Season 1 Episode 8

The Oath of Pain

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Oct 22, 2005 on TV Tokyo

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  • Really cool! I''m starting to like this show now.

    Okay, so this really cool fight starts now; between that dude with the insanely huge sword (forgot his name) and Kakashi's team. Well, Kakashi seems to start of good; even copying his techniques. Man, I really, really like Kakashi now; he's nothing but awesomeness! However, that dude then imprisons him... too bad. But I guess the bad guys always get the upper hand at some point. Oh, and I just loved it when Naruto remembered his wow. I seriously thought he was going to kick ass (stereotypical shonen anime). Ah, and Naruto made a plan! Big surprise! Oh, I just loved that Shadow Shuriken; it was true awesomeness!