Season 6 Episode 6

The End of Tears

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Jan 26, 2008 on TV Tokyo

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  • Absolutely awesome!

    There is only one word for this episode: AWESOME!Finally Naruto was able to use Kyubi's chakra to a new extent. It was a little horrifying seeing Sasuke transform into that bat-like form and those dumb flashbacks really had no value but all in all, it was a great episode. Sasuke proved once again that he was a true friend by sparing Naruto but it was saddening to see him leave. The best part I liked was when it was an all-out strike between the Rasengan and Chidori. They really were at each others throats. Also, Naruto won their bet-He managed to scratch Sasuke's headband.
  • Why couldn't it be more awesome fighting instead of this melo drama!

    I like drama. No, I love drama. I just don't like teenager drama which is usually referred to as melodrama. Crying, pouting, emo, this episode was that in just about every sense with a lot of dumb flashbacks. I swear I must have seen that one scene before Naruto and Sasuke fought the first time a million times, it is in every single episode! I'm just starting to hate Naruto and Sasuke's man love for each other now. It concluded a really awesome fight though with Sasuke and Naruto charging at each other with their strongest attacks, the chidori and rasengen, facing one another.
  • Naruto and Sasuke hate to see the 2 friends drift apart

    This about made me cry I hated to see Sasuke leave the leaf but Sasuke had the chance to kill Naruto but He didn't he was going get power his way not Itachi's.But that orb around Sasuke and Naruto was asome I loved Sasuke black Chidori and Naruto's Rasengan it was asome I love this episode,It was great for the manga I just hope Sasuke isn't dead He'll come back to the leaf and their will be 2 kokage's agin Like the First and Second hokage's but this time it will be Naruto and Sasuke but im not looking forward to seeing the manga end or die.
  • awesomeness!

    Sasuke has activated level two of the curse seal and his skin has changed to grey, his hair grows longer and his hands become like animal claws. Naruto charges at Sasuke and knocks him into the leg of the statue. When the smoke clears, there is a wing like a bat covering Sasuke. It swings out at Naruto and knocks him into the other statue leg. Another wing comes out of Sasuke's back and Naruto comments that Sasuke has become a monster. Then flashbacks occur to when Naruto and Sasuke were teammates and watched out for each other. Then Sasuke charges up his Chidori and it becomes a dark Chidori and Naruto charges up his Rasengan. And pow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! big black ball!
  • This episode was really epic!

    Naruto has unleashed his Kyuubi and Sasuke is in CS2. When they started battling i thought Naruto was gonna win. He has the rasengan and some other stuff. But i was wrong...

    Sasuke proved to be the better ninja when Naruto and Sasuke clashed with Naruto's Kyuubi Rasengan and Sasuke's Black (Corrupt) Chidori. They then formed a ball of energy and Sasuke then punched Naruto. Naruto then slashed at his headband.

    Sasuke fleas and Kakashi saves Naruto. They send Naruto to the hospital and a mysterious ninja was watching Naruto and Sasuke's battle. Some weird plant Akatsuke. Overall, a really good conclusion to the best battle so far in Naruto history.
  • awesome ending to an awesome fight!!!

    Naruto and Sasuke's battle continues and Sasuke undergoes a some what gruesome transformation into the curse seal level 2. In this form he grows hand-shaped wings that seem to have an effect on Naruto's arm when he punches it. While this transformation occurs, Naruto mysterious red chakra aura is still bubbling. This episode is one of the best epsidoes of the series and is the climax to this epic battle of heroes (hehe, little Star Wars reference XD). At the tip of the battle, Sasuke's metallic looking chidori, and Naruto's intense crimson rasengan clash, forming a huuge purple ball of chakra that almost destroys the valley of the end (final valley in english dub). In the end, this episode is somewhat sad because Naruto lost one of his friends, but awesome because it's the climax of the pre-shippuuden naruto series.
  • Naruto vs. Sasuke THE FINAL CLASH (of part 1) the awesomest episode ever. 1-tailed naruto vs. Curse Mark 2 Sasuke!

    notice my avatar and rate my obssesion with this episode.

    though lacking in action the opening chidori! rasengan! dark orb effect keeps me watching this episode over and over and over and over and over again (i have it on Demand) it is the greatest episode Masashi Kishimoto has ever put in the manga and the anime i have absolutely nothing bad to say about this episode it truly is the breaking point for naruto.

    now if we can just do something about the filler arcs.
    although the bikochu beetle arc was kinda good. i just hope more episodes like this are created for Naruto
  • The battle between Naruto and Sasuke comes to an end.

