Season 1 Episode 10

The Forest of Chakra

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Nov 05, 2005 on TV Tokyo

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  • going to be a good episode

    A peaceful scene of a waterside home, and inside this home we find Kakashi coming to and a woman asks how he is doing. The three Genin enter with Tazuna, happy to find Kakashi awake, they all wonder about the happenings of the past few days. As Kakashi thinks, he explains the job of the ANBU. It then pans to the masked boy and the body of Zabuza, as the boy goes to remove the bandages from Zabuza's face, he reaches up and holds the boys arm. Doing it himself, Zabuza's mouth is filled with sharp shark like teeth, and pulls out the two long needles from his neck.
    We find out that the boy is not really ANBU, and that him and Zabuza might have a more then "friendly" relationship with each other. The boy is rather feminine in appearance and talks to Zabuza in a very loving manner. Due to the injuries sustained, Zabuza won't be able to move much for a few weeks. It also it appears that Zabuza knows how to beat the Sharingan the next time he faces it. Getting a bad feeling, both Kakashi and Sasuke come to the conclusion that Zabuza is not dead and the boy was actually helping him to escape.
    Kakashi explains how first of all the bodies are destroyed on site, and secondly that the boy used a nonlethal weapon on him. Having said this, Naruto is ecstatic at the possibility of getting to prove his worth. Sakura is afraid due to Kakashi's condition. But he reassures her that they are going to go through training and that there growth is amazing, especially Naruto. It is at this point in the story that Inari, Tazuna's grandson, comes in and he states that the group is going to die by the hands of Gato and that there is no hope.
    Naruto being himself, proclaims his dream of one day becoming Hokage and that he is a super hero. Inari shoots him down, in doing so pisses Naruto off and Sakura has to hold Naruto back. Inari claims that if they don't want to die they should go home and then he heads out to watch the ocean. Naruto unsatisfied goes looking for him to yell at, and finds him in his room sitting on a table sobbing about his father and holding a picture. Coming upon this scene, Naruto lowers his head and walks away.
    The four Konoha ninjas gather in a small clearing in the forest. Kakashi in crutches, elaborates about their training and asks Sakura to educate them on what exactly Chakra is. She uses a scroll to explain that Chakra is the mix of energy from the body and the spirit, and by forming hand seals and "molding" the chakra you perform all of the techniques that you use. Kakashi praises her on her knowledge and Naruto and Sasuke agree that you can learn using your body instead of your brain. Finding out from Kakashi that because they do not understand the mechanics of what they do they cannot fully utilize their chakra. They will be training to learn how to better use their chakra by climbing trees.
    It sounded simple enough to Naruto and Sasuke, the three must climb the trees without using their hands. They must climb the trees by running up them. Kakashi demonstrates this by gathering chakra at his feet and then he proceeds to walk crutches and all up the tree until he is completely vertical. Looking on in amazement, the three prepare for their turns. He tells them by doing this they will strengthen their abilities to control the amount of chakra they use.
    He throws them each a kunai and tells them to mark how far they get. In his common attitude, Naruto states he is the best and charges ahead. The first time around Naruto goes nowhere and Sasuke gets a little more than half way to the first branch. Sakura goes all the way to the first branch with no problem at all. Upset that Naruto complimented her and Sasuke did not frustrates her, Kakashi toys with the boys to motivate them and Inari looks on from the distance.
    Back at the tree house from before we find Gato once again taunting Zabuza. Zabuza, lying in bed can do little to stop Gato and his thugs. As Gato walks up and tries to touch Zabuza's face the now unmasked boy grips his wrist and starts to crush it. The two body guards try to help but the boy swiftly stops them. They retreat and we learn from Zabuza that the boy's name is Haku.
    Zabuza was hiding a kunai under the blanket and needed no help but Haku was just being protective and the fact that they are hiding out from the real ANBU. Back at the training session, Naruto does little to improve, and Sasuke slowly gets better and better. Naruto then decides to ask Sakura for a few tips but for her not to tell Sasuke. Kakashi notices the power they both have and the fact that both have great talent.
  • Kakashi trains his genin on chakra control.

