Season 1 Episode 19

The Demon in the Snow

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Jan 14, 2006 on TV Tokyo

Episode Recap

This episode is after the battle between Zabuza, Naruto, Sasuke, Kakashi and Haku [episode 18]. Zabuza is confronted by his boss Gato who is planning to kill Zabuza because he was too expensive. Zabuza now annoyed decides to cancel the fight with Kakashi and fight Gato's men. Meanwhile Gato approaches the dead body of Haku and snaps the neck even though he's dead, this caused Naruto to go berserk but Kakashi holds him back. Naruto ask Zabuza "say something too, weren't you friends!? [Toriyama version] but Zabuza said "shut up, kid. Haku is already dead". [Later then said] "As Gato used me, I used Haku. That's all it was". Naruto then starts saying a speech about Haku and how much he loved Zabuza and then we have a flashback to the fights between Naruto, Sasuke and Haku. Zabuza then starts crying and realizes that Naruto is right and removes half of his mask and ask Naruto to lend him his kunai [a weapon used by ninjas] and then Zabuza grabs it in his mouth and starts charging towards Gato's men. After a bloody scene and half of Gato's men wiped out, Zabuza then goes for Gato himself. Gato gets slashed in the chest by Zabuza but Gato's men weakened Zabuza by stabbing him 4 or 3 times in the back with weapons but Zabuza didn't quit and went berserk and started slicing Gato about 3 times and then one final blow to the chest [Zabuza appeared to look like a devil while doing this final blow] which knocks out Gato into the sea [in the previous episodes of the battle the setting was on a bridge surrounded by water]. After Gato died, his men realize how strong Zabuza was and decided to leave him alone and let him walk through but Zabuza only made it half through and then fainted [too much blood coming from his body]. Meanwhile Sasuke awakens from a long sleep because of Haku's powerful attacks and realizes what happened [Sakura told him what happened] and then gets rudely interrupted by Gato's goons who said that because Zabuza killed their boss they want revenge for themselves, but before they fought they got interrupted by Inari and the village people [Inari is Naruto's new friend in the Village Of Mist in the previous episodes], deciding to help out, Naruto does his " shadow replication technique" made up of only 5 and then Kakashi copies from Naruto and makes his own version of the shadow replication technique made up of more than 20. This causes the punks to run silly towards their boats and making the villagers the winners. Meanwhile, Kakashi goes towards Zabuza [who is now awake but still weak] who then ask Kakashi for a request that he be laid right next to Haku for the last time. Then something strange happens and then it starts to snow at the wrong season but then the sun shows again [the strange snowing was caused because since Haku has ice ninjutsu techniques and has a bloodline of ice and was born in a snowy village]. At the end Kakashi, Sakura, Sasuke and Naruto have a conversation about Zabuza and a way of a ninja in front of Zabuza and Haku's graves. The bridge is finally built and Naruto and the gang have to say their goodbyes to the villagers, but because of Naruto's bravery the bridge was named after his name: "The Great Naruto Bridge"
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