Season 1 Episode 11

The Land Where a Hero Once Lived

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Nov 12, 2005 on TV Tokyo
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The Land Where a Hero Once Lived
While Naruto and Sasuke train, Sakura watches over Tazuna. During a nice dinner, Sakura notices a man's face torn from a picture. The man's name was Kaiza, and he was what the country called...a "hero". What happened to cause Inari so much pain?

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  • good episode

    Sakura watches over Tazuna and Tazuna asks her where Sasuke and Naruto is. She says that they are training and Tazuna replies by asking her if the training is too hard for her. She gets mad and tells her that she's guarding her because she did best during the training. Tazuna works, yet another of his employees asks to stop working on the bridge for fear of Gato. They fear for their families. Tazuna won't quit. He started this bridge believing that it would bring in resources to the super-poor country. He tells his worker that he doesn't have to come to work… Meanwhile, Naruto and Sasuke are still working their way up the tree, neither wanting to lose to the other. Tazuna decides to stop through town to get something on his way home for dinner. Sakura can't believe how poor everyone is. The stores barely have anything. Suddenly, a man sees Sakura's bag and tries to grab it. Sakura felt that a man is touching her inappropriate area so he punches him. Then, another one touched her and she was about to hit him but it was actually a small kid who begs Sakura for food on the street. She gives the kid a couple of candy. Tazuna tells her it's been this way since Gato came. Everyone gave up hope, but if he could just finish the bridge, the city could return to what it once was. Naruto thinks back to Sakura's tips on how to gather chakra into his feet. He can't be too impatient. He must relax and focus on the tree. He tries again, but Sasuke interrupts him. Sasuke asks Naruto for the tips Sakura told him, but Naruto refuses to tell him. Sakura asks why there is a torn picture on the wall. She saw Inari staring it during dinner, and it looks as if someone was deliberately torn from it. That seems to be a sore spot for the family, but Tazuna explains. The man was Inari's father, but not related by blood. He was very close. There once was a man called the hero of this country. Three years ago, Inari first met him. Inari was being tormented by some local kids who were trying to take his dog, Pochi, away. The head bully got mad and threw the dog into the river. He told him that if he cared so much about the animal, he would dive in and save him. Unfortunately, Inari couldn't swim. The bully pushed him in and Inari thought he was done for. Pochi, on the other hand, learned the dog paddle right then and swam to shore. When he awoke, a man had saved him. He seemed to understand Inari and told him to choose a live of no regrets. No matter how tough, he must try, even if he loses his life. The man's name was Kaiza and he had come to town to fulfill his dream. Soon, Kaiza became part of the family. One day, there was a terrible storm and it looked like part of the city would be flooded. Kaiza volunteered to jump in the river and tie the rope to save the village. From that day forth, he became a town hero. Gatou was not happy with him, though, and decided to martyr him as an example. He sent his men to capture and crucify Kaiza in the center of town as a warning to anyone who opposed him. He told the people that this man had been conducting terrorist activities against Gato Corporation and as punishment, publicly executed him. The little boy watched as his father figure was killed before his eyes. Inari grew bitter because Kaiza was no longer there to protect him and the people of his country. He believed his dad was a liar. From that day, everyone in town changed. Naruto is moved by the story and wants to prove that heroes do exist.moreless
  • The story behind the hero of the Land of Waves.

    Sakura has been assigned to protect Tazuna as he is working on the bridge since she has proven that she has excellent chakra control. Naruto and Sasuke continue their battle to see which will make to the top of the tree first. Naruto gets frustrated that Sasuke can keep going and Sasuke sees that Naruto is catching up to him. After a short and funny conversation between Naruto and Sasuke, everyone goes to Tazuna's house for dinner. After Sakura makes a comment about the picture missing a person, Inari runs out of the room and Tazuna tells the story behind the man missing from the picture....moreless
  • Interesting kind of a filler.

    This episode was boring. No offense to anyone who liked it. I mean yeah the story was sad but what the heck when do we ever see Inari again anyway? I mean sure it gave Naruto the courage to prove that he could prove there are heroes, but Inari is really annoying and we don't see him again like ever so... yeah. I mean there was a point in the story, it just seemed that it was there just to take up space or something. Like a filler would. Yeah, not making myself clear... so it wasn't the best episode let's go with that then.moreless
  • Sasuke and Naruto train meanwhile, Sakura watches over Tazuna. Over dinner, Sakura asks about a torn picture. Tazuna explained that the person torn off was a hero in the village. He (Kaiza) had caused Inari so much pain when he was killed by Gato.moreless

    This episode revealed much about how Inari used to be before, during and after Kaiza was with him. It was a little interesting how one person, Kaiza, had influenced the people of a village to not give up. He was certainly a hero. The time when it was shown Kaiza being killed by Gato really showed how Inari felt at the moment and how he would be. It was a very important moment in the episode that explained why Inari was the way he was and why he cried so much. As I've said this was an interesting event as I have said before. When Naruto and Sasuke keep on training I could just see the stubbornness between them. I liked that little part of the episode.moreless
  • A Hero Once Lived!

    In this episode, you get to understand the back story of Inari's life. Its pretty sad because he lose his father.

    You learn more about Inari and how different he was when he was with his step father three years in the past. Quite a huge difference because his step father was the hero of the village, showed them what it means to have courage to protect the people you love.

    Before I forget, you'll see Sasuke and Naruto continue their training in the woods. They finally manages to reach the top of the tree. Quite a improve from our heros of the show.moreless

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