Season 2 Episode 15

The Fifth Gate: A Splendid Ninja is Born

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Sep 02, 2006 on TV Tokyo

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  • One of the best and saddest fights in the series. I believe Rock Lee is a splendid ninja.

    A battle to Rock Lee to prove to others his nido/ninja way, which is to be a great ninja even though he cannot use ninjutsu or genjutsu. He is close to a regular person, but in that way he is not regular because of his supreme taijutsu/hand skills to hand combat. Rock Lee does everything in his power to prove this, even by sacrifising his own life. This episode was very emotional, the audience could feel how hard Rock Lee works. Rock Lee is one of my favorite characters. A good result to the battle because he proved his ninja way to me and many other people, where Gaara, his opponent needs to learn his lesson. A very good episode.
  • Rock Lee and Gaara's match comes to an end.

    Rock Lee has just opened the third gate and gains tremendous power. Then he unlocks the forth gate and gains even more. Gaara thinks that Rock Lee will be easily defeated, but Rock Lee charges with blinding speed. Gaara is surprised and before he knows it, Rock Lee has knocked him into the air. Lee continue to hit Gaara while Gaara is airborne and only has his personal sand shield to protect him. Lee then uses the hidden lotus along with opening the fifth gate to finish off Gaara. A huge explosion occurs as they hit the ground. Rock Lee tumbles from the explosion....
  • Splendid fight,Gaara somehow manages to pull out,Rocks

    Pretty awsome fight,Like lee used his Lotus (5 gate) and Gaara did nothing,in the end he lost(lee by using to much of chakra.Mt fav char. Is Gaara thou i like him without shukuka more .Awsome show and awosme Fight rocks.

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  • Byby Lee. :[

    As Lee match against Gaara omes to an end Lee opens the third, fourth, and fifth gates of the Hidden Lotus. This incresses his power and speed but also tears his muscles around his whole body. After Lee uses all his new power up Gaara uses his Sand Coffen and Sand Barrail to damage his left leg and arm. Right when Gaara is about to end the match Gai steps in and the battle ends. Gaara is the winner but Lee may never be a ninja again with his injuries. I really enjoyed this episode because we see how much Gai cares for Lee and how much Lee wants to win but in the end Gaara was just to muh for him
  • The end for Lee?

    As Lee match against Gaara omes to an end Lee opens the third, fourth, and fifth gates of the Hidden Lotus. This incresses his power and speed but also tears his muscles around his whole body. After Lee uses all his new power up Gaara uses his Sand Coffen and Sand Barrail to damage his left leg and arm. Right when Gaara is about to end the match Gai steps in and the battle ends. Gaara is the winner but Lee may never be a ninja again with his injuries. I really enjoyed this episode because we see how much Gai cares for Lee and how much Lee wants to win but in the end Gaara was just to muh for him.
  • Match 9, Gaara vrs Lee. Gaara pwns

    Seeing that he is now losing, Lee opens up the 8 gates of his body, this makes him indeed alot stronger than usual but it is also a great threat to his life. At this stage, Lee bashed up Gaara big time but he is still not strong enough to defeat him. At this moment, Guy Sensai (Lee's teacher) has flashbacks of when Lee was young. Guy thinks theres no way Lee could lose now, since he's dominating the match. Lee is so fast that Gaara's sand cant keep up, letting Lee attacking and hurting Gaara easily. Then you find out that Gaara not only makes the sand form around him, he is also wearing the sand. The cracks on his face shows.

    Lee gathers the last of his strength and send Gaara to the floor with a mighty punch however the sand is ready and catches Gaara softly. Gaara is really pissed now. He has no intention of letting Lee survive. He uses Sand Tomb and breaks Lee's left arm and leg. He uses the same move again to end Lee's life but Guy comes in and saves Lee. The match is over, the winner is Gaara obviously, but he still doesn't understand why Guy saved Lee from his deadly attack.

    Gaara PWNS!
  • The conclsuion of Rock Lee vs. Gaara.

    This battle, which ends with Gaara's victory, is one of the best in Naruto. It is almost as good as Naruto vs. Sasuke. You really feel sorry for Lee who tried so hard but still lost to Gaara who, at this point of the series, is a jerk. This episode also leaves who schocked and wondering if Lee will ever be a ninja. You really see how much Gai is concerened about Lee's well-being in this episode. It's amazing to see how hard Lee tried. I would have liked for Lee to win but I suppose the stronger ninja won. I hope they have a rematch in a later episode.
  • Rock lee shows exactlyhow powerful he is.

