Season 8 Episode 1

The Remembered Lullaby

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Jun 28, 2008 on TV Tokyo



  • Quotes

    • Akahoshi: What? Someone made off with the star?
      Sumaru: Yes. There were people training there when it happened, but the enemy knocked them out with some sort of jutsu.
      Akahoshi: That's pathetic!
      Naruto: You wouldn't say that if you'd seen the chakra this guy was throwin' around!
      Lee: Was he truly that impressive a foe then?
      Naruto: Yeah, he was forming wings and beasts out of chakra. I've never seen anything like it.
      Akahoshi: Is this true, Sumaru?
      Sumaru: Yes. Ninja Art: Kujaku, no doubt about it.