Season 1 Episode 8

The Oath of Pain

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Oct 22, 2005 on TV Tokyo

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  • good show

    The opening replays the battle between Kakashi and Zabuza leading up to Zabuza's capture. Naruto and co are impressed that Kakashi has declared the match over. Zabuza taunts him, declaring that Kakashi won't be able to capture him so easily. He then appears behind Kakashi and kicks him backwards. Kakashi disappears into the river as Zabuza chases him with his big sword (think Cloud in FF7). Kakashi throws makibishi spikes (throwing nails) in the dirt so that he could stall Zabuza. Zabuza decides to just dive in the water. Kakashi landed in the water but the water felt heavier than usual and it turns out it was a jutsu of Zabuza. Kakashi emerges, trapped in Water Prison no Jutsu, as the tide has turned in Zabuza's favor. He then clones himself and goes after the three young ninjas. He strikes Naruto and knocks the headband off his head.

    Kakashi calls out to the ninjas, commanding them to take Tazuna and run. Zabuza's body keeps him prisoner, so his clone won't be able to go too far away. They should be able to escape. Sasuke refuses and reevaluates the situation. Now that Kakashi is caught, Zabuza could kill him easily and therefore after he's done he is just going to go after them. For them to survive, they must rescue Kakashi. He threw some kunai jumps ready to strike Zabuza, but is caught in mid air and thrown back. Naruto is scared to die by the hands of the Jonin. He gets ready to run and throws his hand to the ground, but felt a sharp pain in his hand. Naruto remembered his injury and his promise. It is a turning point, where he realizes that it takes to become a ninja and flashes back to all the events that got him to this point. He stands, ready to fight again, and then charges. He too is thrown backwards, Sakura calls him an idiot and yells at him for acting so foolish but she then finds out what he wanted was his forehead protector back - the symbol that he is a ninja.

    Naruto has a plan now and asks the others to work with him. Kakashi reminds them that their real mission is to protect Tazuna, but Tazuna gives them permission to rescue their sensei. Zabuza explains his graduation exam - fight to the death between students. Kakashi explained that the tests changed ten years ago when another evil appeared. Without pause or hesitation, a young boy, not even a ninja, had killed over a hundred students himself… that boy was Zabuza. He then attacks Sasuke. Naruto uses Kage Bunshin no Jutsu and sends his clones around Zabuza all having a knife ready to stab Zabuza. Each pile atop him, but he is too strong and throws all of them backwards. Naruto throws Sasuke a huge shuriken as he flies back, and Sasuke does Evil Wind Shuriken, Shadow Windmill. He throws it at the real Zabuza, who captures it. Another follows - it's Shadow Shuriken no Jutsu. Sakura and Tazuna believe that the second one will strike Zabuza, but he jumps over it. The Shuriken flies behind Zabuza but then changes into Naruto, who throw Kunai at the real Zabuza...
  • Naruto remembers his oath!

    All seems lost as Kakashi has been trapped by Zabuza's water prison jutsu. Kakashi tells Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura to get away and save the bridge builder, Tazuna. Sasuke realizes that the only way that they can survive, is to rescue Kakashi. Naruto is knocked to the ground and starts to run. He turns to go and sees the bandage on his hand and remembers his oath to never back down and never run away. Sasuke attack and is knocked back. Naruto then charges and is also knocked back. He tells Sasuke that he has a plan to rescue Kakashi from the water prison....
  • Really cool! I''m starting to like this show now.

    Okay, so this really cool fight starts now; between that dude with the insanely huge sword (forgot his name) and Kakashi's team. Well, Kakashi seems to start of good; even copying his techniques. Man, I really, really like Kakashi now; he's nothing but awesomeness! However, that dude then imprisons him... too bad. But I guess the bad guys always get the upper hand at some point. Oh, and I just loved it when Naruto remembered his wow. I seriously thought he was going to kick ass (stereotypical shonen anime). Ah, and Naruto made a plan! Big surprise! Oh, I just loved that Shadow Shuriken; it was true awesomeness!
  • Wicked Episode here

    Well this episode was just awsome team 7 works together and fights zabuza, and also i was shocked that zabuza caught a strong ninja kakashi so easily. if you like action this is te episode for you in this epiosde team 7 (sasuke naruto and sakura) works together and fights zabuza, trust me its a very good action episode and in the ending of this episode you get real excited whats going to happen in the next episode (i like those kinds of episode) and its just awsome idc if i see this episode like 3 times in a row cause i just love it i rate it a 10/10 awsome episode :)
  • Great....

