Season 8 Episode 22

The Powerful Helper

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Oct 04, 2008 on TV Tokyo

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  • Part 4 of the Amazing Race for Truth

    Everyone is out to find the bombs we know by now are set all over the village. While everyone gathers to disconnect each and every one, even Tsunade makes the two Elders get off their butts to help. I laughed at the fact that someone would even scare Tsunade like Koharu Utatane did. (That's the name of the Elder) It makes you wonder what the old bat could do in her prime to do that, wait, we already do know! Perhaps.

    Naruto finds out the truth of where the old man was hiding. Now he's in the devil's gullet now that he has found the culprit. It's time to bring this mystery to a close!
  • Weird...

    It's all starting to fall into place! Sorta... What's up with this Gennou guy? He's like got a freaking bipolar disorder or something! First he's good, then he's evil, then he's dead, then he's evil again... Hello? Serious identity crisis, much? He better get his act together or else I'm going to be even more confused than I already am. OK, so Hinata and Neji are leading the search for the paper bombs to be disconnected with their Byakugans. Oh yeah, and it turns out that the paper bombs had been set there by Gennou 30 years before. And meanwhile, Naruto discovers the old man hiding in Hokage Mt. This is just too weird.
  • The pieces of the puzzle start to fall into place.

    Everyone starts to disarm all of the paper bombs in the village. Lady Tsunade wants to evacuate the village but Shikamaru tells her that if they do evacuate that Gennou would see that they have figured out what's going on and trigger the bombs that they have not gotten. Everyone must not alert the villagers as to what is going on so no one will panic. Naruto goes to the ramen stand and thinks about when he first saw Gennou and remebers that he was looking at something. Naruto heads in that direction. The village elders help find some of the bombs and they notice something strange....
  • As the Konoha genin search for all the exploding tags, Shikamaru and the village elders make a few discoveries, as does Naruto.

    Finally, a good episode after god knows how many mind-numbing fillers.

    Warning : Some spoilers may pop their heads out during this review.

    Although it wasn't exactly a fighting based episode, it did advance the arc's storyline quite a bit, by tying it with konoha's history. It also puts the village in a bit of serious trouble, which brings in the whole genin batch instead of the usual 3-4 people groups that go on missions. Added is the fact that there is some big twist in the story, that'll leave everyone wondering what'll happen next.

    This episode especially makes me look forward to the next one as it looks like Naruto will take on an advanced ninja (He'll be the first 'bingo book' character that naruto fights 1-on-1, I think), and we might even end up seeing the kyubi make an appearance soon. And to those people that stopped watching because of the really bad fillers, you should watch this story arc, it seems pretty interesting.