Season 7 Episode 12

The Death Of Naruto

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM May 10, 2008 on TV Tokyo

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  • These filler arcs just don't know when to end.

    Hey look a plot twist, was I supposed to be surprised? It wasn't hard to see that this arc was going to have one of these right when you watched the second episode. Plot twists are intriguing, but the problem with this entire arc, along with the past Naruto arcs, is pacing. When you think it is going to end, it drags on for a couple more episodes before finally putting the arc to rest. Honestly, you could care less what happens from here on--unless some super cool fights are just ahead. Hopefully this arc will end the next episode, but it doesn't look likely seeing as the next episode is an hour special, ugh.
  • This just keeps getting better and better!

    Most of these fillers haven't been able to hold my attention for long. But this one... Wow. There's something right around every corner! OK, so Naruto has just been sentenced to death by Lord Sagi for snooping around the palace, and Kakashi has come to the Land of Birds to escort Neji and Tenten home. Though they aren't really going home. And some ninja guy follows them, so Kakashi three monkeys to look like them. So the ninja guy comes around the corner and the three Leaf ninja are sitting in a tree fighting over an apple. Kakashi: (picks up apple) Yummy yummy! Neji: (tackles him) Hey, that's mine! (end of quotes) It was very comical. :P Then the ninja figures out that he's been chasing monkeys, but the three have already escaped. They disguise themselves as palace guards, and go to Lord Koumei's execution, where he is about to commit seppuku. Naruto, disguised as the Cursed Warrior, smoke bombs the place and rescues Komei. Kakashi, Tenten, and Neji follow them, but Tenten is the only one who isn't aware Naruto is in the costume. :P Blah, blah, blah, I don't remember the whole thing, go watch it on youtube!
  • The ghost appears again!

    The title to this one is very misleading. Naruto has been sentenced to die, but that changes quickly. Kakashi, Neji, and Tenten have fooled their pursuer and have doubled back to save Naruto. In the meantime, Koumei is about to be executed by Mousou. The ghost shows up and rescues Koumei and three guards take off after the ghost. The guards are actually Kakashi, Neji and Tenten in disguise. The ghost goes back to the temple with Koumei and the others. The ghost leads them to the trapdoor as Kakashi stays behind to deal with a ninja that has been following them...
  • More things are cleared in this episode.

    It turns out that Naruto didn't die after all. After hearing Chishima's pleas, Sagi trusts Naruto to get Komei out of his death sentence. Naruto decides to masquerade as the Cursed Warrior so that Moso wouldn't suspect anything. However, for Neji and Tenten (mostly Tenten) they don't know why the are tagging along with their enemies. After getting through the feudal lord's secret passageway, Naruto unmasks himself and they enter Lord Sagi's to discuss the situation at hand. Now, all Naruto and the others need to do is to defeat Moso and stop his plot from taking reign as the next feudal lord! What will happen next? Another 10 out of 10.
  • This episode cleared up a bunch of things.

    As stated above, this episode cleared up a lot of things. So Sagi wasn't really evil ( disregard my review for the last episode then... ) and Mousuo was the real bad guy all along. I should've known. Wow, this plot has been quite enthrilling, I would've never expected all of this to happen. Haha, monkeys ( what they used to substitue themselves ). Kakashi fighting with that guy was exciting, I really didn't expect Gaara's sand coffin ( so they must've already gone to the sand village ). Tenten was clueless the entire time then. Very nice episode it cleared up so much, and I think the next episode will clear up the filler arc. Very peculiar.
  • The mystery of the ghost is cleared up in this interesting episode

    This episode dispels any previous ideas I had about the real mystery behind the ghost. It is a complete twist, which makes it one of the more interesting filler episodes. I think only the previous episode is more interesting than this one. The ghost arc is shaping up to be a worthwhile arc to see. It's really amazing how the people who you think are behind it all aren't really, and people you think you knew you really didn't. I happen to enjoy these kinds of episodes in other animes for example Death Note. This is nowhere on the same level as Death Note but in theory I like these mystery type episodes which confuse you and astounds you.
  • The mystery is cleared up a little

    This episode was confusing at first but I later got hang of it. Basically all evidence points to Mousou. He is the one truly guiding all the trouble. Sagi just wishes to avenge his fathers death. Mousou made Koumei take all the blame, while he seems innocent. And it looks like Kakashi is having a little trouble with that rock guy. Who oddly has the same abilities those of Gaara.
  • As the episode notes say, this episode was very misleading. However, it truly was a thrilling episode as we see some new modified jutsu, and see the mystery unfold.

    I was right next to Tenten for the entire episode up to the end, as my answers to the mysteries were constantly changed and jostled around. Just seeing the name made my heart leap, and it did another jump as the story unfolded. I loved this episode regardless of the misleading title.

    Kakashi was a wonderful addition to the story and his fight sequence with the wandering ninja was thrilling. I loved seeing the modified jutsu and it's comparison to Gaara's.

    Naruto, too, seemed to be at the peak of his character, as of yet,--in this episode and the one before this one--as he uncovered (although at times by mistake) the mystery surrounding Noroimusha and it's abilities and turned the tables.

    From reading the title, and having Kakashi, Tenten, and Neji disguising themselves as monkeys, to the Noroimusha (of this episode anyways) uncovering his mask, this was an absolutely fabulous episode that has me wishing for the next one.