    Ok, after revilling his Sharingan Kakashi and Zabuza started to battle, but with the mist in the way of Kakashis sight, he gets captured in Zabuzas Water Prison jutsu. Now with only Naruto Sasuke And Sakura left they try there best to defend the bridge builder and free kakashi from the Water prison. they have to fight with all there might. But with Naruto smart quick thinking, Naruto an Sasuke where able to work together to free Kakashi. But Zabuza refuses to admit that he was forced to let go of kakashi when naruto broke the jutsu. And thats all for this episode. see ya! :).
  • love it!!

    well this episode was just awsome team 7 works togerher and fights zabuza, and also i was shocked that zabuza caught a strong ninja kakashi so easily. if you like action this is te episode for you in this epiosde team 7 (sasuke naruto and sakura) works together and fights zabuza, trust me its a very good action episode and in the ending of this episode you get real excited whats going to happen in the next episode (i like those kinds of episode) and its just awsome idc if i see this episode like 3 times in a row cause i just love it i rate it a 10/10 awsome episode :)
  • Team 7 works as a team!

    First off, I can't believe that Kakashi got caught in Zabuza's little water prison that easily! I mean, he's a highly skilled jounin, but then again Zabuza is pretty good to. But, whatever. Sadly enough. I would have given this a perfect if my favorite character was Naruto or Sasuke, but sadly, they are not. It was a good joint effort though, very nice teamwork. Too bad Sakura didn't get any action. I have to admit Naruto and Sasuke really did step it up a knot, that plan has to be worth at least a chuunin example plan. Well it was a nice episode. Again.
  • Fight Continues against Zabuza.

    This episode is really sweet. The fight continues with Kakashi against Zabuza.

    I got to say it was pretty neat how Zabuza was able to trap Kakashi in a bubble shield. Which Zabuza said its harder than steel. Sounds crazy.

    So it was all up to the rest of the squad to take on Zabuza's clone. Naruto was stubborn enough to charge at the clone to get his headband back. You will be seeing Naruto and Sasuke working together for the first time in the mission.

    So at the end of the show, Sasuke will be given a weapon by Naurto to aim for Zabuza's real body and it turned out that the weapon was Naruto all after all. Will it break the bubble shield?
  • Team 7 vs Zabuza!

    Okay I don't remeber much of this one but I'll reveiw all Naruto epsidoes from now one, that's my dream to get my level up. Okay this episode starts with Saskue acting all nervous and weird. He wants to attack but Kakshi helps him and calms him down. Then it goes on to Kakashi and Zabuza's battle. It looks like Kakashi dies at one point but he actually copies Zabuza's Water Clone technique. Then Kakashi gets Zabuza and it looks like he's won. But Zabuza frees himself and captures him in a water sphere. Then he uses his water clones and Kakashi tells them to run away, but Sasuke knows not to run but stay and fight. Naruto remembers his oath and stays to fight. They fight as a team and they are told what happened to Zabuza as a child. Then Sasuke and Naruto use a Suriken Shadow Technique, but can they still win.
  • I can't believe Zabuza caught Kakashi that easily!

    Sasuke? Nervous? Whoa... That's something I never thought I'd see. But he had a good reason to be. Anybody who could capture Kakashi that easily is one heck of a ninja. This episode showed a lot of Zabuza's talents. His fighting style is completely different from any ninja's we've seen prior to this episode. (Duh cause we haven't seen any ninja from the Land of Waves yet.) And of course, there had to be a touchy/determined Naruto moment. :P But oh well. At least he's determined and sticks to his word. Naruto plan at the end of the episode was amazing. I never saw it coming. (And apparently, neither did Zabuza. XD) Sasuke executed it perfectly. Now that Kakashi's free, what'll happen next?
  • Naruto has a large and colorful cast of characters, running a gamut of detailed histories and complex personalities, and allowing many of them their fair share in the spotlight.

