *rolls eyes* Whatever, here's what happened. Some guy shows up in Konoha begging Tsunade to sends help to the Land of Birds which is under attack by some ghost. Reluctant at first because of the distance, Lady Hokage sends Naruto, Tenten, and Neji out to do the job. Wait a minute, what happened to Team 10? Naruto always gets to go on missions with Teams 8 and Guy! Well, at least Lee didn't get to go on this one. He drives me nuts. So the four of them go off and finally arrive at the Land of Birds. They fight this ghost, blah, blah, blah, it wasn't all that great.
  • Good episode.

    This episode was well rounded, I guess. Still filler though, not the best. The beggining was funny, I laughed when Tsunade and $hizune were in shock at the man it looked like he was going to or cutting himself haha funny. So Naruto is afraid of supernatural beings, I would've never guessed. He has to be afraid of something though I guess. They must've walked a lot. I wonder why Tsunade called Kakashi though, cuz he never was going to be on the mission. Oh well. It was really cool when the ghosts head got cut off by Tenten. Also, when Naruto used Naruto Rendan the four Naruto's that kicked the ghost up instantly dissapeared after they kicked him, but in other episodes they don't vanish. Strange. But still a good episode, can't wait for the next (oh wait, yes I can. Lol).
  • Filler. Naruto goes Ghost Buster.

    It reminds me of a Scooby-Doo type scenario. There are alot of suspects, for this mystery. This episode was a little bit humorous, knowing that Naruto has an inner fear of the supernatural and such. For some reason i knew Neji was a none beleiver, you know trying to be bad a$$ all the time.:P But in the end Naruto should just stick to being a ninja.