Season 6 Episode 6

The End of Tears

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Jan 26, 2008 on TV Tokyo

Episode Recap

Sasuke activates in his curse seal level 2 form and is laughing and Naruto says is that how Sasuke means special. Sasuke laughs and says that he has a feeling he will not lose. Naruto charges Sasuke and puts his hand in the ground and crack the ground and hits Sasuke with a devastating punch causing him to go into the rock wall like a missile and lands on the statue's foot.
The smoke clears form where Sasuke hit and shows a wing coming out of Sasuke's back. The wing on Sasuke's back opens and Naruto notices the wing and defends, but the wing sends Naruto into the other statue's foot. Naruto gets up and looks over to Sasuke and another wing grows on his back as well.
As the wings are fully out Sasuke starts to feel pain. A flashback is shown now when Sakon told Sasuke about the level 2 form and how if he uses it for long his body will be lost forever. Naruto gets up and his left hand is boiling. Naruto says that he cannot feel his left hand. Sasuke says that Naruto's powers are risky to him.
Sasuke also states that the place is called the valley of the end and says that it is the perfect stage for them to battle. Sasuke says that the time for talking is over and they will finish the battle with the next move! A flashback is shown now when teams here chosen. Team 7 was Naruto, Sakura, and Sasuke which Naruto was not too happy about and Sakura was. Sasuke tells Naruto not to get in his way.
Another flashback is shown when Naruto was tied up to a log and Sakura had given Naruto food which Kakashi told them not to do. The three of them say that they are a team and are one. Then another flashback where Sasuke is asking Naruto if he is all right. Then another flashback is shown when Naruto stopped a snake from killing Sasuke and Naruto asks if Sasuke is ok.
Another flashback is shown and Sasuke says that he wants to fight Naruto which in another flashback Naruto says the same thing. In another flashback it shows Sasuke saying he will protect Naruto and Sakura form the sand ninjas. Another flashback is shown where Naruto break out the sand coffin and says he will protect Sakura no matter what.
Then the last flashback is shown where Naruto and Sasuke are standing on top of the roof of a hospital getting ready to battle Naruto tells Sasuke to put his headband on but Sasuke says Naruto won't even be able to scratch his forehead. Naruto and Sasuke charge each other with the chidori and the Rasengan and Sakura is running too stop them.
Back in the present Sasuke performs some seals and a chidori forms on his hand. Naruto gets up and his red chakra swings on the back of him and a Rasengan forms on his hand as well. Sasuke's chidori becomes a dark chidori and Naruto's Rasengan appears as a big sphere on his hand. Both of the ninjas charge each other with their ultimate jutsus crackling. These two powerful jutsus collide with red chakra coming from Naruto and blue chakra coming from Sasuke. They both say their jutsus' names Naruto says Rasengan! Sasuke says Chidori!
Then a white light appears and goes back to when the jutsus collided and purple chakra comes from both of them then Sasuke hits Naruto with his chidori and Naruto scratches Sasuke's headband and a huge dark sphere is around the two ninjas and Kakashi senses the chakra and rushes to them! It then shows Naruto and Sasuke weak and hovering in the sphere looking at each other.
Then a flashback is shown with a young Sasuke and a young Naruto crossing their fingers and smiling. Then in the present we see Sasuke lying on the ground and Sasuke above him. The sun shines through the clouds and a spotlight is around Sasuke and Naruto and the light grows smaller and smaller and disappearing on Naruto's face.
Sasuke stares down at Naruto and his headband becomes untied and falls beside Naruto. Rain begins to pour down and Sasuke feels a sharp pain in his arm and grabs it. Sasuke falls and looks Naruto straight in the face and then Kakashi arrives at the valley of the end but Sasuke is nowhere to be seen.
Kakashi walks over to Naruto and looks at Naruto and puts him on his back and says that he was sorry he didn't make it in time. Kakashi also states that Naruto went all out. Sasuke is walking thought the forest and remembers what his dad said to him when he mastered a jutsu in only a week.
Then he remembers what his mom said about his dad always talking about Sasuke to his mom and then Itachi is talking to Sasuke saying that he is the thing Sasuke must overcome then he remembers when Itachi killed his clan and said he was capable of using the Mangekyou Sharingan .
But Sasuke must kill his closest friend. Pakun says that the valley of the end was ironic for Sasuke and Naruto to fight there. Kakashi agrees and says that if you observe the river it seems like it goes on forever stopping to only make a battle. Kakashi also states that Naruto and Sasuke are like the 1st and 2nd hokages.
Naruto opens his eyes and Kakashi is startled. Sasuke says that he will not do what his brother wants him to do. He also states that he will obtain power in his own way. That he will surpass his brother in his own way! Sasuke then walks into darkness. Naruto is still on Kakashi's back and Kakashi says that the rain has stopped.
Pakun says that he cannot track Sasuke because of the rain. As Kakashi and pakun head home a Venus-fly trap like body appears from under the earth. The man inside the trap says that things have become interesting. The man's body is one half lights and one half dark and he is wearing an Akatsuki robe!
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