    Kakashi who thought that he had gotten the real Zabuza in his grasp relized it was another water clone and the real Zabuza was just behind him. Kakashi was able to dodge Zabuza's swing but was kicked in the chest by Zabuza sending him flying, Kakashi made a mistake by going into the water, the water felt heavier than usual, Zabuza was able to then capture Kakashi in a water prison. Zabuza made another water clone and sent it out to kill Sasuke, Naruto and Sakura as they were now in the way. Kakashi urges them to run away with Tazuna but Sasuke knew that was impossible for them as that chance was over when Kakashi gotten himself captured. Sasuke wasn't fast enough and had gotten himself in the grasp of Zabuza's clone, during this time, Kakashi tells them of the incident that changed Mist Village's graduation exam. The Mist Villages graduation exam was very different from Leaf Village, where they had friends pitted against friends in a fight to the death, but one year one kid who wasn't even a ninja killed hundreds of that years students and that was Zabuza. This time the clone aimed for Naruto and kicked him sending him flying and his forehead protector disengaged from his head where his clone stepped on it saying that they were not ninjas but fakers. Naruto scared out of his wits was going to flee but when he slammed his left arm down he felt the pain and flashbacks of Iruka sensi giving him the protector and the time which he promised on the pain that he would not run away and wouldn't need anyone to help him. He attempts to attack Zabuza but was blocked and kicked but this time Naruto had grabbed his protector from underneath Zabuza. Naruto uses his shadow replica and they all attack Zabuza,he throws a Shuriken towards Zabuza, aiming for the real Zabuza but he catches this one but another Shuriken emerages in the shadow of the Shuriken, which Zabuza dodges easily. That shuriken then proved to be Naruto in disguised and he flings a kunai towards Zabuza, Zabuza dodging the kunai lets go of the prison and was going to slash Naruto but Kakashi stops him just in time.
  • go Naruto!

    In this episode of Naruto we get to see one of Naruto's greatest ideas in action: while Kakashi is trapped inside zabuza's suiton no jutsu (water element technique) Naruto Sasuke and Sakura go all out to protect theis client.Even though they try hard Zabuza's current level makes him impenetrable by the three genins attacks.It is only after a douzin of failed attacks that Naruto conceives a trully clever plan to free his teacher Kakashi: By transforming into a shurinken while knocked of by Zabuza Naruto asks Sasuke to throw him directly into Zabuza along with another shurinken. What will the outcome be?
  • Darn you Zabuza! No one caputers Kakashi-sensei!!!!!

    So Kakashi-sensei is trapped by the Demon of the Hidden Mist, Zabuza Momochi. Zabuza has him trapped in a water prison, but Zabuza has to keep a hand inside of it, or it collapses. Then Zabuza sends a water clone after Sasuke, Sakura, Naruto, and Tazuna. Kakashi tells the Genin to take the old bridge builder and run because the water clone can't get too far away from the real Zabuza. Naruto starts to run, but then remembers the oath of pain he swore when he cut open his hand. He swore to never run away or back out again. So eventually, Naruto and Sauske figure out a way to free Kakashi-sensei.
  • Can Naruto and Sasuke work together to save Kakashi?

    With Kakashi captured in Zabuza's Suirō no Jutsu (Water Prison Technique), Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura must defend against Zabuza's attacks. Kakashi tells them to run. Naruto becomes scared and wants to flee, but he soon remembers his oath of pain. He has no other choice but to fight, so they can save Kakashi and keep Tazuna alive. Naruto realizes that he must work together with Sasuke to save Kakashi. Naruto uses his (Shadow Clone Jutsu). The Clones all jump and completely surround Zabuza's clone. Then Zabuza's clone swings his sword and most of the clones scatter and disappear. The last of the Naruto clones takes a windmill shuriken (that Naruto transformed into) and gives it to Sasuke. Then Sasuke does a (Shadow Shuriken Technique) the first one was Sasuke's own shuriken and the second one was Naruto's. Naruto's shuriken was hidden under Sasuke's. Zabuza catches Sasuke's shuriken and dodges Naruto's. Naruto then transforms back in to his original form and throws a kunai forcing Zabuza to undo his jutsu freeing Kakashi.
  • This review is mainly a copy of last episode...A review from an artist.

    Zabuza or kakashi a match worth seeing. Kakashi may have the sharingan but Zabuza is one of the seven swords men. Kakashi tells the team to run but they are persistant and stay to fight. Kakashi was sure his team, team kakashi wasn't capable of wining but he was majorly wrong the team manages to free him. Team kakashi is about to finish him when a tracker ninja comes out of the forest and gets Zabuza. This is strange because tracker ninjas never take their hostage away. They finish them on the spot, That concerns team Kakashi. This is my masterpiece.
  • Too much talking. Still good though.