    Our heroes have made it to Tazuna's house where Kakashi finally comes to. It seems that his sharingan takes a lot of chakra and he now needs time to recover. After a brief interruption by Inari (Tazuna's grandson), Kakashi tells everyone that Zabuza is still alive. Kakashi tells Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura that though he may be weak right now, he can still train them. He takes them to a nearby woods to train them on chakra control. He has Sakura explain how chakra works. He then tells the three genin that he wants them to climb a tree without using their hands. Thus begins a competition between Naruto and Sasuke.
  • All about Chakra

    Wow, they finally take a rest from all of the fighting with the Demon of the Mist to actually train! Oh and protect Tazuna and all that :D! As Empoleon4 said in his review, this episode was all about tree climbing, but with no Hands. Look ma, No Hands! But really Kakashi recovers from his battle with Zabuza, and tells the kids and Tazuna that Zabuza is still alive. That's when he gives out the exercise! Even in the beginning, Sakura is able to climb the trees, and Kakashi is pleased. But it takes Naruto and Sasuke a whole night and they still can't do it. They remember what Kakashi said about to focus their chakra to a certain body part or area. If you took that the wrong way, then you are sick! Anyway the whole exercise leads Naruto and Sasuke to a frantic rivalry competition. Meanwhile Haku is healing Zabuza but he makes a quick recovery. So he turns out to be Alive! Also Sakura goes shopping with Tazuna only to realize how poor their village is, because of Gato
  • we learn about chackara

    well this episode was like average theres alot of info about chakra here too which at some parts its kinda boring and hard to understand at some points but this episode was good cause it taught me alot about chakra though i would have LOVED this episode if it had just alittle more action in this episode im not saying i hate this episode or thnik its so boring im just saying it would have been better if it had alot of action like the last episode then i would have rate it a 10/10 but now i give it a 8.2/10 preety good episode
  • Understanding Chakra.

    This episode is where you'll understand what chakra is in the show. Its quite interesting to know because they'll be talking chakra a lot through out the series.

    So first of all, Kakashi couldn't move after fighting Kabuza because he used to much Sharingan powers. So he helped trained the squad where they can maintain and control their chakra. So the squad have to try and climb the tree without using their hands.

    As usual, you'll see Sakura accomplish the training pretty easy because she the smart one in the group and the other two will have a hard time to do it.

    You'll have to watch the show to find out how well both Naruto and Sasuke will do.
  • The gang learns how to focus their chakra in order to climb tree as part of an excersice given to them by Kakashi. Meanwhile, is Zabuza really dead...

    Wow, they finally take a rest from all of the fighting with the Demon of the Mist to actually train! Oh and protect Tazuna and all that :D! As Empoleon4 said in his review, this episode was all about tree climbing, but with no Hsnds. Look ma, No Hands! But really Kakashi recovers from his battle with Zabuza, and tells the kids and Tazuna that Zabuza is still alive. That's when he gives out the excersice! Even in the beginning, Sakura is able to climb the trees, and Kakashi is pleased. But it takes Naruto and Sasuke a whole night and they still can't do it. They rememeber what Kakashi said about to focus their chakra to a certain body part or area. If you took that the wrong way, then you are sick! Anyway the whole excersice leads Naruto and Sasuke to a frantic rivalry competetion. Meanwhile Haku is healing Zabuza but he makes a quick recovery. So he turns out to be Alive! Also Sakura goes shopping with Tazuna only to relize how poor their village is, because of Gato.
  • Naruto has a large and colorful cast of characters, running a gamut of detailed histories and complex personalities, and allowing many of them their fair share in the spotlight.

