Season 7 Episode 12

The Death Of Naruto

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM May 10, 2008 on TV Tokyo

Episode Recap

The episode starts off with Kakashi telling Neji and Tenten that their mission is over. They ask about Naruto, and Kakashi tells them sometimes sacrifices are necessary to complete a mission; they can't interfere with another country's affairs. They head back, when two mysterious ninjas appear. They wonder if they're really heading back and decide to follow them. Meanwhile, Koumei is led out to the execution area, where Mousou reads his charges. Koumei can't believe Mousou is doing this after everything he did for him. Mousou tells him he'll forgive him, if he commits suicide for his execution. With no choice, Koumei prepares to do so, until a mysterious purple smoke covers everything.

The Noroimusha appears and abducts Koumei before leaving. Three of the guards reveal themselves to be Neji, Kakashi, and Ten-ten and pursue the ghost. The ninja who was chasing them before finally realizes that he's been tricked when three monkeys were hung as the group. Kakashi tells Neji and Ten-ten to continue pursuing the ghost while he checks on something. The two catch up, and accuse the two of working together. Koumei claims he's innocent, and the two ninjas prepare to unmask the ghost. Kakashi arrives and tells them all to leave. With the help of Pakkun, Kakashi calls out a ninja who was following them. The Noroimusha leads the three down a tunnel that leads to the Feudal Lord's mansion. The ghost reveals itself to be Naruto.

Tenten gets angry that Neji knew the entire time and that Naruto gave her a scare. Neji remembers when Kakashi told them they were being followed, which is why he lied about leaving Naruto behind, and that another ninja began following them. Tenten gets angry once again that she didn't know all of this. Naruto explains that Sagi is waiting for them. When they confront Sagi, Sagi and Naruto reveal that Mousou is behind everything, and that Koumei is indeed innocent. Naruto explains that when Sagi issued him the death penalty before, his friend arrived, badly injured, and warned Sagi about everything. Naruto asks why Sagi doesn't stop the execution, and he says that it'll ruin his plans for revenge if Mousou suspects something. Naruto offers to take Sagi's place and save Koumei. Neji and Tenten finally understand.

The scene resumes to Kakashi fighting the one ninja. Kakashi defeats him, but then the ninja re-emerges. Turns out he and his partner are wandering ninja who steal ninja techniques and reformat them. He starts to show off his techniques that he stole from Gaara.

Meanwhile, Sagi thanks Naruto for his good work and tells him that he'll take over from there. Sagi opens a watch and says as long as he doesn't get his revenge, it's like time is standing still.