Season 1 Episode 10

The Forest of Chakra

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Nov 05, 2005 on TV Tokyo



  • Trivia

    • Before Haku gets a chance to cut Zabuza's bandage mask, he pulls it down himself. He sits up, and his face is covered again. Then, while he pulls out the needles, it is down again.

  • Quotes

    • Sakura: (Speaking to Naruto about Chakra) All right, Naruto. I'll explain it so that even you can understand.

    • Naruto: (Going upstairs to find Inari) Who does that brat think he is? I'm going to put him in his place right now! (Hears crying coming from Inari's room) Huh? He's crying?

    • Naruto: This Gato or Blato or whatever he's called is no match a real hero like me.
      Inari: There's no such thing as a hero. You're just full of stupid ideas.
      Naruto: What'd you say?!

    • Naruto: Hey! You're good at this. How 'bout some advice?
      Sakura: Uh...
      Naruto: But, please don't tell Sasuke I asked. Please! Please! Please!

    • Gato: Demon of the Hidden Mist... (Laughing) More like "Coward of the Hidden Mist".

    • Kakashi: Here's the truth: Zabuza is still alive.
      Naruto, Sakura, and Tazuna: Huh?!

    • Kakashi: Naruto...
      Naruto: Huh?
      Kakashi: You've grown the most!

    • Inner Sakura: Are you trying to get us all killed? Cha!

    • Haku: First, I'll cut the bandage and drain some of the blood.
      Zabuza: (Grabs Haku's arm,comes back to life) That's enough! I'll do it!
      Haku: So, you've already come back to life.
      Zabuza: Haku, you're brutal!
      Haku: You're the one who's brutal Zabuza. If you keep pulling them out like that, you really will be finished.
      Zabuza: How long do you plan on wearing that phony mask? Take it off! Haku: I have good memories of this mask. And it was quite useful for tricking that ninja. If I hadn't intervened, you'd be dead now. That much is certain.
      Zabuza: Putting me in a temporary death state is fine, but not through the pressure points in my neck. Cruel as usual. I think you enjoy it.
      Haku: It was the only sure way. And I wouldn't want to mark up your flawless body, you'd complain about that even more. The neck is more vulnerable. There's no layer of muscle, so I can go strait into the pressure points. There's no point in trying to move, you'll be down for a week. All though, if you're stubborn like you usually are, you'll probably be moving in half the time.
      Zabuza: You're so innocent, and clever at the same time. Strange combination. That's why I keep you around.
      Haku: I'm just a kid. What else would you expect?

    • Kakashi: All right! Training starts now! First, we will begin with a review of Chakra, the ninja's basic source of power. Understanding Chakra is essential.
      Sasuke: We know that.
      Naruto: Yeah. A long time ago, we learned about, uh, catra!
      Kakashi: Chakra!

    • Haku: Next time, will you be alright?
      Zabuza: Next time...I'll see right through his Sharingan.

    • (On their first tree-walking attempt, Sasuke makes it a decent way up the tree, while Naruto quickly crashes back to the ground.)
      Kakashi: That's about what I expected from Sasuke...and Naruto.

    • Kakashi: (Watching Naruto whispering to Sakura) He's catching on. From now on, he'll get stronger and stronger. How strong? After all, Naruto possesses more Chakra than Sasuke...In fact, the amount of Chakra he possesses is greater than my own...

    • Kakashi: Not only does Sakura understand Chakra, she knows how to control and maintain it as well. We talked about someone becoming Hokage one day, didn't we? Seems like Sakura's got the best chance of that, wouldn't you say? And as for the great Uchiha clan...maybe they're not so great after all.

    • Naruto: This'll be easy! Remember, I'm the one who's grown the most!
      Kakashi: Yes, but that's no reason to brag.

      ~Japanese version

    • Kakashi: Ready?
      Naruto: I'm more than ready! This will be no big deal all the way! Believe it! Remember what you said, sensei: I'm the one who's grown the most!
      Kakashi: You're certainly the one who talks the most. Now get focused and do it!

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