Season 3 Episode 40

The Leaf's Handsome Devil!

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Dec 15, 2007 on TV Tokyo
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Shikamaru and Tayuya struggle to take control of their match, while Kiba tries to heal himself and Akamaru while avoiding Sakon. Sasuke's process is finally completed and he runs off, leaving Naruto alone with Kimimaro. While Naruto is distracted, Kimimaro tries to finish him off, but Naruto is saved by an unexpected source. Rock Lee has come to help out, and he agrees to keep Kimimaro preoccupied while Naruto goes after Sasuke. Having only just recovered, does Rock Lee stand a chance against Kimimaro?moreless

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  • Sake!

    I found a website that called it sake instead of elixir! Go to watchcartoononline . com and watch player 1. I believe that for the first 15 minutes, give or take a few cause I can't remember, Tsunade calls it elixir, but after that, Guy calls it sake and calls the drunken fist rather than the loopy fist.

    Maybe it was player 2 that used the "for kids" version and player 1 was the uncut... either way, watch player 1.moreless
  • I love alcohol

    Now we get introduced to one of the more premiere fights in the entire anime, Rock Lee vs. Kimimaro. It was about time too, it was getting pretty tiring seeing Naruto getting his ass handed to him by Kimimaro. Plus the whole thing with Gai explaining to Tsunade that Rock Lee is a natural drunken fist just made the whole episode that much more fun to watch. What I didn't like though is how the whole suspense of waiting to hear what Gai had to say about Lee killed it. I swear for ten minutes I'm just saying to myself "Just ****ing say it already," it was pretty obvious what it was too with the whole sake.moreless
  • Rock Lee returns!!!!!!!

    Naruto's clones keep getting decimated by Kimimaru's attacks. No matter how hard he tries, he cannot get a hit on Kimimaru. Shikamaru has trapped Tayuya with his Shadow juutsu and is attempting to finish her off, but is having difficulty. Kiba has eluded Sakon/Ukon and is attempting to heal his wounds when he senses three others and takes to the river again to avoid them. In the meantime Sasuke has emerged from the casket. Naruto tries to talk to him, but Sasuke only laughs a weird laugh and takes off. Naruto, having been distracted by Sasuke, is about to receive a fatal blow from Kimimaru when Kimimaru is knocked back. It seems as if Rock Lee has entered the fray.....moreless
  • Loopy Fist? wtf?!

    What goes on in this episode of Naruto is as Naruto starts getting frustrated with his lack of progress, Sasuke's cursed seal finally reaches it second level, allowing him to exit his coffin and go on ahead. Kimimaro prevents Naruto from going after him, though the arrival of the newly recovered Rock Lee forces him to let Naruto go. Lee and Kimimaro begin exchanging blows, though Kimimaro's unique control over his bones makes things difficult for Lee. Soon after the fight begins, Lee asks for a timeout so that he can take his medicine. Kimimaro agrees, and Lee drinks the contents of his medicine bottle. Because Lee grabbed sake instead of medicine when he set out to help the retrieval team, Lee is immediately intoxicated, and attacks Kimimaro in a drunken frenzy. Another awesome episode. Thunder was here!!!moreless
  • Naruto's battle continued. Saskuke got out but would not talk to Naruto then Rock lee came and Drank his Elixur.

    This episode was good. I like watching the dub I think they do a good job but Loppy fist!? It's not like they never mention alchol on the English version. LIke when Jirya told naruto about the 3 prohibiton he said alchol. If they want the show to be aimed at kids don't have Naruto use the Sexy justu and use the word pervert. Other than that it was a good episode. I would have called it the Tispy Fist. I was surprised they edited so much in this episode because Viz. dosen't really edit Naruto that much. At least it will be on the uncut DVD'smoreless
Keith Silverstein

Keith Silverstein


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Debi Mae West


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Johnny Yong Bosch

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