    Rock lee fights with gaara. Rock lee releases his fifth gates, and loses in an epic battle. This is on eof the best episodes where rock lee can show his true strenth and power. I love this episode because i can see why everyone thinks rock lee is such a bad character, but he really isnt. When i see rock lee i can definily say he is one of my favorite characters. They said rock lee may never get to fight again, but he quickly recovers and gets back into the world. Even though he loses, everyone thinks hes the best.
  • GO GAARA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Lee keeps getting faster and faster and faster and faster and makes everyone so dizzy they fall down dead. OK, that didn't happen. But I can dream, OK?!? What really happened was he got too fast for Gaara and was able to break through his sand shield. Lee opens the 5th gate and uses Reverse Lotus. But luckilly, Gaara survives the blow. He does so by using the sand as a giant pillow and crushing Lee's arm and leg. He is about to kill him, but then Eyebrows shows up and stops him! Dang it! If he hadn't meddled, Bug Eyes would have died! Anyway, Lee is unconcious from the pain. But he still manages to stand up. Guy is crying because of Lee's dedication. Hayate ends the fight, declaring Gaara the victor. The medics take Lee away, but first inform Guy that Rock Lee will never fight as a shinobi again.
  • Naruto Episode 50 Review

    This is definetly one of my favorite Naruto episodes ever. I personally love Rock Lee. I admire him as both a ninja and as an overall person. This episode shows the true nature of him.
    This episode is also a huge "smack in the face" for Gaara because he has come in here and underestimated everyone. Especially a few episodes back when he said that Lee was ugly and untalented. Though Lee lost the match, he truely won when it comes down to it.
    Overall, this episode is exciting, well written, and full of action. Rock Lee will be back, and better than ever!
  • absolutely positively a dud

    Just saying that i like all naruto episodes of c - - - - - co - - - - cou - - - cour - - cours - course whoever thinks thatt naruto is a very bad show is going to get a punch in the face but by who... by me of course rock lee is very very very cool why is he cool i will never know but he still doesnt compare to orochimaru and sasuke sasuke sasuke at all whats the big deal with this guy anyways well this was a good episode after all heheheheheheh
  • This was my favorite I want to watch this episode again and again and again and did I mention Again????

    I watched this episode and I thought it was the best!!!!!!!!!!! I sa Rock Lee open to the fifth gate and kicked Gaaras butt!!!!!!!!!!! The bad thing is that Rock Lee lost He should have won because he is my favorite character of all time behind Goku It was super duper really fun and cool how Rock Lee was able to get up while he was unconsious.. I wish they would make a battle between Rock Lee and Neji because everyone knows that Rock Lee Would Dominate the Floor Pirates make that score give it all you got Rock Lees make taht shot
  • In this episode, Lee only wanted to prove himself. But in doing so he not only fought with such promise, he also fought with great strength. Lee proved himself not to be a faliure.

    Lee should be proud of himself, He proved he was not a faliure. Gai, Kakashi, Naruto, and every one else can not belive Lee can not fight again. While Naruto doesnt belive in the fact that his friend Rock Lee, can never fight again. it is in my opinion that Lee can fight again if he so desires, will have to prepare his body for recovery. in doing so may prove more painfull then Rock could have ever imagined.
  • This is the one of the three evenly matched best episodes of Naruto ever!

    This episode is exactly why I am glued to the tube when this show is on. I always like a good fight, especially if it involves a ruthless killer who will stop at nothing to kill human beings. This is a very exciting episode, and I cannot wait for the next battle that involves Gaara.
  • A high tense worrisome episode.

    The Fifth Gate: A Splendid Ninja Is Born! A splendid ninja is born... and wrecked for life. The last episode left us (After we learn and about Rock Lee's past and watching Gaara smack Lee around) trying to do some technique. This episode reveals this technique to be called"The Eight Inner Gates". Rock Lee's strength is greatly increased he knock Gaara up into the sir so fast the Ninjas could hardly see it. Gaara is high up in the air and Rock Lee appears right by him. Gaara start to ger a bit scared. In the end Lee overdid it and Gaara after survivng a major fall is still attacking Lee. He uses Sand Coffin on his Left Arm and Leg which wrecks them. The Doctors say Lee might never fight again. Is it true? Stay tuned to the series.
  • this is my favarite episode in the entire series gives u a good 7 minutes of widly overthe top highspeed action that mimicks that of a typicall dbz fight if u like DBZ or u r a fan of rocklee or naruto u cant miss this one.

