Season 3 Episode 12

The Fifth Hokage! A Life on the Line!

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Jul 07, 2007 on TV Tokyo



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    • (Orochimaru kicks Tsunade out of the way)
      Orochimaru: Such brave talk, but ;ook at you, still trembling all over. Poor thing, you just can't shake your fear of blood can you? You see how pointless it all is? All for the sake of an obnoxious little boy you don't even know. For the sake of a worthless village you left behind years ago.
      Orochimaru: (Sees Tsunade's hand stops trembling) What? (Tsunade gives him a hard kick to the chin) No! You stopped the trembling. How?
      Tsunade: I finally remembered something. I've been chosen as the Fifth Hokage of the Leaf Village.

    • (Orochimaru goes in for the kill with his sword in his mouth, but Tsunade blocks his blow with her body)
      Orochimaru: (Thinking) She's torn to ribbons and she can still move that quickly? (Mocking aloud) You really are determined. I'm impressed.
      Tsunade: Didn't I make it clear enough, you fool? I meant what I said. I will die before I let you touch him.

    • Tsunade: From now on, I'm gambling everything too. I'm putting my life on the line.

    • Orochimaru: Why would you, one of the Sanin, risk your life to save a lowly Genin?
      Tsunade: By saving him I'm saving my home, the Village Hidden in the Leaves.
      Orochimaru: You really think you're protecting the village?
      Tsunade: You see this boy, this lowly little Genin, has been chosen by fate to be Hokage someday.

    • Orochimaru: Tsunade, you are the one person I wouldn't want to kill. Listen to me, if that brat is allowed to live, it will mean more trouble than you and your friends could ever imagine. Stay out of my way!
      Tsunade: No, you listen to me. If I do nothing else, I will protect this boy.

    • Gamatatsu: How 'bout it, Gamakichi? Do we have to wait for the kid to croak before we get our snacks? I'm getting hungry.
      Gamakichi: Zip it, or I'll make sure you definitely croak!

    • (Kabuto starts to walk toward Tsunade and Naruto, but all of a sudden he cannot move)
      Kabuto: (Thinking) Why? No! (Falls to the ground) I never thought... Even with my healing powers... The damage was to great! And now, I haven't enough chakra left.

    • Tsunade: How can you be standing after that?
      Kabuto: I focused my chakra at the point of impact. Before he'd even hit me, I started healing myself. You see now why Lord Orochimaru values me so highly? Not only for my skills and knowledge of jutsu, but, most of all, for my recuperative powers.

    • (Naruto hits Kabuto with the Rasengan)
      Jiraiya: (Thinking) Well, well. The kid actually did it.
      Orochimaru: (Thinking) A child mastering a jutsu like that? It's unheard of!
      Tsunade: (Thinking) It's impossible! But he did it! He actually mastered the Rasengan in one week!

    • Tsunade: Shut up! You'll be dead soon anyway, I'll see to it personally.

    • Orochimaru: That boy doesn't seem to be too well.
      Jiraiya: Tsunade is a medical specialist. You don't have to worry, Naruto will be fine. Besides, you're fighting with me. You shouldn't have time to look away.
      (Orochimaru looks away again)

      ~Japanese version

    • Tsunade: One last time... I want to put my hopes in you...just one last time.
      (Puts necklace on Naruto)

      ~Japanese version

    • Naruto: I... I won't die until I become Hokage!

      ~Japanese version

    • Shizune: P-Please wait! I will heal those wounds! Please don't open those seals!
      Tsunade: Ninpo Sozo Saise!
      Orochimaru: (Thinking) What is this technique?! (Talking) It seems I'm not the only one who has been developing new techniques. Exactly what is this technique?

      ~Japanese version

    • Orochimaru: (Thinking) Can this be? Who knew something like this could happen? When that kid get's into the red zone, it can be quite troublesome. That means, the best chance to kill him is now!
      (Orochimaru dives off snakes back then catches Jiraiya's leg when he follows)
      Jiraiya: Shit!
      Tsunade: (Thinking) He's after him!

      ~Japanese version

    • Tsunade: Because Hokage is your dream.
      (Heals Naruto's hand)
      Tsunade: Just one... Just one... Just one more time... I wanted to have faith in you.

      ~Japanese version

    • Kyubi: Dark...very dark...Why is it getting so dark? Why is my power being engulfed by darkness? Why?
      (Teardrops fall)
      Kyubi: What is it?

      ~Japanese version

    • Jiraiya: That Naruto... looks like he did it...
      Orochimaru: That Nine-Tails kid, when did he learn that technique?
      Tsunade: Don't tell me... Don't tell me that he only one week... The Rasengan...

      ~Japanese version

    • Jiraiya: This is for Sarutobi!

    • Orochimaru: Why would you protect that boy at the cost of your own life? Why would you want to fight for the sake of Konoha?
      Tsunade: The reason why is... I am the Fifth Hokage!!!

    • Naruto: ...I won...the bet...

    • Kabuto: It's too late for Naruto. Not even you can save him....
      Tsunade: SHUT UP! I'll be killing you soon enough!

  • Notes

    • Though they are not formally introduced until the following episode, this marks the first appearances of Manda, Orochimaru's largest snake, and Katsuya, Tsunade's giant slug.

    • YTV Airdate: July 27, 2007

    • Kabuto is defeated by the Rasengan.

    • Original Airdate: August 11, 2004

    • Original Episode Title: Becoming the Fifth! Sacrificing Her Life to Fight!
      Romaji Episode Title: Godaime, Inochi wo Kakeruta Tatakai
      Kanji Episode Title: 五代目火影 命を賭けた闘い!

    • Tsunade is willing to give up her life to save Naruto so that his dream to become Hokage can come true.

    • When Naruto used Rasengan ,Kabuto quickly damaged some of Naruto's muscles around his heart and severed the chakra flow to Naruto's heart so that Kyubi could not heal Naruto and Naruto would die.

    • Tsunade is, as far as we know, the first female to obtain the title Kage.

    • The Sword of Kusanagi was the legendary weapon retrieved from the tail of the eight-headed monster snake Orochi

    • Episodes 95 and 96 were broadcast back to back as a 1-hour special in Japan. For the English dub version, episodes 94 and 95 were aired together.

    • Tsunade's summoned beast is revealed to be a slug.

    • Kyubi senses that Naruto is about to die and tries to save him and himself, though Naruto's own will to live and Tsunade's help are probably what saved him.

    • Tsunade claims the position of Hokage.

    • Kabuto can regenerate but not to the degree that Tsunade can.

    • Ninpo Sozo Saise, or Genesis of Rebirth is Tsunade ultimate jutsu for healing herself. She can completely heal and regenerate from any wound, at the expense of her lifespan.

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