Season 2 Episode 15

The Fifth Gate: A Splendid Ninja is Born

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Sep 02, 2006 on TV Tokyo

Episode Recap

Everyone watches as Lee's skin turns red. Kakashi explains that Lee's opened the third gate, Sei-Mon and is going to make his move. Gai tells Kakashi that he's not done yet as Lee goes on to open Sho-Mon, the fourth gate. He then attacks with lightning speed, causing the ground they are fighting on to crumble. Lee kicks Gaara into the air, the force of the kick causing the sand armor to begin to crack. He intends to defeat Gaara before the armor of sand reappears again and begins attacking Gaara from all sides with amazing speed and strength. Kakashi sees that his muscles just snapped. To-Mon, the fifth gate (the Forest Gate) has opened. Gaara's armor of sand isn't even able to keep up. He finds it hard to believe that this could be human movement.

This is the move Lee was preparing for Neji, but he'll use it on Gaara instead. He hits Gaara hard, as Gai explains Lee has done Ura Renge (Reverse Lotus), the ultra high speed Taijutsu that no one can touch.

"Primary Lotus...simply put, is a combination of high speed hand to hand combat moves where the enemy cannot even touch the user."

It's impossible for the sand to catch up. Lee then slams Gaara to the ground. With the final move, Gaara's gourd turns to sand and Lee falls to the ground motionless.

To everyone's horror, Gaara's sand gourd becomes sand and cushions his fall and he remains able to fight. Shino recognizes that Gaara is about to use the same technique he used during Part 2 of the exams, Sabuku-Kyu (Desert Coffin), crushing Lee's arm and leg in the process. Lee can barely move as the sand grabs his hand and leg and tosses him to the ground. He then sends another sand attack that will most definitely kill him, but Gai steps in and saves Lee from Gaara's death trap. Gaara then asks why Gai saved him. Gai explains:

"He' important subordinate I love."

The Sand shinobi and their leader don't believe that Gaara would understand the word love. As Gaara is declared the match victor, despite him walking off and saying that he quits, Kakashi explains to Sakura that the moment that Gai went down there, Lee lost.

Lee then staggers to his feet as everyone watches in amazement, even after opening five gates and having an arm and leg crushed, he shouldn't be able to stand. Sadly, Lee is only unconscious, still trying to prove his way of the ninja. Gai watches proudly as a medical team hurries over to attend a badly beaten Lee. Sakura tries to rush down, but as Kakashi informs her....even if she goes, what can she do now that the battle is over? One medic breaks the horrible news to Gai… all of Lee's bones has been broken and his muscles have been snapped. The damage to his left arm and leg are severe. Lee will no longer live as a ninja with that body.

An emotional Naruto can't believe it and is enraged about Lee's predicament as Kakashi tries to calm him. Lee risked his life to reach the stage where he could fight Neji, Sasuke, and even Naruto. Neji looks on, concerned, thinking to himself that Lee never realized that heaven forbids a guy to go to the next level if it means risking his life to get there.

Kakashi then apologizes to Gai about his harsh words. He then tells they should move to let the final match begin.

The final match has come- Choji vs. Dosu.

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