Season 7 Episode 9

The Cursed Warrior

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM May 03, 2008 on TV Tokyo



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    • Naruto: Now to find out who's behind this little prank. (Goes to inspect armor.) Huh? What? It's empty... But that can't be... Unless...(Starts to freak out) It's!

    • (The ghost walks out of temple with glowing eyes)
      Naruto: Okay, I've officially had enough of this!

    • Neji: I don't see him.
      Naruto: We know he went in there.
      Neji: Yes, but there's no human presence in that building. At least I don't detect the presence of a living human.
      Naruto: Now what the heck does that mean? No, wait a second, I don't wanna know.

    • (They spot the Cursed Warrior in the air)
      Tenten: The thing can fly?!
      Shishima: Clad all in white, with a helmet and halberd in its hand, wearing the mask of an evil demon with eyes of fire... There can be no doubt about it, that's the Cursed Warrior!

    • Naruto: What about that other guy?
      Tenten: Exactly. It's Koumei the adviser I'm suspicious of. He could have assassinated Lord Oowashi to gain power and then got angry when it didn't work.
      Shishima: It's true, he's been complaining bitterly ever since Lord Sagi was chosen over him. I wouldn't put it past him to have manufactured the Cursed Warrior himself and then started these evil rumors.
      Naruto: Yeah, exactly, now you're talking. This ghost isn't any ghost at all but this Lord Koumei guy.
      Neji: (Sarcastic) Huh, so the mystery's solved just like that, eh?

    • Naruto: Thanks a lot. You know, you could have said something before about a ghost being involved.
      Shishima: I didn't mention it? I thought I did.
      Naruto: No, I think I would have remembered that. But it's just a rumor anyway, right? Has anyone ever seen it?
      Shishima: Well, I've never seen it myself, but...
      Naruto: Well, I thought so.
      Shishima: Then again, my master, Lord Mosou, saw it with his own eyes. So close, he could feel its breath.
      Naruto: Gah! That close, huh?!

    • Shizune: Did your friend tell you the details of your mission?
      Naruto: Well... No, not exactly.
      Tsunade: Their land's being haunted.
      Naruto: (Gulps) By what?
      Tsunade: They call it "The Cursed Warrior". A ghost wearing white armor that appears in the dead of night. Or so they say... Huh? (Looks behind her desk to find Naruto cowering)
      Naruto: Oh... Uh, it's nothing. I just thought you said something about a ghost, that's all.
      Tsunade: I did. What's wrong, ya scared?
      Naruto: Course not. What kind of ninja would I be if I was scared of stuff like that?
      (Tsunade and Shizune look down and see his legs shaking)

    • Tsunade: Idiot! Who said I refused his mission?
      Naruto: I see. You weren't cheating him, you were waiting for Neji to come back from the mission he's on.
      Tsunade: That's right, you little jerk.

    • Naruto: (Barges into Tsunade's office) I've seen some dirty tricks in my time, but this takes the cake!
      Tsunade: Listen you, the least you could do is knock before you come barging in here.
      Naruto: Yeah, yeah... Never mind that. What do you mean by taking every cent the poor guy has and then refusing to do the mission for him?
      Tsunade: Huh?
      Naruto: You ought to be ashamed of yourself, Grandma Tsunade. You're a big fat cheat!
      Tsunade: (Gets very angry) You want to try that again?! (Hits Naruto)
      Naruto: Ow! Never mind, sorry.

    • (Shishima has eaten several bowls of ramen)
      Teuchi Ichiraku: Thanks for coming, and as long as Naruto's treating, come back any time.
      Naruto: Oh brother... (Looks at empty money frog) You weren't hungry at all, were you.
      Shishima: I'm sorry, I kinda got carried away there, didn't I.

    • Naruto: How am I supposed to swallow my ramen with you staring at me like that? If you're hungry, go in there and order some!
      Shishima: Who... Who said I'm hungry? (Stomach growls)

    • Naruto: Ah-ah-ahchoo.
      Teuchi Ichiraku: (Laughs) I guess someone must be talking about ya.
      Naruto: No way, they're all out on missions. Anyway, isn't that when your ears are burning?

    • Kakashi: I wouldn't worry about him. He may not seem like it, but he's solid. You picked a good one to have on your side.

    • Shishima: I would do anything to help him; to bring back again, no matter what the cost.
      Naruto: (Thinking) Yeah, that's just the way I felt about Sasuke. The way I still feel.

    • Naruto: (Hanging upside-down from Third Hokage's nose on the mountain) Hey, look at me! I'm a booger!

    • Neji: There's no human aura here, at least not a living one.
      Naruto: Why'd you have to say it like that?

      ~Japanese version

    • Neji: There's no way that ghosts can really exist.

      ~Japanese version

    • Man from Bird Country: I'm sorry, it's said that I'm a skinny glutton.

      ~Japanese version

    • Naruto: Huh, huh? I didn't hear anything about a ghost...
      Shizune: Are you afraid?
      Naruto: I'm not scared! Can there be a ninja that's scared of something like that?

      ~Japanese version

    • Naruto: You call people who do that, ogres, you know? You old hag of an ogre!
      Tsunade: I dare you to say that one more time.
      (Tsunade hits Naruto)
      Naruto: That hurt!

      ~Japanese version

    • Man from Bird Country: If that is the case, then...
      (Man pulls out a knife)
      Man from Bird Country: I will punish myself!
      (Man gets ready to cut himself and Shizune and Tsunade freak)
      Tsunade: Don't be rash!
      (Man cuts near his skin and a money bag drops out, Tsunade and Shizune looked surprised and he empties out the coins)

      ~Japanese version

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