    Sasuke has activated level two of the curse seal and his skin has changed to grey, his hair grows longer and his hands become like animal claws. Naruto charges at Sasuke and knocks him into the leg of the statue. When the smoke clears, there is a wing like a bat covering Sasuke. It swings out at Naruto and knocks him into the other statue leg. Another wing comes out of Sasuke's back and Naruto comments that Sasuke has become a monster. Then flashbacks occur to when Naruto and Sasuke were teammates and watched out for each other. Then Sasuke charges up his Chidori and it becomes a dark Chidori and Naruto charges up his Rasengan. They charge at each other and collide causing a huge chakra explosion. Who will come out victorious?????
  • The battle between Naruto and Sasuke comes to a close as One-Tailed Naruto takes on Cursed Seal Level 2 Sasuke in one final Rasengan vs. Chidori clash! And this time...only one person will emerge victorious.

    What a fantastic episode! The big climatic showdown between Naruto's Rasengan and Sasuke's Chidori was a bit predictable but it was still perfect. It's a shame that it had to end this way but this entire arc highlighted Naruto's growth as a ninja and as a person. He is still the knuckleheaded ninja we all know and love but he has definitely matured. His fighting technique looks better. If these two were to fight in a rematch, my money's on Naruto. Still wished Kakashi made it in time but it's a new direction and a new beginning for the series. I can't wait to see how this plays out.
  • Kakashi races to save Naruto and Sauske or is he too late for the two's final blows?

    Sauske has now unlocked the 2 level on the curse seal Orochimaru gave him. Naruto is in the first tale state of the fox demond. Sauske is pinned in the stone, and Naruto goes to attack but Sauske starts to grow wings in the shape of hands. It blocks Naruto attack and sends him back. Now there is only one move left as both of them are getting weaker by the second, Naruto's blazeing resnegan and Sauske's dark chidori. They fly through the air, and attack each other with there most powerfulest move, but then the two are consumed by a dark orb created by the dark chidori. Naruto attacks Sauske's head band with his nails and Sauske hits Naruto in the chest with his hand. Naruto falls uncountchus and Sauske is badly damedged. It starts to rain and Sauske leaves, with his head band behind. Kakashi get's to the Valley of the end to find Naruto lying on the ground with Sauske's head band. He's to late and with the rain, Pakkun can't track Sauske. The #1 prioity though was to get Naruto back safely though to the leaf village. We also find out that Zetsu of the Akatsuki was watching this fight.
  • Final showdown of sasuke and naruto fighting.

    ah man! heck yeah! this was floopin good! and sad too.. i didnt get to see hmm prbly half of it but then i got where Kakashi said: I am sorry i am late..something like that lol and then he was taking naruto back to the village..and that was where he recovered and where sakura is gonna go see if sasuke was brought back with naruto and him and then that is also when shikamaru is gonna have encounter with his dad about the whole mission he was assigned but failed to accomplish..i loved this episode..cant wait for tomorrow night! woot!
  • Sad, in the depressing sense...

    Naruto and Sasuke are STILL going at it, and it seems the fight is drawing to a close. Sasuke sprouts freakin' awesome wings, and Naruto grows a tail. Then they use their Chidori and Rasengan respectivley and smash into each other, creating a pretty purpley black orb. Sasuke does some of his mad, kong fu skills on Naruto and knocks him out cold, not dead, but not far from it. He then runs away, claiming he would not stoop to Itachi's level. Sasuke vows to get power but not in the way Itachi commanded him to. Then Kakashi and Pakkun show up, believing Naruto to be dead for a moment. Then they realize that he is not, and take him back home to Konoha for Tsunade to have a look at him. Meanwhile, Zetsu, known as Plant Boy in my book, watches them from a cliff.
  • Warning, spoilers!