    Zabuza and Kakashi are going at it using several replications to try and outfool one another. But in the end, Zabuza was the one who outplayed Kakashi. As a result, Kakashi got imprisoned by a water cage. Though because of this, the only way Zabuza can fight is if he creates a water clone, which is only 10% of the ability of the real user, but that'll be enough for the new Genins. Sasuke tries charging at Zabuza, but fails. Naruto has flashbacks, and gets inspired to fight. He formulates a plan with Sasuke in order to defeat Zabuza. He distracted Zabuza using his shadow replications, and handed Sasuke a four star shuriken, which he thrusted towards Zabuza. Zabuza grabbed it with his free hand, but there was actually two of them. Zabuza dodged that, but it ended up being Naruto in replication form, throwing a shuriken at Zabuza.

    There was a whole lot of unncessary talking, but I guess for a shounen, that's pretty normal. The different though is that the talking in here is your usual serving of cliched speeches. The conversation just got so dragged out, that half of it consisted of stupid reactions. The only good thing about the episode is Zabuza outmanuavering Kakashi, and trapping him in his little water cage of his. But then it was also great how Sasuke and Naruto outsmarted Zabuza. Even though I said these parts were the only good parts of the episode, that's kind of saying a lot. Naruto's flashbacks would have had a bigger impact if it wasn't shown a bunch of times before in previous episodes.
  • Naruto and Sasuke are finally working as a team.

    This is another great episode to be added to the show. The revealing of the Sharigan and what it does was great. The slight myster, like how did Kakashi switch with his water clone, was kind of hard to figure out. The devotion of Naruto to his head band proves that he will be the best ninja in the whole land. I say though that it was stupid just to charge to get a headband. The teamwork between Naruto and Sauke was clearly unmatched by most shows. It was kind of odd how it worked out but it was really good how they managed to catch Zabuza off gaurd. Zabuza explaining his graduation exam made him seem more sinister then was thought before he told the ninjas the story.
  • Naruto is growing up!

    This was another special episode. They did a good job of improving Naruto's character. But the real exciting part was the end. It was when Sasuke uses his special moves Demon Wind Suriken, Shadow Windmill. It was so cool and Zabuza looked suprised. But i was kind of disspointed that i would have to wait one more week to see the real action.
  • Naruto comes up with a plan to defeat Zabuza once and for all.

    This episode was awesome! But I wonder when Haku comes. But Naruto is actually usefull for something, well yeah, he's helpful in a lot of other things too. Naruto's plan:

    Charge toward Zabuza, If that doesn't work, he would throw the Shuriken in his bag to Sasuke. Then Sasuke would aim for the REAL Zabuza and purposely miss his Shadow Clone. Then Zabuza would catch it with his available hand. Then the 2nd one comes (Naruto)and he would clone himself into another Shuriken to make Zabuza think that Sasuke used a Shadow Clone Jutsu, but really, Zabuza would dodge it, then Naruto would turn back into himself, with a Kunai in his hand, Naruto threw it at Zabuza...
  • Although there were some flashback sequences, this episode makes waiting worth it, as the end takes you by surprise and leaves you, yet again, in suspense.

    The first half of this episode is all talk, but it reveals to the viewers some information about the mysterious jonin who works for Gato. During the second half, however, action is executed, turning the tables and leaves you with this question: “Will Zabura be defeated for good?”

    I think that this episode was a fine development in character, as Naruto reveals a rather new jutsu. I also believe that the script was very well-written, wish flashbacks that concern about Naruto’s oath stating that he will never back down. I don’t think the flashbacks were useless, however.

    Naruto still remains my favorite Toonami program.
  • wow what saw was just so interesting. i love sakra she full of spunk today phyche.

    this was the must boring-est epsiode ever.
    quote(worst epsode ever) comic book man from simpsons. my god i wish saskue would of stabbed him self. sakra just stood there what was the point and whats his face assain dude serosly phsyco he killed a entire class wow and liked well we know where going say hi to hitler for me i had dreams more exciting they only hit three- four maybe five times i hit people more than that playing. and i don't kakshi i saw a trap like that a europ and asia away i love the show but hated the eps

    some one has to agree with
  • good episode

    Naruto and co are impressed that Kakashi has declared the match over. Zabuza taunts him, declaring that Kakashi won’t be able to capture him so easily. He then appears behind Kakashi and kicks him backwards. Kakashi disappears into the river as Zabuza chases him with his big-ass sword (think Cloud in FF7). He sees makibishi (throwing nails) in the dirt and dives in the river. Kakashi emerges, trapped in Water Prison no Jutsu, as the tide has turned in Zabuza's favor. He then clones himself and goes after the three young ninjas. He strikes Naruto and knocks the headband off his head.