Season 1 Episode 8

The Oath of Pain

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Oct 22, 2005 on TV Tokyo

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  • Too much talking. Still good though.

    Zabuza and Kakashi are going at it using several replications to try and outfool one another. But in the end, Zabuza was the one who outplayed Kakashi. As a result, Kakashi got imprisoned by a water cage. Though because of this, the only way Zabuza can fight is if he creates a water clone, which is only 10% of the ability of the real user, but that'll be enough for the new Genins. Sasuke tries charging at Zabuza, but fails. Naruto has flashbacks, and gets inspired to fight. He formulates a plan with Sasuke in order to defeat Zabuza. He distracted Zabuza using his shadow replications, and handed Sasuke a four star shuriken, which he thrusted towards Zabuza. Zabuza grabbed it with his free hand, but there was actually two of them. Zabuza dodged that, but it ended up being Naruto in replication form, throwing a shuriken at Zabuza.

    There was a whole lot of unncessary talking, but I guess for a shounen, that's pretty normal. The different though is that the talking in here is your usual serving of cliched speeches. The conversation just got so dragged out, that half of it consisted of stupid reactions. The only good thing about the episode is Zabuza outmanuavering Kakashi, and trapping him in his little water cage of his. But then it was also great how Sasuke and Naruto outsmarted Zabuza. Even though I said these parts were the only good parts of the episode, that's kind of saying a lot. Naruto's flashbacks would have had a bigger impact if it wasn't shown a bunch of times before in previous episodes.
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