Season 6 Episode 7

The Promise That Could Not Be Kept

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Jan 26, 2008 on TV Tokyo
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Shikamaru reflects upon how the mission did not go well as Tsunade, Shizune, and the rest of the medical ninja desperately work to save the lives of Choji and Neji, as well as help the others heal up. When Sakura finds out they are back, she goes immediately to see Sasuke and Naruto, but finds out Sasuke got away. Can Naruto keep his promise to Sakura? And what news does Jiraiya have for Naruto?moreless

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  • Pretty sad.

    The loose emotional ties that are left over in the rescue Sasuke arc are being knotted up in this episode. Even though he was the one that was the least injured, Shikamaru takes it the hardest as he was the squad's leader and failed to capture Sasuke. Seeing Shikamaru taking a lectural pounding from everyone, and then to find out that his squad members, also his closest friends, have escaped death, was really sad to see. The fact that a 13 year old was able to lead like he did is praise worthy enough.

    Didn't like the second half as much but it was still solid. It brings the stress over to Naruto's failure to bring back Sasuke despite making a surfire promise to Sakura that he'd bring him back. It was all right. The episode ended with a real bang though with Akatsuki making their move.moreless
  • One of my favorite episodes!

    I saw pictures of Shikamaru crying on google and deviantart. I wondered for the longest time what episode it was and when it would air. Shikamaru is my favorite character. Even though it was sad, I still liked the crying part. I think Shikamaru's cute! That's the only part I really liked. I got this episode put on my ipod, but I only watch that part. The beginning and the rest after Sakura learns that Naruto didn't bring Sasuke back is kinda boring. Especially when Pervy Sage comes, pretty boring. It just isn't as good as the rest of the episode.moreless
  • Naruto breaks the news to Sakura

    Kakashi has Naruto on his back heading back to the village. Naruto wakes up and asks where Sasuke is. Kakashi does not answer him. Then some medical ninjas show up and ask how Naruto is. Kakashi says that he is hurt, but will be fine. The ninjas tell Kakashi that they have found the other genin and that Shikamaru is slightly hurt, Kiba has a bad wound but will be fine, and that Chouji and Neji are both in critical condition. Naruto hears this and thinks back to when they first started out on the mission. As Naruto is in the hospital and talking to Skiamaru, Sakura overhears that Sasuke did not make it back.moreless
  • Naruto gets back after having his encounter or battle with sasuke it also describes the damage of evryone of the Konoha 5 and tells how shikamaru feels about being a shinobimoreless

    it had a great storyline entrance it tells how Naruto gets back after having his encounter or battle with sasuke it also describes the damage of evryone of the Konoha 5 and tells how shikamaru feels about being a shinobi also it says what happen to sasuke and how skura feels about the mission not being a success but everyone came back alright also it encourages shikamaru to still be a shinobi even if his first as a leader was not a success he can still learn from his mistakes and try to be better next time and it says how everyone of the konoha 5 will be alright in the endmoreless
  • The conclushion to Shikamaru's mission of saving Sauske and the searis finale before Shippuden, if you don't count the fillers that is.

    Kakashi has found Naruto in the Valley of End, ironic how the first hokage fought Mandara here as well as Sauske fought Naruto. He is taken back to the Leaf village where he is said to have searious injuries but not life threatning. We also find out that Shikamaru is injured but perfectly fine, as well as Kiba but he did get injured more seariously with Akamaru too. Neji and Choji are in critical condition but thanks to the Nara clans medicine and information, Tsunade is able to bring Choji into stable condition. At the same time, Shi,zune and a medical team are healing Neji's searius wounds and it turns out all right as well. Shikamaru is thinking about quiting being a ninja because he failed when it really mattered, but from a talk from Temari, his father, than Tsunade, he breaks down. Sakura then vists Naruto and he breaks down as well saying he couldn't keep the promise of a life time, but he will keep it true one day. Jaraiya then tells Naruto that he has to train with Jaraiya for in 3 to 4 years, the Akatsuki will come for him. He also says he can't change the fact Sauske left, that it was destiny and no matter what Naruto does, he can't save him. The manga ends here as Naruto goes with Jariya to train but in the anime, it continues with some fillers before then.moreless
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Kari Wahlgren

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Doug Stone

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Dave Wittenberg

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    • Jiraiya: Eventually you're going to face enemies far worse than Orochimaru, and it's time you started preparing for them.