    This eposide starts off as Zabuza is defeated by Kakashi. Kakashi falls unconcious because he drained himself in the fight. He wakes in the Bridge Bulider's houue and says he wouldn.t be able to move prperly for a week. He tells Saskue, Naruto and Sakura that Zabuza is still alive because the traker didn't aim for any orgians and didn't work on the body then and there which is highly unusual. Naruto seem happy because now he can have another chance to bring Zabuza down. You then see Zabuza lying in a bed with haku at his side. Haku says if he didn't interfer Zabuza would be dead right now. The guy that hired Zabuza to kill the bridge builder starts to talk dirty about Zabuza which upsets Haku. Haku says don't you dare touch hime and grabs his armand almost breaks it. Then as fast as light he takes out the two body guards. When they leave you see that Zabuza had a weapon and was going to kill the guy. Haku says that would have beenfoolish because he was their best cover. You the see Kakashi trying to teach Sakura, Naruto and Saskue how to climb a tree only using there chakura. Naruto doesn't get far befor falling and crashing hard on his head. Saskue trys next because Naruto is stil in pain. He doesn't get far before the tree starts to crack under the tension. He says to himself if you use to much chakra the tree will break and if you don't use enough chakura you end up like Naruto. Kakashi thinks to him self well that is what I exspected from Naruto and Saskue and then is distracted by Sakura who says that it's fun and then they all turn to see Sakura at the top. Kakashi motivates Saskue and Naruto by insulting them and with a glance at each other try agian. When Naruto isn't having much success and looks like he is going to have a fit leans over to Sakura and asks her since she is good at it in all for some advice then says for her not to tell Saskue. As Sakura and Naruto talk, Kakashi thinks to himself that Naruto has more chakra then Saskue and probably has more chakura then himself.
  • Tree climbing excicise.

    What! Zabuza is still alive. They was shocked as Kakashi said it to them. SO Kakashi told them to do some excisise. Tree clinbing excisise to be exact. They were wondering what this have to do with training. Kakashi told them that tree climbing excicise needs to do with controling your chakra. If you have too much chakra or too little chakra, you'll fall down. You need to control you chakra just right. Naruto was having a tough time with it while Sakuke was improving but he was not perfect. Sakura was a pro at this. She thought that she would impress Sakuke with it but it didn't. Mainly, this episode is about tree climbing.
  • Chacra control exercises

    The truth is that in this episode of Naruto there might be a small revelation concerning Zabuza but nothing else happens. We finally see that the person who disposed of Zabuza's supposedely dead body was in reality his subordinate called Haku who came out in an hour of need to save him. We also get to see that the person who hired Zabuza is a rich man who will profit if the bridge won't be completed by the architect. Meanwhile team Kakashi arrives at it's destination. After a short break Kakashi assignes to his team to complete the tree climbing ninja exercise by which the three man cell will secure good chacra control.
  • What?!? Zabuza's alive?!?

    So Haku took Zabuza in a clearing and remoced the senbon needles from his neck. Zabuza woke up. He lived!!!!! Meanwhile at Tazuna's house, Kakashi's wounds are tended to by Tsunami, Tazuna's 27-year-old daughter. Kakashi tells Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura that he thinks Zabuza is still alive and explains about Missing Nin and that they're bodies need to be burned after they are killed because if they aren't, anyone could uncover secrets that the corpse held about their former village. Sakura is grossed out by all of this. So the next day, Kakashi takes the three of them to a forest and tells them to climb trees by sending chakra to their feet. Sakura gets it right the first time she tries it, but Naruto doesn't get enough chakra to his feet and falls off, and Sasuke gets too much chakra in his feet and makes a big hole in the tree. Later Tsunami's son Inari pops up and tells them it's gonna be useless to fight Gato because they're all gonna die. Naruto gets all mad and tries to beat up Inari, but Sakura holds him back. Later Naruto is walking past Inari's room and hers him crying and looking out on the ocean.
  • This episode makes Naruto get a different perspective on what Kakashi thinks of him...A review from an artist.

    In this episode the team is told to climb trees with chakara. Kakashi tells Naruto that out of the team he has grown the most. Everyone centers chakara then tries to climb the trees...

    Naruto- uses to little chakara making it hard for him to stick. He doesn't realize it.

    Sauske- uses to much chakara making him snp the bark of the tree. he realizes and tries to fix it.

    Sakura- Gets it right on the first try. CHA!!!

    Naruto needs help so he decides to ask Sakura, then, Sauske realizes Naruto is getting it and he realizes that sometimes he needs to ask for help. This is my masterpeice.
  • Kakashi is hurt......

