Season 8 Episode 1

The Remembered Lullaby

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Jun 28, 2008 on TV Tokyo

Episode Recap

The episode starts off with Rock Lee, Tenten and Neji running towards Naruto and Sumaru. They ask Naruto what happened and they find out that the star had been taken by a flying ninja. Neji uses Byakugan to make sure what Naruto says is true, which makes Naruto upset as they didn't believe him. It then switches to Tsunade and Shizune and they have a talk about the star, and how it helped train who the villagers called the first Hoshikage. They think about why the 3rd Hoshikage banned the training, and Tsunade said that there were rumors that many who trained near the star died.

Its then back to Naruto and co and they are telling Akahoshi, the substitute Hoshikage, that the star has been stolen. Sumaru explains about how the trainees were knocked unconscious. Akahoshi gets angry and Naruto says how the ninja had great powers and how the chakra formed into feathers. Sumaru confirms what Naruto said, and says it was the mysterious peacock method. They realize that the ninja must be someone from Star, and Akahoshi tells Sumaru not to tell more things about the star training. Neji says that they will retrieve the star and Akahoshi agrees.

Naruto and co leave the building and Naruto ask if the injured ninja are ok, but Sumaru says it's got nothing to do with him, and he walks away. Neji says that Akahoshi knows something. Neji says he will search for clues while Lee and Tenten follow Akahoshi, and Naruto to go follow Sumaru and Naruto runs off. It's to Sumaru and he watches the sunset and looks at a necklace. He then starts singing a lullaby and has a flashback of his past. Naruto arrives behind him and they look at the stars. Naruto then follows after Sumaru asking to see his comrades.

Naruto arrives at the training camp and is attacked by a girl, who he then beats, and he is surprised that it's a girl. The girl feels sorry for attacking as she found out he was a Konoha ninja. She is then embarrassed as Naruto's food is stuck to her bum. It's then to Akahoshi and he is talking to two other ninja. They say that the person that took the star was the best, but in their village but they know his weakness. It's back to Naruto and the girl introduces herself and says her name is Hokuto. They eat Naruto's food and say it's really good.

Naruto asks where the others are and sees that there is one that is coughing. He then asks if the boy is ok and thanks him as he talked to Hokuto to stop. Hokuto says that Mizura has been feeling ill ever since he started training. Mizura gets upset as she told Naruto about the star and starts coughing. Hokuto tells Naruto that the reason why Sumaru is so cold is because 10 years ago his parents were killed by foreign ninja who wanted the star.

Naruto then asks where Sumaru and the others are, and she tells him that they went to get the star back. Naruto then disappears and runs after Sumaru and the others. Lee and Tenten are spying and Lee gets upset as he doesn't like doing it. They follow behind in plain sight under a barrel. The two ninja that they were following disappears, and Lee and Tenten exit the barrel they are then attack. They attackers were the two star ninja that lee and Tenten were following. Lee explains how they were looking for clues.

It's then to Sumaru and the other star ninja who are trying to get the star back. They stop and form a circle so Sumaru can search for the star using their chakra. They find it, go to Hell's Ravine, and they catch the masked ninja. Neji is using his Byakugan and sees Naruto coming. Naruto explains how Sumaru and the others went to catch the masked ninja. Neji then sees Sumaru and the others using his Byakugan and tells Naruto that they are at Hell's Rravine. It's back to Sumaru and the others and the masked ninja breaks free. Sumaru and the trainees drop as they are tired. The masked ninja then walks over to Sumaru and tries to grab him. The masked ninja is then attacked by Naruto and Neji. He deflects their attacks and grabs Sumaru. The masked ninja then jumps into Hell's Ravine and flies away using chakra. Neji wonders why they took Sumaru if they already have the star. Naruto tells them about Sumaru's parents and the episode ends.