    Its starts off with lee powering up in a way similair to that of DBZ but uses cool background effects and animations to make it even better. they realy focus on the speed and how powerful he is by showing him moving at breakneck speeds and having shock looks an most of the characters faces including gaara who can\\\'t comphehind how a human could be this fast. This is definatly one of the most overthe top action sequences in the whole series if not the most overthe top only really riviled by the naruto vs saskue fight at the end. It has great smooth animations and since the first time i saw this i was amased at how good this episode was and have watched it several times over in its entiritey. The only complaint i had was that the english dub version lessened the experience and the japenease version just had more emotion behind it but this one is still very good

    animation 9/10
    action 9/10
    entairtainment factor 10/10
    voice acting 7/10
    reviwer tilt 10/10
  • Maybe a bit too dramatic.

    Rock Lee released several gates, giving him an overwhelmingly amount of speed and strength. Gaara never stood a chance from that point on. He was being treated like a dummy, being throttled around the room like a pinball. Though in the end, when all the juice was sucked out of Lee, while delivering the final blow to Gaara, his gourd transformed into a sand of cushion that saved him. Lee collapsed onto the floor lifelessly, struggling to crawl away from Gaara, however, Gaara was able to get his left arm and leg with his desert coffin. Gaara was prepared to give the final blow, but was stopped by Gai. Soon after, the medics report that Rock Lee's injuries to his left arm and leg are so severe, he'll be unable to continue as a ninja. The room honours Rock Lee for his heroic fighting performance as the final match between Dosu and Chouji makes way.

    If this episode was only 3/4's long, this may have been bar none, the best episode in the entire anime. Seeing Rock Lee pound Gaara like that for the first couple minutes really sent blood rushing down my veins. It was tight, intense, and this feeling of enlightment is finally rewarded after seeing all the suffering Rock Lee has suffered through. The music complimented the atmosphere well. Then the unfortunate events of Gaara just being too strong and his gourd saving his ass kicked in. It was just horrendous watching Lee crawling away from Gaara as he reaches out with his sand arm, crushing the arms and legs that he has been developing throughout his life in order to become what he has that day.

    Depressing events only followed. A little bit of character development on Gaara's part, giving us a tease of what's about to come regarding his past. Watching Rock Lee stand up, despite being unconscious, using an attack that drained his muscles energyless, in order to abide his way of the ninja, was a huge shocker. The medic team reporting of the incurable leg and arm of Lee only added to the depression. However, what ruined this episode to being truly excellent was the fact it kept on being depressing for the rest of the episode. Most of it felt like filler that's just dragging the episode down. If this was only two minutes shorter, they could have fit in Chouji's and Dosu's fight, seeing as not much happened between them anyways in the next episode.
  • This episode is when Rock Lee is Fighting Gara of the Desert. Lee unleashes a power that supprised the other fighter.

    This episode was awesome. I thought Dragon Ball Z was great. When Rock Lee opened the 4th and 5th gate and unleashed a great power inside of him reminded me of when Goku of Dragon Ball Z turned into a Super Saiyan for the first time. While watching this episode, I was on the edge of my couch bitting my finger nails hopeing that Rock Lee would win the battle. When The battle was over and Gara was about to give the last finishing move to destroy Lee, Gai stopped Gara's move and saved Lee. This music was perfectly executed with the scene. I brought out that Gai, Lee's teacher, cared about his student very much and was not going to let anything happen to him. Over all the Naruto episodes, this has been one of my favorites.
  • Lee vs Gaara, cool

    Gaara verses Lee, this episode, and the 2 others before it shows us viewers, an insight of Rock Lee. Who would have ever thought Rock Lee was that powerful, and in the same time suffered so much, just to become a true ninja. While he was versing Gaara he ended up using all his strength and effort just to be known as a Genius,like his teammate/rival, Neji. Unfortunately he ended up losing, and in the same time he was about to get killed by Gaara, but then his friend/teacher named Gai or Guy, ended up saving his life. Gai telling Gaara that Lee, is one of the person he cared for most. Gaara looking confused, and not understanding what he meant, shows,or tells us viewers that something mysterious happened during his past as well.

    Two lesson I learned from this episode:
    -Never judge a book by it's cover.
    -Hard work and effort makes a true GENIUS.
  • This turns things around, will he ever fight again...A review from an Artist.

