Season 7 Episode 1

The Enemy of the Byakugan

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Apr 05, 2008 on TV Tokyo

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  • Decent ending.

    Raiga and Ranmaru's relationship with each other is like the other relationships here in Naruto; not developed enough and runs almost like a friendship at first sight type of thing. That really just ruins things. It would have been better if we got to see the progress of their relationship, instead they became great friends right when they meet each other--when Raiga was going to kill him nonetheless. Other than that though, the fighting with unconscious Rock Lee and Raiga was pretty entertaining to watch, and it had a Power Rangers type of ending; where the strongest and most powerful move always finishes off the enemy. Though it was pretty responsible how Neji handled the whole situation with Ranmaru.
  • So funny

    Neji has another weakness of the Byakugan. Man it was just getting started. Karashi is such a traitor not working at the restaurant for his life. His mom needs him. She was stirring and then her snot almost went into the curry very funny. The memory when Karashi worked so hard to heal Rock Lee after his training was just so hilarious. The Curry of Life was funny incident. Also, Rock Lee can make a Shadow clone? no, it was Naruto. Anyway, that episode made me suspicious of whether or not Raiga was still alive and Karashi such a naughty guy to take Ranmaru out. Raiga is alive.
  • Raiga's secret is revealed.

    Raiga attacks Naruto, Neji, Lee, and Tenten and forces them into hiding. Neji uses his Byakugan to find their enemies. He sees several people in the mist and directs everyone to attack. But as they attack, they find out that Neji has been tricked somehow. With their locations now exposed, Raiga uses a lightning attack and knocks everyone out. As Raiga attempts to finish off Rock Lee, Lee blocks his attack. Lee is still knocked out, but blocks every attack that Raiga makes. Lee knocks something off of Raiga's back in the fight. Neji and Tenten inspect the item and find out that something is inside....
  • Oh no! It's a repeat of the Land of Waves incident!!!!!

    *slaps forehead* Man, this is EXACTLY what happened in the Land of Waves! Except Sasuke, Sakura, and Kakashi aren't around, and Tenten, Neji, and Lee are instead. And Raiga is mentally insane. And Ranmaru has creepy eyes. Anyway, everyone has just got the stuffing knocked out of them, except for Lee, who can fight in his sleep. He knocks the talking backpack off of Raiga, then Naruto wkes up and uses the Rasengan on him, which sends him flying off the mountain. They assume he's dead, but I have a hunch that they're wrong. Especially seeing as he's in the previews for the next episode. Anyway, Tenten and Neji unzip the talking backpack and discover there is a little boy inside who has the ability to make chakra networks and put them into illusions, and that is what has been sending Neji's Byakugan off track. He says his name is Ranmaru, then spends 10 minutes (I timed it) of the episode telling his life story and how he cam to be with Raiga, and then Naruto goes into flashback sequence for the remainder of the episode remembering Haku. COME ON! Haku is DEAD! He's not coming back! He died a long time ago! If you wanna avenge his death, go kill Kakashi! He's the one that did it! GEEZ! Anyway, Ranmaru is crippled, so Neji and Tenten and Lee and Naruto lock him in a shed, and then Naruto puts a chakra sealing tag on it to make sure he can't escape. At first I thought it was a paper bomb. That would've been fun to see. :P
  • Better.

    It was better than the last episode, with action. Lee fighting while unconciouss, wow. I am wondering if when Lee was running with Gai sensei was he done with the chuunin exams or not? Oh well. So yeah it was good Naruto kicked Raiga's but off the floor with Rasengan and wow that kid in the bag(Ranma) wow he reminds me of Haku lol. I am still wondering the extent of Ranma's power. Or what else he can do. So yeah it was a good episode, a little better than the last one but not as good as I would've hoped for a filler.
  • An interesting filler

    Once again Naruto defeats his enemy. But the problem is Ranmaru. We learned that he is a crippled boy, with a kekkei genkai ability. Which used to give Raiga an upperhand in battles. Its strange why Raiga hates the other six swordsman. Both Raiga and Ranmaru have searched for teh meaning of life. Realizing it was each other. But I think Neji kind of over did it by putting Ranmaru in a shed, tied him uo and sealed it. I dont believe he is that much of a danger.
  • an exciting battle

    its a filler but a really good one.i absolutely loved the team up this time. Naruto,Rock Lee,Neji,Ten-Ten are on a mission to escort three men back to their village after it falls to the Kurosuki clan.A clan of missing-nin from the hidden mist village,part of the teams mission is also to defeat them and restore order.But things dont turn out so easy because of an extremely strong enemies.Raiga Kurosuki a former member of the Seven Shinobi Swordsmen who wields two pike like swords with the ability to control and manipulate lightning.Raigas partner in crime and his "eyes".Ranmaru with an amazing kekkei-genkai that can actually fool the byakugan.One of the best fillers so far I have watched.
  • A filler but still a pretty good one.

    Well the one thing you'll notice about this episode is that Raiga lacks the Daikatana that both Zabuza and Kisame have. And he's meant to be one of the Seven Legendary Swordsmen? A mistake on the part of the animators. Also, what about Suiton? Hidden Mist Ninja use Water Element Jutsu's right? All the others did.... The fighting is good, the episode is alright but there are some glaring mistakes for serious fans.
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