Season 8 Episode 16

The Mysterious Curse of the Haunted Castle

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Sep 06, 2008 on TV Tokyo

Episode Recap

The episode begins with Lady Kaio's group walking along a path. One of the men in the group informs Lady Kaio that they need to take shelter because it is about to rain. She agrees and gives him the task of finding them some shelter. As the man approaches the front of the group a strange mist appears and then a blue light appears. A strong wind begins to blow and a roaring sound is heard. The blue light shines brightly making everything unseeable. When the light fades the thing Lady Kaio was sitting in comes crashing to the ground and Lady Kaio and her group are missing.

Naruto, Kiba, Hinata, Shizune, and Tsunade are shown in Tsunade's office. Tsunade is explaining to the three that Lady Kaio was traveling from Honey Country to Red Bean Country when she and her group went missing. She also tells them that the people of Red Bean Country went looking for her but only found what was left of her carriage, and not only was Lady Kaio missing, but not one else was seen either. Kiba makes the assumption that they are supposed to go find Lady Kaio. Tsunade tells him he is correct and tells them that with Kiba and Hinata's skills they are perfect for this mission. Naruto grows angry because Tsunade is saying he has no merits. Hinata tells Naruto he has good points, but when Naruto asks her to tell them to Tsunade she can't think of any. Naruto grows angry about this causing Shizune to laugh and Kiba and Akamaru to yawn. Tsunade asks them if they are finished and Naruto asks her about anything strange things, like ghosts, on the mission. Tsunade asks if he is afraid of ghosts and Naruto tells her he is. Tsunade then tells him there are no such things as ghosts and tells them to get going. Kiba asks where they are going and Tsunade tells them Kubisaki Ridge. This freaks Naruto out who then begins to whine about it. Tsunade gets ticked off, tells him shinobi don't whine about stupid things and tells him to get going. Naruto responds with saying that talking to Tsunade is scarier than ghosts and runs out with Hinata and Kiba right behind him.

When they leave Tsunade gripes about how Naruto acted. Shizune asks her if Kubisaki Ridge is near Kubisaki Country which is where the ruins of the Kubisaki Clan's castle are. Tsunade tells her that there are castle ruins all over the place and asks why she is asking. She then asks Shizune if Naruto's cowardice is spreading to her, to which Shizune quickly responds with a no. Naruto, Kiba, and Hinata are shown walking down a road through the forest. They come up on a sign that directs them to Kubisaki Ridge. While they are reading the sign Naruto says that there is something spooky about it. While they are still standing there it begins to rain on them and Kiba tells them they need to hurry.

As they are running they spot a castle behind the trees. Kiba makes the comment about not knowing of any castle around the area and Hinata says that it gives off a bad aura. Naruto then begins to complain about the mission becoming stranger and stranger. Kiba says the castle is a big clue and Hinata says they should go in. Kiba agrees and they leave Naruto where he is standing. Naruto chases after them telling them not to run off. Hinata comments on the castle and Naruto begins to have second thoughts on entering it. Kiba asks him if he is truly afraid, to which Naruto tells him no. They then run up the steps to the castle. When they reach the top of the steps the doors automatically open without them knocking or anything, which freaks Naruto out.

When they get inside the doors shut automatically without them doing anything, just like when they opened. Hinata calls out to see if anyone is home, but receives no reply. Kiba notices a light on so they set their stuff down. When they do Akamaru runs into the doors with the light on. The three chase him and find a meal has been prepared and is still warm. Naruto goes to investigate a picture on the wall. They figure he is the Feudal Lord, and Kiba turns and yells at Akamaru who is about to eat what is on one of the plates. Naruto walks away from the picture, without taking his eyes off of it, and sees the eyes of the man move, freaking him out.

Kiba asks what is wrong and Naruto tells him the eyes moved. Kiba lectures him telling him that the picture cannot move and he is only scared. While he is saying this Hinata observes that there are seven plates on the table. Naruto asks what is so important about it and Hinata tells him that there are seven people missing from Honey country, which could mean that those missing are staying in the castle. Hinata suggest they split up but Naruto tries to convince them to search together. Kiba gets annoyed at this and tells Naruto that they are on a mission and he needs to stop acting like a kid. Naruto tells them he knows so they all head off to go look for Lady Kaio and the others. Though they are shown leaving through the eyes of the painting.

