Season 8 Episode 22

The Powerful Helper

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Oct 04, 2008 on TV Tokyo

Episode Recap

Tenten carefully removes the explosive tag in the target practice area in the academy.

Naruto remembers the time that he spent with Gennou and asks why he would do something like this.

Tenten was able to remove the tag. Then Chouji says that they should relax now but Shino and Shikamaru doesn't think so. Suddenly, Naruto hears a loud sound and turns around to see that Chouji opened a pack of chips.

In Tsunade's office, Shizune tells her to evacuate everyone to shelter. Shikamaru tells her that it's stupid because if they do Gennou would definitely detonate the explosives.

Kiba and Sakura work together. They follow Akamaru and he is able to find an explosive. Shino uses his bugs to locate the explosives. Shino gives the explosive he found to Tenten and she disables it. Naruto and Hinata are working together. They find one and Naruto tries to grab it. A lady sees them and asks him what he is doing and he says that he lost his money in the crack and he trying to get it.

Shikamaru, Chouji, and Ino are asking Tsunade for additional help. Suddenly two old people come barging into her office.

Shizune reports that their problems will be resolved because Gai's group is on their way back from the waterfall village.

Now that the tag is gone, academy kids are back to doing their target practice. Then Neji and Lee are on top of a tree and Neji tells him that he hasn't seen anyone remotely close to what Gennou looks like.

The two old people from Tsunade's office go into an abandoned area. There they find explosive tags. One of them comments that it's pointless to put a tag here and the other one replies that there were plans to make this a market place 30 years ago. The old lady used a jutsu to pull the tag away from the wall. The two of them recognize something about the tag.

Back at Tsunade's office the two old people show the tag they found. They tell Shikamaru that this is the tags that they used a long time ago. Tsunade then explains that the position of the tags is weird. A lot of them are located in areas where there aren't a lot of people. On the contrary, a only few of them are located in areas where there are a lot of people. All of the clues suggest Gennou's plan was set up 30 years ago.

Shikamaru suddenly remembers something that happened 30 years ago and runs out of Tsunade's office. Ino and Chouji follow him.

Naruto and Hinata are done in their area but Hinata is feeling a bit tired. Naruto decides to leave her there while he goes to Tsunade's office and give her the explosives that they found.

On his way Naruto realizes something and heads toward the Hokage faces. There he looks around and found explosive tags. Then Gennou shows up. He says that he can't just let Naruto leave.

Naruto asks Gennou why he did it and Gennou explains it to Naruto. It turns out that Gennou is from the Dragonfly village.

Back in Tsunade's office she explains to Shizune that the Dragonfly village and Konoha were at war. Konoha went for a surprise attack and it worked. They signed a cease fire three months later. After that another village attacked them and destroyed the Dragonfly village.

Naruto and Gennou continue to talk. They talk about the reason why Gennou wants to blow up Konoha. Then he tells him that before he dies he will detonate the explosives. Naruto tells him that he and his friends are taking them down right now and that he will stop Gennou from detonating the explosives.

Shikamaru, Chouji and Ino leave Kanna's house and Lee tells him that the academy students are tired. He tells him to dismiss them before it gets too dark. Suddenly, Shikamaru realizes something.

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