    • Jiraiya: (Thinking about when he confronted Orochimaru) All my pleading meant nothing. He left us and would never return. After the pain, all I was left with was a sense of helplessness and regret. Above all, I want to save you from going through that, Naruto.

    • Jiraiya: Forget Sasuke.
      Naruto: Huh?
      Jiraiya: You can't help him, so just forget about him. Sasuke went to Orochimaru of his own free will. No matter what you do, he will not change. I've seen many shinobi, so I know the type. Orochimaru and Sasuke are cut from the same cloth. Don't delude yourself into thinking that you can bring him back, you can't. It's hopeless, a fool's errand.
      Naruto Maybe it's easy for you to give up on him, Pervy Sage, but I can't. He may mean nothing to you, but he's my friend.
      Jiraiya: Idiot! Just take a good look at the condition you're in and he's the one that did it to you! Is that the work of a friend?
      Naruto: (Dejected) No.

    • Jiraiya: I see you know all the gruesome details of Orochimaru's little scheme.
      Naruto: Huh? Wait, you mean you knew all about it too?
      Jiraiya: Well of course, don't you think I've been studying that immortality jutsu of his? That's also how I know our good friend Orochimaru won't be able to reincarnate himself in another body for at least three more years. Fortunately, he ran out of time and had to take over another body before Sasuke could get there. That means Sasuke is safe for three years.

    • Jiraiya: What I have to tell you is important and can't wait. From now on, you're my only student. We need to make a full fledged shinobi out of you in three years, and I'll do it.
      Naruto: But why three years?
      Jiraiya: We've received some disturbing information regarding the Akatsuki.
      Naruto: Akatsuki!
      Jiraiya: We've reason to believe you've been chosen as their next target, and we have three or four years before they come after you.

    • Choza: It was a fortunate day for this village when Lady Tsunade came back. If it weren't for her, Choji would have...

    • Naruto: If I say I'm going to do it, that means I will, okay? Don't forget my way of the shinobi means I always stand behind what I say.

    • Orochimaru: (Laughs) Sasuke, you are the chosen one.
      Sasuke: Yeah, yeah. When are you going to give me the power?
      Kabuto: A word of advise, watch what you say if you want to live long. Don't let his physical appearance fool you. That's still Lord Orochimaru you're talking to.
      (Sasuke gives him an agitated look)
      Kabuto: (Thinking) The... The intensity of his chakra...
      Orochimaru (Thinking) Yes, he's the one! My future lies with him!

    • Tsunade: Shikamaru, your mission was a failure. However, everyone's alive, that's the most important thing.
      Shikamaru: (Crying) Next time, the mission will go perfectly!

    • Shikaku: You think if you quit the missions will stop? Someone's got to do it. Your comrades will be sent out again on other missions with someone else leading them. They'll face the same risks and some of them might not make it, ones you might have saved if you'd been there to lead them. How are you going to feel then? You've got a chance to reflect on your mistakes and to learn from them. Use your failures to make yourself a better leader. You won't help your friends by running away. Instead you should make yourself stronger for their sake so the next mission goes perfectly and everyone gets back safe. The choice is simple, you're either a leader or a coward. Which are you?

    • Temari: No point in making yourself crazy, you know. Don't you remember your psychological training? With every mission comes sacrifice.
      Shikamaru: Training and reality are two different things. I thought I knew about missions. I thought I knew what it meant to be a Shinobi. Now, after this mission, my first as a squad leader, only one thing is clear: I'm just not cut out to be a shinobi.

    • Kiba: Well sis, how is he?
      Hana: Well, no long walks for him anytime soon, that's for sure.
      Kiba: Can't you do anyting for him? You're a vet.
      Hana: Not a magician. It takes time, but relax, his life's not in danger. (Kiba winces in pain) No long walks for you anytime soon either.
      Kiba: (Laughs) I got it. Don't worry.

    • Temari: Honestly, all you men, with such fragile egos.

    • Jiraiya: Forget about Sasuke. He went to Orochimaru of his own free will. Whatever you do, he will not change. Because I have seen a lot of shinobi, I know, Sasuke is the same type as Orochimaru.

      ~Japanese version

    • Shikaku: So, you get out told by a woman, and now you're running away?

      ~Japanese version

    • Jiraiya: Give up on Sasuke. If you want to live as a shinobi, you need to be wise. If you remain a fool, living a life of pain will be your reality.
      Naruto: If that's what it means to be wise, I'd rather live my life as a fool!

      ~Japanese version

    • Temari: You're pretty boring, even if you are acting like a man.

      ~Japanese version

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