Season 1 Episode 14

The Number One Hyperactive Knucklehead Ninja Joins the Fight!

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Dec 03, 2005 on TV Tokyo

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  • The gentle Haku.

    Naruto seems to have entered the scene. When Naruto openly shows that he was about to perform his famous shadow replication technique, Zabuza uses the opportunity to strike him with shurikens. Haku however, deflects them with his own needles. Haku tells him he wants to fight this battle his own way. Sasuke tries to decipher Haku's technique, thinking they're replications. He tries to form a plan with Naruto so he'll attack from the outside, but he surprised everyone by sneaking up on Sasuke and saying hello. Naruto uses his shadow replication, thinking the technique is a replication as well. But after all the replications were defeated, Haku revealed that all of the images in his ice mirrors were all him, creating a blur vision due to him going at extreme speeds. The two decide to battle their opponent more seriously now. Zabuza thought it was enough observing the kids fight, and thought it was his and Kakashi's turn now.

    Naruto just being his usual self. I laughed when Naruto surprised Sasuke and ultimately foiled such a great opportunity into taking Haku down. What added to it was Kakashi's comment of the situation. Other than that, this episode was quite revealing that made the Naruto universe even more expansive and interesting. The concept of a blood line technique added that "American super hero feel", where all the members in the protagonist party each have a very special talent of their own. Most of the ninjas in Naruto share much of the same techniques and weapons when it comes to fights, but the blood line technique adds that level of uniqueness that this episode portrayed and what was already portrayed, such as Kakashi's sharingan. Haku's unique character and personality was projected fluidly. Everything, from his needles, to his style of battle, is just gentle. It's been said before the needles are weapons that have low fatality rate, and Haku relying on them, even with his techniques, do a good job of reflecting his character.
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