    Rock Lee and Gaara of the desert are in the middle of their battle and Gaara of the desert is getting beaten and suddenly when Gaara of the desert is smashed into the ground, Rock Lee can barely move but then Gaara of the desert has a chance and he smashes Rock Lee's left arm and left leg. Gai needs to intervein to save Rock Lee's life Though his will power is allowing him to stand. But the bad news is that Rock Lee is hurt so badly that he can not be a ninja anymore sadly, his Shinobi days are over. This is my masterpiece.
  • Rock Lee opens 5 gates,and increases his power tremendiously. He then takes over the fight and gives Gaara a fight. But after Lee's gates wore off,and Gaara still has strength cause of his sand. He then injures Lee causing him to might never be a shinobi.

    I liked this episode alot. It showed how hard work can pay off. It also showed Rock Lee's true potential/power that can over power anyone. Even though the episode had action, it showed to much of flashbacks which was pretty much pointless, and to much talking that was useless. It was touching when Rock Lee got hurt and Gai was very sorrow, and cried to him. This is an exciting episode and leaves you sad and wondering what's gonna happen to Lee.
  • Poor Lee

    Yeah it almost seemed that Lee was going to win the match with his forbiddon gate.Unfortunelly that didn't help that much.Also Gaara has an little flashback of his mother,father,and brother and sister.It wasn't really an flashback.Just came to his memory that was all.So Lee ended up injuried.Of course the medical stuff,told them that he could die.Which made Gai upset about Lee being hurt and all.Naruto vows to fight aganist Gaara one day.Yeah so Gaara won the match.I knew that would happened.Even though,nobody can really defeat Gaara.But it made me sad about Lee and how hurt he is.Yeah and Naruto already to fight aganist Gaara.Actucally some in time,he would be fighting Neji as well.
  • The most exciting preliminary match between Gaara and Lee draws to a cruel, but a high quality end.

    This episode has moved me completely- the Preliminary matches are one of my favourite segments of both the Naruto Manga and Anime. This match has got to go in the top five best matches fought in Naruto so far.

    This episode might make you cry... it will make you angry...

    Anyway, just watch it damnit!
  • It's so sad!

    The end of it was so sad! The whole point of living in this series seems to be being a ninja and Lee winds up losing his whole chance at being a ninja in the end. It was really sad! I hope the next episode is not as sad. Garra's a big meanie! I think Lee deserves to be a ninja more than Garra does! It's so not fair! Lee was so cool but I guess that means he isn't going to be on the show any more. The show is starting to get a bit confusing. gotta go, bye!
  • Holy Jesus, that was insane

    After one of my favorite flashback sequences of all time, Rock Lee proves that he is the best ninja that there ever was. Oh dear, Gaara's going to throw some sand at me. I'm scared out of my pants, not. How about some PRIMARY LOTUS!! That is the coolest thing that I have ever seen. But arrgh he loses. And then they tell him that he may not be able to continue being a ninja! Grits your heart, this episode does. And boy, Gaara is a creepy dude. I really hope Hinata beats him up or he explodes or something.
  • poor Lee

    The fight bewteen Lee and Garra comes to a close as Lee uses five out of the eight gates to give him unstopbable power to win the match but at the end after his arm and leg gets crushed by Garra's desert Coffin Lee loses the battle. The doctors come to get Lee and have bad news it looks like his arm and leg are severly damage to servely and cannot live his life as a ninja any more after some words the next match begins.

    This episode was cool but it was kinda sad how Lee won't become ninja after all of that hard work oh well.
  • Lee Fought so well, i wish that he could have been successful. this was the first show that ever made me physically cry.

    Lee Fought so well, i wish that he could have been successful. this was the first show that ever made me physically cry.

    Rock Lee is a very very stong character he can withstand so much attacks and is still able to stand up when unconsious.

    Gaara is a very mysterious character too, he has so much power.....but this isn't about Garra! Lee was so amazing he has so many tricks up his sleeves. He can't use Jutsus but his Tai Jitsu is unreal (reallity check-just an anime) but still.......He's Truley Amazing. I rate this show as a perfect 10.
  • What a sad episode poor Lee...An Anime King review.

    This episode almost mad me cry. Though Rock Lee tried his best he still lost. All he wanted was to make his way of the ninja come true, that if a dropout worked hard he could beat Neji. I hate Neji, he used to be cool but not anymore since Lee died to want to fight him. Those words I will never forget. "His body will never allow him to be a ninja again" I feel for you Lee. This has been an Anime King review.