Season 8 Episode 21

The Missed Target

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Sep 20, 2008 on TV Tokyo

Episode Recap

The episode begins with all the papers, which the bird dropped in the last episode, falling from the sky. Shikamaru orders Naruto and Choji to collect the papers. Naruto creates multiple Shadow Clones and Choji uses his enlargement jutsu to make his hands and arms bigger so he can collect faster. As they collect Shikamaru looks for the bird that dropped the papers, but can no longer see it. The Shadow Clones are shown gathering the papers with one getting run out of the Women's Bath and another having to take one from a baby.
Shizune is then shown bursting into Tsunade's office to tell her that the blueprints that were lost are the papers scattered around the village. She also informs her that Shikamaru's group had collected them all. A ninja then rushes in and tells the two that the Hidden Waterfall Village was only doing a training exercise and nothing else. Tsunade then orders him to recall everyone back to the village. Tsunade then gets angry trying to figure out what Genno is planning and busts one of the windows. Sakura then runs in and tells Tsunade that the body the ANBU recovered was not even a ninja, meaning that it wasn't Genno.
Ino is then shown informing Shikamaru, Naruto, and Choji of this. They all then realize that Genno is still alive. Neji, Lee, Tenten, Kiba, and Shino are then shown investigating the site where Gennou was thought to have blown himself up. Upon using Neji's Byakugan, they find a hidden tunnel behind one of the trees. Upon a closer look they find that the tunnel was made to naturally to fill up with dirt. Kiba has Akamaru try and track Genno's scent but Akamaru cannot. Thus leaving them to wonder where Genno went.
Shikamaru, Sakura, Ino, Shizune, and Tsunade are then shown with Shikamaru telling Tsunade that if Genno is still alive then he must still be in Konoha. And that everything he did was only to distract them. Shizune makes the comment that the ANBU marked Gennou when they coincidently found out his statement was fake. Shikamaru tells that it was no coincident. Tsunade asks Shikamaru what Gennou's plan was and Shikamaru tells her if they knew that then they would not have had to struggle so much. He then tells her, after she gets ticked off for that statement, that the citizens of Konoha are in a horrible situation. He then leads on that Gennou has set something up in the village.
Shizune asks if the blueprints being scattered around the village meant that Gennou had finished setting up his traps. Shikamaru tells her no and that it was just another distraction and something had been set up inside the village. Ino then suggest they check the Academy. Shizune questions this and Ino tells her it was the only blueprint missing. Hinata and Sakura are then shown checking a room at the Academy with her Byakugan, which turns up nothing. Kiba and Neji are then shown in one of the rooms checking it with Neji's Byakugan, which also turns up nothing. Kiba makes the suggestion of just looking and all the rooms with the Byakugan but Neji tells him they are looking for something suspicious and they can only search little by little.
Naruto and Choji are then shown trying to clear a room full of kids, so they can check it. The kids refuse because their teacher told them to stay in the room for the day. Naruto tells them that no teachers have been to the school all day and they would not know. He then goes and tells them that he would steal Iruka's noodles and ditch. Naruto again tries to get them out of the room but one tells him that they are on a mission to protect the village. Another then asks why Naruto and Choji are inside. Choji finally gets tired and uses his jutsu to increase his to frighten the kids and make some of them leave. As two of the kids run off they decide to go practice throwing kunai.
Lee and Tenten are then shown looking for anything suspicious. Then they notice the kids from the Naruto and Choji cleared out running out of the Academy. Lee then goes inside to find Naruto still trying to clear the out. He then asks Naruto where the kids that had just left were going. Naruto tells him he doesn't know and Choji remember that they were going to practice throwing kunai. Lee then wonders about throwing kunai in a place as the Academy. Lee, Chouji, and Naruto then find the kids throwing kunai at a wood post in the dojo.
Naruto comments about their practicing and then remember how he was always skipping practice and hiding where Iruka couldn't find them. Naruto and Choji reflect back on what they did while skipping out on practice and Lee tells them they should have done what the kids are doing and practice when their teacher was not watching them. Lee then calls them model students and they should not bother them. Lee then tells Choji and Naruto they should leave. Right before they do Choji draws their attention to the wooden post the kids are throwing kunai at. They then realize that the post was never there before and go down to investigate it. When they do Naruto's weapon pouch gets hit with one of the kunai thrown. They figure it is something Genno set up and Naruto goes to find Neji or Hinata.
Neji and Kiba are shown examining another room with Neji's Byakugan and find an exploding tag in the wall. Naruto is shown running up to Hinata and Sakura. He asks Hinata to help him but asks in a way so it seems he is asking her out. Sakura gets ticked off because Naruto is asking Hinata out at a time like this and Hinata becomes embarrassed. Naruto then spots Neji and goes and gets him because Hinata won't help him out. Neji and Kiba are shown examining where Neji saw the exploding note. Neji informs Kiba that the exploding note is attached to a thin thread that is used for explosives. Neji then wonders if Genno plans on setting the tags off by remote control while Kiba asks him what the thread is connected to.
Neji traces the thread past the rooms and into the wooden post in the dojo. Naruto then comes up and asks Neji to investigate the post in the dojo. Neji then tells him that that post is the explosive device. A kunai is then shown striking the post in the dojo. Lee offers the kids some advice in throwing the kunai. One of them tells him to shut up and another step up to throw his kunai. Naruto, Kiba, and Neji are shown running to the dojo and Neji asks if there is a target on the post. Naruto tells him there is and Neji tells them that the bull's eye is the explosive device. As Neji explains that if the bull's eye is hit the device will detonate. One kid gets close to it with his kunai. Another step up and throws his kunai. It hits the bull's eye but falls out right after it hits. Lee then tells the kid the kunai is dull and lectures them on taking care of their tools.
Naruto leads Neji and Kiba to the dojo while another kid throws his kunai. It is about to hit the bull's eye when Naruto, Neji, and Kiba burst and tell Lee to stop it before it hits. Hinata and Sakura hear a loud noise but find out that it was only Tenten who dropped her weapon. Lee is then shown holding the kunai an inch away from the bull's eye. The kids begin to question why Lee stopped it but are told to shut up by Kiba who then tells them that if it had hit the Academy would have exploded.
The entire group gathers around the post and Neji and Kiba explain to Shikamaru what it is. Naruto asks the kids who first started to throw kunai but the kids tell him that someone told them that if they practiced in secret there, then their teacher would praise them. Neji says that it was probably an illusionary technique that made them think that. Sakura then makes the suggestion that it was Gennou's doing. Hinata starts to say something but keeps quiet, drawing Shino's attention. Shino asks if something is wrong and Hinata tells him that the thread extending from the explosive device does not look like a single thread.
Neji takes a look and determines that it splits into three threads not two. Shikamaru asks what they are connected to. Neji can't determine where they go so he and Hinata head outside while the others follow. They climb up onto the highest point on the roof and use their Byakugan to follow the threads where they branch off. Neji then informs everyone that the threads are attached to exploding tags. He also tells them that Konoha is mapped in exploding tags.

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