Season 1 Episode 8

The Oath of Pain

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Oct 22, 2005 on TV Tokyo

Episode Recap

The opening replays the battle between Kakashi and Zabuza leading up to Zabuza's capture. Naruto and co are impressed that Kakashi has declared the match over. Zabuza taunts him, declaring that Kakashi won't be able to capture him so easily. He then appears behind Kakashi and kicks him backwards. Kakashi disappears into the river as Zabuza chases him with his big sword (think Cloud in FF7). Kakashi throws makibishi spikes (throwing nails) in the dirt so that he could stall Zabuza. Zabuza decides to just dive in the water. Kakashi landed in the water but the water felt heavier than usual and it turns out it was a jutsu of Zabuza. Kakashi emerges, trapped in Water Prison no Jutsu, as the tide has turned in Zabuza's favor. He then clones himself and goes after the three young ninjas. He strikes Naruto and knocks the headband off his head.

Kakashi calls out to the ninjas, commanding them to take Tazuna and run. Zabuza's body keeps him prisoner, so his clone won't be able to go too far away. They should be able to escape. Sasuke refuses and reevaluates the situation. Now that Kakashi is caught, Zabuza could kill him easily and therefore after he's done he is just going to go after them. For them to survive, they must rescue Kakashi. He threw some kunai jumps ready to strike Zabuza, but is caught in mid air and thrown back. Naruto is scared to die by the hands of the Jounin. He gets ready to run and throws his hand to the ground, but felt a sharp pain in his hand. Naruto remembered his injury and his promise. It is a turning point, where he realizes that it takes to become a ninja and flashes back to all the events that got him to this point. He stands, ready to fight again, and then charges. He too is thrown backwards, Sakura calls him an idiot and yells at him for acting so foolish but she then finds out what he wanted was his forehead protector back - the symbol that he is a ninja.

Naruto has a plan now and asks the others to work with him. Kakashi reminds them that their real mission is to protect Tazuna, but Tazuna gives them permission to rescue their sensei. Zabuza explains his graduation exam - fight to the death between students. Kakashi explained that the tests changed ten years ago when another evil appeared. Without pause or hesitation, a young boy, not even a ninja, had killed over a hundred students himself… that boy was Zabuza. He then attacks Sasuke. Naruto uses Kage Bunshin no Jutsu and sends his clones around Zabuza all having a knife ready to stab Zabuza. Each pile atop him, but he is too strong and throws all of them backwards. Naruto throws Sasuke a huge shuriken as he flies back, and Sasuke does Evil Wind Shuriken, Shadow Windmill. He throws it at the real Zabuza, who captures it. Another follows - it's Shadow Shuriken no Jutsu. Sakura and Tazuna believe that the second one will strike Zabuza, but he jumps over it. The shuriken flies behind Zabuza but then changes into Naruto, who throw kunai at the real Zabuza...