Season 6 Episode 7

The Promise That Could Not Be Kept

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Jan 26, 2008 on TV Tokyo

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  • The conclushion to Shikamaru's mission of saving Sauske and the searis finale before Shippuden, if you don't count the fillers that is.

    Kakashi has found Naruto in the Valley of End, ironic how the first hokage fought Mandara here as well as Sauske fought Naruto. He is taken back to the Leaf village where he is said to have searious injuries but not life threatning. We also find out that Shikamaru is injured but perfectly fine, as well as Kiba but he did get injured more seariously with Akamaru too. Neji and Choji are in critical condition but thanks to the Nara clans medicine and information, Tsunade is able to bring Choji into stable condition. At the same time, Shi,zune and a medical team are healing Neji's searius wounds and it turns out all right as well. Shikamaru is thinking about quiting being a ninja because he failed when it really mattered, but from a talk from Temari, his father, than Tsunade, he breaks down. Sakura then vists Naruto and he breaks down as well saying he couldn't keep the promise of a life time, but he will keep it true one day. Jaraiya then tells Naruto that he has to train with Jaraiya for in 3 to 4 years, the Akatsuki will come for him. He also says he can't change the fact Sauske left, that it was destiny and no matter what Naruto does, he can't save him. The manga ends here as Naruto goes with Jariya to train but in the anime, it continues with some fillers before then.