Season 3 Episode 12

The Fifth Hokage! A Life on the Line!

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Jul 07, 2007 on TV Tokyo

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  • I want more Gamatatsu nao!

    An average episode akin to episodes like this in past Naruto arcs. A person who is unable to release their full strength, important character makes that person realize his or her strength and all of a sudden they stop being depressed and kick ass. As a sociology major and psychology minor, I'd wish that manga authors would put more thought into the realism between character interactions and behaviours. Didn't think Tsunade's case was handled realistically. So this is a shounen story, nothing has to be can have all the magic and flying dragons you want, realistic and likable characters are what win in the long run. You know who saves the day though in this episode? Gamatatsu! I just love this little guy's comments. He absolutely made me laugh in this episode with his 10 second screen time.
  • Here comes Part 2 of my 5-Part Review Special!....

    Announcer: Welcome back to the Naruto Top Five countdown! At number 4...Numero quatro...We have...In a word...A flashback episode. Yes, there are at least several flashbacks of Lady Tsunade in this episode. Nonetheless, this one slam-packed with fists of fury that we've come to love of almost every Naruto Episode that ever aired. At number 4: From Season 4...It's Episode 18!...The Fifth Hokage! A Life on the Line! In this episode, Naruto has successfully knocked Kabuto down for the count. The problem is...Kabuto has inflicted major damage upon Naruto's heart. Now, Lady Tsunade must protect Naruto with her life before the evil Orochimaru guts him open like livestock! Jiraya also tries to help, but it seems that Orochimaru is getting the best of him as well. And as for Tsunade's assistant...Well...She's seen her better days. How will our strong heroes defend against Orochimaru and Kabuto when they're all worn out from the battle as it is?
  • Tsunade and Naruto - full of surprises!!

    The episode begins where the last one left off. Naruto attacks Kabuto with his Rasengan and knocks Kabuto into a boulder. Before Kabuto is knocked back, he hits Naruto in the chest and severs his heart from his chakra. Kabuto gets up and starts to move toward Naruto, but falls down due to extent of his injuries. Tsunade tries to heal Naruto and starts to cry due to the flashbacks of her brother and fiance. The nine tail fox sees the darkness closing in around him and when he feels Tsunades tears, he helps Naruto recover. Orochimaru sees this and charges at Naruto to kill him. Tsunade blocks his attack and saves Naruto. She is several times with Orochimaru's sword -in-mouth attack and looks like she is beaten. But when all looks lost she performs a special Jutsu and recovers and attacks Orochimaru.
  • The battle heats up!!!!!

    Ooh! This fight just keeps getting better and better! This is what happened. Naruto just hit Kabuto in the stomach with the Rasengan, and Kabuto can't heal himself now. However, he also managed to land some blows on Naruto, and he collapses as well. Tsunade overcomes her fear of blood, and does what she can to save the little orange monkey. She is successfull, and Naruto wakes up a bit to get the necklace Tsunade promised him. He falls asleep, and she places the necklace around his neck, hoping that he will become Hokage some day, just like Dan and Nawaki wanted to be. Orochimaru gets it into his mind that Naruto could become a threat in the future (And he does! ^_^) and tries to murder him in cold blood. Tsunade puts herself in the way of his attack, wanting Naruto so much to be able to fulfill his dream, since Nawaki and Dan weren't able to. Orochimaru asks why Tsunade would risk her own life to save Naruto's, and she replies that it is her duty as the 5th Hokage. Now Orochimaru is steamed. He summons Manda, The Snake King, while Jiraiya and Tsunade summon Gamabunta, The Toad King, and Katsuyu, The Slug Queen.
  • I was so nervous for Naruto

    I really believed that Orochimaru would have gotten to Naruto. I was jumping out of my seat.My heart was racing.

    I thought the ninetailed-fox's voice sounded weird but cool at the same time.

    I can't wait till the next new episode!!

    I can't wait to see Sasuke wake up and Sakura leap up and give him a HUGE hug. I do feel bad for Naruto though. He looks so sad. Another person I feel bad about is Lee.
    Oh just to let you all know, the reason i know what will happen is because of

    Anyway.... everyone reading this and those who are not, please continue to watch the greatest Anime show EVER....
  • After a while, we deserve this one.

