Season 3 Episode 23

The Last Leg: A Final Act of Desperation

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Sep 21, 2007 on TV Tokyo

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  • It's finally over!!!

    Pretty uninspiring ending to an uninspiring filler arc. The theme of the arc, which seems to be trusting your friends, wasn't very well portrayed or executed and they could have at least done more to display this but most of it was spent on Idate's useless flashback. Idate barely winning seems like your typical Hollywood kids ending where the person wins because the other person got lazy, in this case Fukusuke slacked it for too long, and won literally by just an inch. Naruto defeating Aoi was also just as uninspiring, in fact it was hardly a fight. Aoi was kicking his ass most of the time and then all of a sudden Naruto kicks his ass! Well, at least the fillers are over.
  • Last leg of the race, can Idate finish first????

    Last episode of this filler story. Well written and exciting. Aoi has beaten off attacks by Sasuke and Naruto. In the last episode Sasuke had attacked Aoi with his Chidori and cracked the Thunderblade, but was beaten back and knocked out. Sakura saves him from falling over the cliff. Naruto tries again and again but is beaten back each time. Then he notices the crack in the blade. He attacks again and this time aims for the crack, breaks the blade and send Aoi over the cliff into the river below. Now it is up to Idate to win the race. Can he make up the lost time and win the race?? Great ending. It seems there is trouble brewing between Naruto and Sasuke....
  • Finally the filler arc is over

    I just got to say I am really really glad that this filler arc has come to a close. Now it is time for the next story arc, The Sasuke Retrieval Arc, but first I have to finish the review for this episode. What happens in this episode is When Sakura Haruno and Sasuke Uchiha are defeated, it is up to Naruto to defeat Aoi so Idate can continue the race. After a few failed attacks, Naruto is finally able to defeat Aoi, which means Idate can continue the race. Though Fukusuke is already near the finish line, with determination and encouragement from Naruto, Idate manages to catch up and win the race, saving the Wasabi Clan. It was an okay episode, but not really good. This review is over! Good bye!
  • What I think? With a little story.

    With this one when I read the story before that I thought it would be better but it really was nothing new. I hate to sound like I am Shikamaru or something but really Naruto just beat the bad guy and save the day with the samw Rasangun. I was intersted in the race and wanted I Idate to win but I thought Naruto would summon a frog to drag out it's tounge to let Idate to win but nop. The best parts is when they were going to swing, swing, the ending of the race, and Sasuke was jeaouse becasue Naruto was the hero but that is why they called it Naruto and not Sasuke.
  • FINALLY!!!

    this boring arc is finally over and it will finally get back on track! this particular episode was probably the best in this anime-only arc. with sakura and sauke out of the picture it's up to naruto and idate to to defeat aoi and get to the finish line before fukuuske. in an ovbious outcome idate wins and gets the glory. the end. not really. he meets his older brother ibiki for the first time and ibiki comments on how he has grown. and finally sasuke starts feeling inferior to naruto. this arc is one of the better filler arcs in the series.
  • A great end to a great arc!

    OH! I'm so sad! The Sasuke Retrieval Arc is next! But if Sasuke returns in the new manga chapters, it would be worth it to watch the episodes with him turning evil. *sigh* Anyway, here's what happened. Sasuke and Sakura are finished. Aoi tries to convince Naruto and Idate that they are dead, but the two don't give up hope. Naruto does his best to kill Aoi, but fails. Then he sees a crack in the Rain Jonin's sword. He figures it must have been from when Sasuke used his Chidori on it. He uses his Rasengan to make the crack bigger, and eventually snaps the sword. He sends Aoi flying to his death over the cliffs. Naruto calls for Sakura over the edge, and she calls back, saying that both she and Sasuke are fine. Idate and Naruto use the broken bridge to swing to the other side, and the race resumes. Meanwhile, Fukusuke is almost to the shrine. All hope seems to be lost. But then Idate pulls up and races Fukusuke. They both but their legs into full gear! And.....IDATE WINS!!!!! I was sort of disappointed because I tuned in for a few seconds and that was the part I saw, so it ruined it for me! So this morning I sat and watched the rest of it, knowing Idate would win anyway. After the celebration, Ibiki shows up on a ship to take Team 7 back home. Sasuke sits propped up against the side. Sakura approches and asks him if it hurts. He says no, and she leaves. Then Sasuke notices how strong Naruto has gotten, and how weak he has become as well.
  • Not a bad filler.

    Normally we all cheer when filler arcs are over, but this arc was one of the better ones. In this episode, Sakura manages to stop her and Sasuke's fall off of the cliff. Naruto continues to fight Aoi. Naruto notices the crack that Sasuke put in the Raijin Sword, and realizes that if he hits the sword with Rasengan there, and it will break. He tries it, and of course, it works. Aoi gets pushed off the cliff and presumably dies. Then Idate and Naruto head for the finish line. Idate catches up to Fukusuke, and wins the race. Sasuke is still mad about what Aoi said to him in a previous episode; he's also mad because Naruto beat an opponent he could not (apparently someone forgot to tell him that if he hadn't put the crack in the Raijin Sword Naruto probably wouldn't have won!). RIP Aoi!
  • Well that's the end of that...

    Ah, it was a good ending. I loved the first part when Sakura does that little flip thing with that chakra. So anyway, Naruto beat that guy and stuff. Woot. Go Naruto. And Idate wins the race and see's his brother again. It was kind of sweet I guess and then everyone says there good byes. Yeah, uh, there like, never seen again ever so whatever. I can't wait until the next episode!!! Sasuke is so emo!!! Well at least there was a moment where Sakura and Sasuke interacted(cough wow I am lame whatever lol). So anyway, I can't wait until the next episode!!! I hope they don't censor all the good stuff in the Retrieving Sasuke arc!!! Well, good episode.
  • An exciting conclusion to Idate's race.

    This episode covers the final leg of the race as Naruto continues to battle the ninja, Aoi. As Sasuke and Sakura plummet over the edge of the cliff, the excitement levels jump, and there is a sense of internal cheering as Sakura uses her chakra to slow their fall. Landing safely on a lower ledge, the crisis from the previous episode is over, and we can once again focus on the action between Naruto and Aoi.

    As the battle moves on, the almighty power of Aoi's blade gives a tense edge to the episode, as each repeated attack against the blade fails.

    Naruto's determination boosts one's enthusiasm as his constant attacks fail until he notices a weakness in Aoi's blade. Suudenly, the fear of Naruto's opponent disippates as winning becomes a more likely reality.

    As Idate remembers back to all the times he was saved by Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura, we feel his gratefulness towards them and understand that Idate has become stronger from it. When he lends a hand, it becomes evident that Naruto has caused a change in him for the better.

    As Naruto moves in for his final attack and the celebratory music begins, we know the fight is over. It is a thrilling moment, and signals the beginning of the end.

    With enough action in the beginning, and an interesting twist at the end just when you think it's all over, this episode proves that this show is always entertaining. Every action is not without reason, and we learn more about the different ways Naruto influences others. It is a nice, tidy conclusion that leaves an excited taste in the mouth that makes you want more.
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