    Kakashi is hurt and is being hospitalized by the bridge builder's family. Kakashi makes a statement on how odd the tracker was and how his technique of killing was very different. Kakashi gets up and takes Team 7 to a forest, and he tells them to climb a tree. But, they cannot use their hands. Naruto makes statements on how thats impossible, when Kakashi, on crutches, simply walks up the tree as if it was flat ground. He explains that you have to focus the chakra to the soles of your feet, and get a running start. He also explains that the soles of your feet are one of the hardest places to focus chakra, so technically, being able to focus chakra to your feet will make you able to focus chakra to any part of your body. Naruto immediately runs at a tree, takes one step up it, and falls on his back, because he didn't use enough chakra. Sasuke, however, takes many steps up and then cracks part of the tree with his foot, because he had used too much chakra. Sakura does it with ease. Naruto and Sasuke are continuously competing to see who can hit the highest spot on the trees. Sakura, now on the ground, sees Naruto approching her, and Naruto whispers something in her ear. Sakura whispers something back, and Kakashi looks pleased that Naruto is asking for advice.
  • yes!

    this episode was awsume, naruto, gets all mad cause he cant clim the tree, so he stays out all day, then sasuke comes and they are both at the top. sakura, of course is only happy about sasuke, and well you find out that naruto has more chakra then kakashi, and well thats about all that happens in this, episod 0_0, wait naruto also meets haku for the first time, this is one of my favorite. Now that is all. :).
  • Chakra's pretty astonishing.

    The group take Kakashi to Tazuna's house for further treatment. After pondering about Zabuza for a while, he realized there was some holes in the situation and the story behind the hunter, and that Zabuza remained alive. Kakashi decides to train his three pupils for a while before they encounter him again. He lets Sakura lecture the two boys on the concept of chakra, and goes ahead and gives them their training instructions. They're supposed to climb up the tree by molding chakra into their feet and constantly maintaining it. Sakura had an effortless time, but Naruto and Sasuke were still hard at work, trying to get at least an inch improvement before falling off the tree.

    An interesting episode. What I love the most about chakra is how deep its system runs. It's not the usual energy type of source that happens to be in our body with hardly any depth besides the ability to shoot out beams. And it was also interesting because of how Haku faked Zabuza's death by putting him in a near death state. The fact that Zabuza's death was faked wasn't really what made it intriguing; it was how Kakashi was lead into that conclusion, such as how Hunters normally extinguish the prey on the spot, when Haku carried him, despite being heavier, and how he used needles that were mainly used for acupuncture needs, and allowed for the ability to put anyone in a near death state.

  • Naruto, Sakura, and Sesuke train thier Chakra

    Poor Kakashi whenever he uses his sharingan too much, it wears him out. He’s out for some time… The young ninjas have questions but don’t want to wear him out too much. Sakura is curious about the masked kid they met. Kakashi explains that it’s the mask worn by the Hidden Mist’s Anbu (assassin squad), on the special hunter-nin team. They are known as body erasers and their job is to dispose of bodies without a trace. A ninja’s body has within it the secrets of the village’s ninjutsu. That information ranges from info on different chakra types, herbs, and other things that would reveal info about the village. For instance, if he died, they could learn about the sharingan. Also, if the young ninjas aren’t careful, an enemy can steal their jutsu.
  • Forest of Chakra...Interesting

    This episode was very interesting. It wasn't the best, but it kind of explains and gives more details about Haku. Haku is from the Village of the Mist, and so is Zabuza, and they're kind of like friends, you can call them that.

    Then, Kakashi didn't feel as good as normal, when he fell, he had to be taken care of, and had to be on crutches for a while. But he can balance his chakra very well! He could climb up the tree without using his hands, but using his feet, making it seem as simple as a snap. And so could Sakura!

    But Naruto and Sasuke...they needed to work and practice on that chakra thing a little bit more.
  • Descent episode that explains more about "their" art of ninjutsu.

    This was a very good explination episode. It tells more about Zabuza, the three genin and the art of ninjutsu.
    The biggest reason I am writing about this episode is to complain about the American series. I have already talked about my dislike about the voices, but I can live with them. My two biggest annoyances with the series are this: first the use, not the overuse but the use, of the phrase "believe it" by Naruto. It is not use in the original series and every time I here it I want to smash my TV. I don't but I want to. It's annoying, stupid, uber redundent, increasingly inappropriate, and frankly it cheepens the series. And second is the butchering of names and other words. It's not like it is hard to fix, all they have to do is watch an episode with the word in it to get the pronunciation. For example, Tazuna's grandson "Inari". It was pronounce (e nari) when it should have been more like (en nar ree).

    Finally I think they need to incorperate more "inner Sakura" their too funny.