Naruto is then shown walking down a hallway where a strange statue is sitting. He looks at it and gets freaked out so he starts running away from it. He pauses to catch his breath but then notices more of the same statue sitting along the corridor he ran down. He stands there and stares at one long enough to see its eyes move in his direction, freaking him out even more causing him to run away in the same direction he came from. As he is running he screams for Hinata, Akamaru, and Kiba. Kiba and Akamaru are then shown tracking down a scent Akamaru detected. It leads into a room so Kiba charges in with his kunai ready, but finds the room empty. When he lets his guard down the door shuts behind him and Akamaru. He then hears something say eat and then room starts to shake and a wall becomes a mouth which swallows Akamaru and Kiba.

Hinata is then shown in the castle library. She begins to read an old castle log which says that the person who wrote the log will swallow all who enter it without fail. While she is ready the book shelves move and trap her where she is standing. She hears the same voice, which Kiba heard say eat, say devour. Books fall on her head and she runs around the bookshelves only to be blocked by another. A painting like the one from earlier falls in front of the book shelf and the arms from it extend and push Hinata into the wall which sucks her in.

Naruto is then shown as he watches a figure step out a painting similar to the first two. He hits it with a kunai with an exploding tag attached then runs away. When he gets to the same hallway he was shown earlier running out of he gets cut off by a row of teeth. The other entrance to the hallway is cut off by tooth two, and the floor changes, swallowing Naruto. Naruto then wakes up, not far from Hinata, in the castle dungeon. He runs over and wakes her up and she gets embarrassed like usual and quickly turns away from him. Kiba and Akamaru show up and they begin walking along the corridor they are in. While they are walking Hinata tells them about what she read. Naruto makes a comment about them being devoured and then trips over a dead body leaning against the wall. Hinata determines that dead person was an enemy of Kubisaki. Kiba then notices more dead bodies along the corridor, but those bodies have armor like Kubisaki's. They then find the body of the real Kubisaki. While they are looking at it the body melts before their eyes. Naruto says there is something wrong with the castle, and has Hinata use her Byakugan.

When Hinata uses her Byakugan she sees that there is chakra running through the walls. Before their eyes the wall changes into something else. Hinata hits it but is thrown back. Naruto then realizes that he has seen the exact same thing somewhere. He then realizes it was inside Jiraiya's frog summons stomach, the one he used against Itachi. Kiba then realizes that the foul odor he smells is stomach acid. Hinata then says that Kubisaki must have used a summoning technique before the castle fell and they had been swallowed when they entered the castle. They then hear a woman scream and run off in the direction of the scream.

They find Lady Kaio and her subjects being sucked into the walls. They try to pull them out but have no luck. Kiba then uses his trademark jutsu to get them out of the dungeon. As soon as they get through the hole Kiba made it disappears. The summon then tells the three that its name is Shiromari and it is following Kouza's orders to eat everyone in the castle. The room then fills with Stomach acid which Naruto avoid by jumping to the ceiling. When he tries to stand on it, it moves knocking him off. He then lands on a statue after nearly getting caught in the acid. Hinata helps him up but tentacles shoot out and separate them. They determine, after destroying a few of the tentacles, that they need to find the contract. Hinata uses her Byakugan and finds it in the ceiling. As Naruto asks how they are they going to reach it the tentacles retreat and the acid disappears.

Hinata tells Kiba and Naruto that the chakra has stabilized in the walls. After she says this Kouza Kubisaki appears in the entrance way. Naruto says it is another illusion but Hinata tells him that this Kouza is different. Kouza walks past them and heads up the stairs past Naruto and Hinata. They figure out he wants them to follow him so they follow him up the stairs. At the top Kouza disappears and they find the contract for the summon. As they approach the contract the walls change. Naruto unrolls the scroll and they see the summons true form, which is an Iguana. Kiba gets hit with some stomach acid and decides they need to hurry. Naruto then asks him if the creature goes back. Kiba tells him it's one or the other so Naruto destroys the scroll.

The summon goes wild and the three are thrown to the floor. Naruto stabs one of the walls with his kunai and a liquid comes out of it. Hinata then tells him they can get out through that wall. Naruto then does Rasengan and throws it through the wall. When the hole appears Naruto, Kiba, Hinata, and Akamaru are sucked out through the hole. As they are flying through the air the summon begins to disappear. Kiba and Akamaru then land on a tree, Hinata lands on the ground, and Naruto lands head first into the ground not far from her, worrying Hinata. The summon fully disappears leaving Lady Kaio and her group lying on the ground unconscious. Kiba then tells them that Kouza's grudge against the castle and his want to return the creature is what led them to finding the contract. The episode then ends with the summon's true form being shown.