    Oh my god that was like so sad and awesome at the end!!! Ok, heres the breakdown. Naruto and sasuke have their final big clash with the chidori and resengan. It makes a big black orb around them and the surprising part, Naruto and Sasuke both survive. Kakashi got there a little late. naruto was lying on the ground and Sasuke was gone. Sasuke leaves his headband right next to naruto. When Kakashi and Pakkun leaveWith naruto, the person who was watching the whole tome was ZESTU. My brother freaked out like heck because he couldn't believe that he was watching the whole entere fight (camoflouged of course). I absolutley LOVED this epiode I want to give it a 10 ++++++ final grade:A++++++++++++++++++++++
  • the end of the battle

    well i watch the episode today and it looks like its the end of the battle between sasuke and naruto this episode was good i liked the part when naruto did resengan and sasuke did chidori and hited eachother i think its one of the best parts of the series! this episode was good because we do now know that sasuke is serious of leaving its not like the eairler episode when we dident know anything about leaving, i liked it also cause its cool to see naruto in 1-tailed and sasuke in cursed seal form i think naruto fans would like this episode especially if they liked the naruto VS sasuke episodes so i like this episode!
  • This is a great episode and it it is the turning point of the whole sereis, but most importantly ZETSU!

    This is a great episode. It is the finally of Naruto versus Sasuke with one tail Naruto and curse seal level 2 Sasuke. Sasuke uses his flappind chidori and Naruto use his nine tail rasengan. They colide and the red and blue chakra create a purple orb, which eventualy turns black. Sasuke punches Naruto and Naruto scrathes Sasuke's headband. Naruto falls unconcence and Sasuke runs away to Orochimaru. Kakashi arrive to recover Naruto and realizes he was two late to keep Sasuke from running away. Then after he left with Naruto, the greatest character in the show Zetsu makes his fist appearance. Now everything will change in the show and the fillers will start.
  • amazing

    this episode was painful to watch because after naruto saved neji, garra, haku, zabuza and many others he couldnt save the only person that needed to be saved from the darkness and he couldnt pull it off even with the rasengan. even though sasuke said he was going to kill naruto he decided against it because he wanted to gain power in his own way instead of gaining it like his brother itachi this episode showed that sasuke still has a heart and that he may still come aroound in the end this is the first time that naruto doesnt keep his promise and looses a fight
  • This and the episode before it are the best in the series!

    This episode concludes the fight of Naruto and Sasuke. This in my opinion, is the best conclusion to a battle ever on a show. You really feel symphathy for Naruto, and maybe Sasuke becuase he is just really doing what he thinks is the best thing. The fight concludes with Naruto losing. This is a sad part becuase Naruto all of Naruto's efforts to go after Sasuke were pointless, even though the Sound Four was defeated. In the end, Sasuke lets Naruto live and decides to find his own way to achieve his goals. This battle is going to be very difficult to top because it was the best in the series so far.
  • Sasuke used to be my favorite character, but know he really shows his true dark colors. Anyways, he looks gay with the CS2 because his face looks like a girls.

    An episode that changed the story line forever. During this episode, Sasuke went CS2 and began saying how he was more special than Naruto. Naruto lunged at Sasuke and with his lunge came a handful of dirt. Naruto ripped Sasuke into the side of the mountain, but his attack was failed by Sasuke's new wing. The wing flung Naruto to the opposite side of the wall. Sasuke then grew a new wing on his other shoulder. The final clash of chidori and rasengan was about to collide. Naruto only had one hand because the other one was immobolized by the foxe's chakra. Naruto formed a Kyuubi rasengan while Sasuke formed a cursed chidori that wasn't blue, but grey with weird peices flying off of it. They collided and were sucked into a giant chakra ball that held their fates inside. Sasuke managed to land a punch in Naruto's chest while Naruto could only scratch Sasuke's Headband. Naruto lost the battle and a friend. Kakashi showed up and, instead of chasing Sasuke, treated Naruto's wounds. Sasuke vowed not to follow his brothers ways and kill his best friend for power, but to find it in his own way. Naruto returned to the village depressed and heart broken because of the news he had to tell Sakura.
  • it is best episode than other!

    Naruto use kyuubi with 1 tail and sasuke use curse seal 2 to fight each other! it is best! i bet that other people immpossible best them. I will that naruto can best sasuke but sasuke is lucky that naruto's left arm worn out and can't feel it. naruto also lucky that sasuke won't kill naruto. but, i still wonder why sasuke won't kill him. i guess maybe sasuke like more fight with naruto later... naruto is last person that he met him after he run away. I wonder why that naruto won't tell sakura truth about he fight with sasuke.
  • My fav episode

    This is such a sad episode. Poor naruto he tried everything to stop sasuke. All he wanted was to save his friend. When sasuke used the heaven seal and turned into that hairy thing I was in tears.