    Finnally after all the stupid, and repetetive training it's nice to finnally see some good fighting. As in my other reviews I praised Kabuto well on his telent and abilities, and I meant it. There's nothing more satisfying to me than to watch a genius at work. It's the time where Naruto flips things around and counters Kabuto that one me over. I love that and it really showed Naruto's true colors. The new music was reshreshing and added more to the awsomness. It's definately something I don't mind giving a 9.4 to. But once it still is'nt as awsome as some arcs. I can look forward to that for sure.
  • Perfect!

    What the heck. This was amazing. Tsunade... wow. Naruto does the Rasengan, Kabuto goes all dead like. Orochimaru keeps trying to kill Naruto with the sword, but wow, Tsunade keeps throwing herself in the way. It's freaky, to see her defend Naruto like that and the sword piercing her body the entire time. It was also cool when she punched him, I was like, wow. She really deserves to be the fifth hokage. The jutsu she used to recover, that's amazing (except for the part Shi*une mentioned). This episode left me waiting for another one, and wow, I can't wait to see the next installment. Tsunade rules!
  • A decent episode.

    The Fifth Hokage! A Life on the Line was sort of a slow episode, but it started to pick up at the end. I was glad to see Tsuande overcome her fear of blood. Naruto comes so much closer to mastering Rasengan when we uses it on Kabuto. Jiraiya and Orochimaru have their own battle. (I still can't believe Orochimaru was a match for Jiraiya in his current condition!) Tsunade heals Naruto and decides to become the 5th Hokage and risks her life to beat Kabuto. The episode ends with Tsunade, Jiraiya, and Orochimaru with their chief summonings preparing for the ultimate sannin showdown. Overall, it was a pretty good episode.
  • haha konohamaru sed narutos 6th hokage hehe

    lol narutos being recognised gosh hes come so far... he won the chuunin exams on luck against kiba & went away 4 2half years & already gotton konohamarus respect & so now tym 2 get sakuras (hu in mangas has already grown a thing 4 him so y not in anime)

    as the anime seems 2 move on u can see that naruto will truely become hokage & as itachi sed that he is the 4ths legacy shows that hes the 4ths son & soon he himself will cope with becoming hookage bless itachi needs sasuke dno how thatll end... ive herd that sasuke becomes stronger but u cud evn notice that when he cud see that the hidden orochimaru was a 2 powerful, out of his league, ninja but he was forced to fight him & did so & well sure he got bitten but u cud also see that he would become very powerful due to his control over every situation ^.^ i love him ^.^ so beautiful ^.^
  • Tsunade does a total turn around in this episode, and risks her life to save Naruto

    Well, I thought it was kind of weird that Tsunade was all "Hokage is a fool's game" in one episode, and in the next she's risking her life - just like a Hokage - for the sake of one boy. But I digress

    The episode was good, first of all. Despite the fact I think it's weird, I also thought it was sweet that Tsunade kept throwing herself in the way of Orochimaru's attacks so she could save Naruto. Plus, Naruto finally gets the necklace. Of course, he's unconcious, so he doesn't know he got it. Oh well. He can gloat when he wakes up. 10/10 episode
  • Yay! Tsunade is the new hokage!

    Naruto finally uses Rasengan againist Kabuto.He was finally to used it aganist Kabuto.Which shocked Kabuto of course.As Jiraiya and Orichimaru square off in battle.Tsunade was impress that Naruto master the rasengan.Tsunade tries to heal Naruto.Why is Orichimaru worried that Atakuki were to get Naruto? He begin to atempt to get rid of Naruto.But Tsunade defended him.Tsunade makes the biggest decusion ever.Even though there has been many sacerfise made from the hidden of the leaf.She decided that she would become the 5th hokage.All 3 begin to summon an special jutsu.

    The war is out.This is an awsome episode,finally Tsunade decides to be 5th hokage.
  • A very good episode.

    This episode was really good but i didn't like it as much because they made everything so "fake". Orochimaru beat Jiriya, and cut through Tsunade's lungs, her chest, and her back serval times. She should of died. THats only why i didnt like this ep, Tsunade deserved to die because of the things she said before. But this ep was really good.