    I kept saying sasuke no you cant do this. I was praying he would not leave even though I new he would. It was so sad I really could not believe how good the fight was.

    I loved the end when Sasuke used the Chidori and Naruto used Resengan and then they went to attack each other. Little Sasuke and Little naruto where so cute. When they grasped fingers and both smiled it was so precious.

    Then when Naruto instead of attacking sasuke directly scratched his forehead protector. That was so good because it proved they were equal. Sasuke said twice that Naruto could not touch his forehead and he did.

    When Naruto was lying unconscious the sun slowly disappearing was a perfect touch. The way in just slowly faded away and then the rain started. The episode is called the worst conclusion the rain of tears. And I think the rain is a metaphor for the sorrow and loss of Sasukes abandonment to Orochimaru. Also the pain that Naruto is feeling not being able to help his friend.
  • Oh my god, I get depressed everytime I watch this (these) episode(s). I agree with most of the people here, I hate sasuke, althoug I have hated him sense the beginning.

    Besides that I give it a 10. This is one of the best and saddest of all the episodes up until now. I hope that he gets what he wants (to bring sasuke back) but frankly I just think they are better off without him. And for the people who have cried during this, I know how you feel. I do the same exact thing everytime I'm stupid enough to watch it over again. Anyways, I'm going to say this is the best episode until another great one comes out, inluding the fourth movie. I here N aruto dies, but I think it's impossible. (I'm still freaking out though)
  • Sasuke Sucks.

    Damn it. Naruto loses just because he doesn't punch Sasuke in the stomach. He punches him in the forehead instead, hitting the protecter. Well, Kakashi and Pakkun didn't arrive in time. One tailed Kyuubi Naruto almost wins Cursed Seal level 2 Sasuke.

    Meanwhile, the Akatsuki member Zetsu watches closely from in his plant body. He looked k00l. Anyway, end of the Sasuke Retrieval Arc. Saskue develpoes into his After Time Skip self, successfulyy goes to Orochimaru. He acts like a jerk and can't get into his thick head any of the things Naruto says to try to convince him so.

    I hate Sasuke I hate Sasuke I hate Sasuke I hate Sasuke I hate Sasuke I hate SasukeI hate Sasuke I hate Sasuke I hate Sasuke I hate Sasuke I hate Sasuke he is a F***er There u have it that sasuke is such a big jerk wh did he have to all that stuff just because he thinks he is such hot Sh** i hate that two timing a** S**t face D**K C*ck sucker
  • Best naruto episode

    This is the saddest Naruto episode I have ever seen. I was watching it in tears. I couldn't believe sasuke was choosing revenge over his friends. The best part was when the Chidori and Resengan clashed and there was little sasuke and Naruto there I just wanted to stop watching it. I kept saying over and over again Sasuke No you can't. I was prying that Kakashi would get there in time even though I new that he would not. This is the best episode of Naruto you just have to watch it. It's one of the last episodes before the fillers.
  • This is just about the greastest episode this season. Two thumbs way up!

    This has to be one of my favorite episode. Because of that, Im going to do this write and tell a complete summery of what happens. Here it geos.

    As the fight continues,Naruto rushes at Sasuke, who has just transformed into level 2 cursed seal. He picks up a fist full of dirt and tosses it, but when the smoke clears, Sasuke's new wing has shielded him from the blow. He quickly swats off Naruto and a matching wing grows from his opposite shoulder. Still, Sasuke's not too keen to stay in this state for long for fear the cursed seal will take over and he'll lose himself forever.

    Sasuke mentions that the place where they're fighting is called the Valley of the End - fitting because now it's time to end this battle. Naruto flashes back through his friendship with Sasuke one more time before the boys face off for one final chidori vs. rasengan. As the two techniques connect, there's an explosion. Sasuke reaches into Naruto's chest while Naruto manages to scratch Sasuke's forehead protector. The chakra is so great that even Kakashi, who's still a ways back, can feel it. The chakra ball engulfs them and everything fades into the multicolored light. Inside, the boys float amongst the energy.

    When the technique finishes, Sasuke is standing over an unconscious Naruto, a ray of sunlight highlighting Naruto's face. As it fades, Sasuke's forehead protector falls to the ground beside Naruto's body. The sky opens up and it starts to downpour. Sasuke is suddenly overcome with pain in his shoulder and coughs up blood. He falls to his knees and crouches directly above Naruto's head for one final moment to come to terms with what just happened.

    When Kakashi and Pakkun finally arrive, they find Naruto's body and discover they are too late. Kakashi picks up Naruto and apologizes for not getting here sooner. Realizing what went down, he looks off in the distance for Sasuke.

    Alone in the rain, Sasuke can barely walk. He remembers his family and knows that Itachi will always be the wall he must overcome. But, he promises himself that he won't use Mangekyou Sharingan. He won't kill his friend and play by Itachi's rules. Kakashi marvels at the place where the two boys fought. The river and the two Hokage watching over it are caught in a never ending battle, just as Naruto and Sasuke are. When Naruto opens his eyes, Sasuke feels it. As the rain stops, Kakashi decides to tend to Naruto rather than head off after Sasuke. From the distance, one of the Akatsuki watches.
  • cok-a-doodle-doo!!!!!!!!!!

    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------T H I S ... I S ... A ... C O O L ... E P I S O D E ... I... T H I N K... T H A T... S A S U K E... C O U L D... B E A T... U P... N A R U T O... A N Y T I M E... H A... H A... H A... H A... H A... H A... H A... H A...
    A N D... I... T H I N K... T H A T... O N L Y... L O S E R S... S A Y... T H A T... S A S U K E... I S... A... L O S E R... S O... T H A T... M E A N S... T H A T... A L M O S T...
    E V E R Y O N E... I N... T H E... W O R L D... I S... A... L O S E R...
  • (sporler past the episode)this was a great sad but great and out of the last manga i saw after the 3 year jump read on for more sporlers

    (sporler past the episode)this was a great sad but great and out of the last manga i saw after the 3 year jump naruto can get 4 tails and as said finishing the rasnaga made it expoinly stronger and saske has trained with orochmarue (no clue how to spell his name)for 3 years and has goten a lot stronger so thir next fight will be a lot better i think if naruto learns how to controle 4 tails and masters his new move that fight will be great because saskes super hard traning all the time and narutos super fast traning with shadow clones and you got to rember the first fight (that was not broke up)Saske was using the Lv. 2 cursed seal for first time now hes got more experence with it.
  • The best episode of of the 135 first episodes of naruto with the 134th.

    This episode is really the climax of the series. All rebeginned in 3 years. Naruto is really of one the most greatest animes of all the times. After the 3 years will be over I wonder what will happen to the rest of the team, it will really let me in a big waiting that\'s for sure ! For avoid the patience I will watch ALL the others episodes even if they have nothing to do with the manga. The anime is going to have big surprises, I will read the manga to the beginning to the fall \"on the dark side\" of Sasuke.
  • a very special episode indeed

    this is a very special episode indeed, one of the best fight in the series comes to a close, in the end narutos rasengan and sasukes chidori clashed and caused one giant explosion. it left me in suspense and disbelief. sasuke won the fight, but just barely. In the end sasuke realized narutos full potenetial and that he was truly a friend to him.we also see a mysterious person watching the battle from a safe distance, it was an akatsuki member but who was it??sasuke decides to leave the village and go with orochimaru in order to get stronger, kill his brother, and finally avenge his clan.
  • The Naruto/Sasuke fight comes to a dramatic conclusion

    This episode was so full of power and darkness. Naruto and Sasuke are even jacked up then before, although now, Sasuke looks like a girl, with purple lipstick, long hair, and huge wing things sticking out of his shirt. So much power, that both ninjas are on the verge of self-destruction. Sasuke's cursed seal is causing him to go mad and Naruto's Kyubi power is causing him to lose his feeling in his hands.

    And after one last flashback of some memorable (and rather weird) moments, the two release their powers at each other in a HUGE explosion! This creates a sort of weird black sphere around them. The sphere gets bigger and bigger, the waterfall starts blocking up, the walls start to fall down, the sky grows dark....then we get an inside look at the sphere where Sasuke and Naruto are. It looks all white, Sasuke's headband is scratched, but the two just look at each other. Then after we get a flashback of the two shaking hands, the scene shifts back to the fight.

    The white sphere is gone, and it shows Naruto lying motionless on the ground with Sasuke over him back to his normal self. His shirt is shown dehabilitated and then his headband falls off right next to Naruto. Sasuke then leaves Naruto in the pouring rain, thinking he's dead.

    Pakkun and Kakashi get to the Valley of the End, but it's too late. Sasuke's gone.
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