Season 3 Episode 42

The Sand Shinobi: Allies of the Leaf

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Dec 22, 2007 on TV Tokyo
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Just when it appears to be the end for those still fighting the Sound ninja, the three Sand siblings arrive to save the day. Gaara saves Rock Lee, Kankuro saves Kiba, and Temari saves Shikamaru. Will the three Sand ninja be able to accomplish what Shikamaru, Kiba, and Rock Lee could not?moreless

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  • The Sand steal the show, frighteningly too.

    With the Sound ninja already weakened, it didn't take much for the Sand to clean up. Even though it was relatively easy for them, how they fought was pretty entertaining, most in particular is Kankuro. It is always fun watching different ninjas develop different fighting styles combined with different weapons, Kankuro's two set dummy was really well thought out, one to contain the enemy and the other for offensive purposes. Temari seems very overpowered though, possibly already chuunin status, high powered winds that can literally cut through a forest, definitely above genin level. Though the best part is that they left the best for last, Gaara vs. Kimimaro.moreless
  • The sand village are back and alled with the leaf village

    Just when it appears to be the end for those still fighting the Sound ninja, the three Sand siblings arrive to save the day. Gaara saves Rock Lee, Kankuro saves Kiba, and Temari saves Shikamaru. With a strike of one of temati's jutsu tayuya dies with crow and the black ant Sakon dies and here starts the battle with gaara and Kimimaru who was fighting naruto then was fighting rock lee and now is fighting Gaara. Here The shinobi of the sand are back but on the side of konoha and they explain that they didnt want to fight konoha it was an order as was this one. This episode was great so much action and suspence.moreless
  • The Sand Village is now allied with the Leaf Village.

    Just as it looks like it is the end for Shikamaru, Lee, and Kiba the Sand Genin (Temari, Gaara, and Kankuro) step in and block the fatal attacks by the Sound Ninjas. It seems that Temari, Gaara, and Kankuro were ordered to help Shikamaru, Lee, and Kiba by The Hokage. Kankuro is able to get Sakon/Ukon to fall for his puppets trap and defeat them. Temari is able to defeat Tayuya with her long range wind attacks. Tayuya is crushed between tree trunks from the attack. The episode ends with Rock Lee and Gaara facing off against Kimimaru. This is exciting stuff!!!!!!!!!!moreless
  • the best episode yet!!!!!!!

    ok last eipsode we saw that Gaara and the other sand sinobi came back. it was awsome!!!!!!!!! well Gaara saves Lee, Kankuro saves Dog boy, and Tamari saves Shikumaru! they are going to fight them. but gaara's fight doesn't start until next episode. well the flute player got hit with the wind attack and huge branches hit her hard. and Kankuro had trapped the sound ninja inside something and send knifes through it. this was a good episode. also saske won't listen to naruto. but i know gaara is going to send pain and suffering on the next episode can't wait until next episode!moreless
  • The Sand Return!

    What goes down in this totally awesome episode of Naruto is the arrival of the Sand ninja surprises the Konoha retrieval team and the Sound Four. Although the Konoha ninja ask their saviors to flee, each refuses, having been asked to come to help by Tsunade. Even receded from their cursed-seal state, Sakon and Ukon ridicule Kankuro and his puppet, but the latter is soon able to trap both in a second of his puppets and kill them. With Temari's arrival, Tayuya escapes to the surrounding trees for cover, though Temari's fan cuts through the forest, eliminating Tayuya with ease. It was totally awesome like I said at the beginning of the review and Temari was super hot in this episode. Thunder was here!!!moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • When the screen rotated after Kimimaro fired his fingertip bones to show Lee and Gaara facing Kimimaro, you can see Kimimaro has his arms pointed at Lee and Gaara. But, when they show a close up of him, his arms are stretched out to the side.

    • When Ukon and Sakon merge back together after Sakon got hurt. Ukon was facing Kankuro, while his back was facing Sakon but when they merged together again seconds later, Sakon entered from the front, while Ukon was still facing Kankuro, clearly seen with his hand and foot going in the front

  • QUOTES (17)

    • Shikamaru: (Thinking) She doesn't mess around. She's as subtle as a rhino. She might even be scarier than my mom.

    • Kankuro: It's like they're over there just mocking us.
      Kiba: This isn't the kind of enemy you can beat head to head. Back down and we'll regroup.
      Kankuro: I can't back down when they show me no respect.

    • Kiba: (Thinking) His wounds are back to normal? His healing powers are unbelievable!

    • Sakon: That hurt! You take over, brother, while I rest in this body a little bit first.
      Ukon: You're so pathetic, Sakon!

    • Kiba: (Thinking) I hated going up against the Sand Ninja as enemies, but as allies, they're pretty amazing.

    • Shikamaru: (Thinking) She's deflecting the sound of the flute and nailing our opponent with a physical attack. She can attack and defend at the same time, that's a pretty hand jutsu to have.

    • Shikamaru: (Thinking) I get it. The Fifth Hokage sent them. She saved our butts.
      Temari: By the way, you seem dumber than the last time our paths crossed. So are you going to give up again like last time? Go ahead, I'll take care of this for you.
      Shikamaru: Well I'm sorry to disappoint ya, but I'm not about to give up. Besides, a real man doesn't let a woman do his fighting for him.
      Temari: Huh, still being all macho with the man and woman stuff? You talk tough, but I know it's just an act. Idiot!

    • Lee: Why have you come here?
      Gaara: I owe the Leaf... (Shows Naruto chasing Sasuke) I owe the Leaf a great debt.

    • Gaara: You're different. When you fought against me, you had more agility and sharpness.
      Lee: I figured you would say that. I'm not the kind of person who holds a grudge. Even so, because of you, I've had a fairly tough time of it.

    • Lee: (Thinking) Sand ninja? I must be out of my mind.

    • Lee: He is Gaara of the Desert.
      Kimimaro: Gaara, is that what they call you? Digital Shrapnel!
      (Gaara's sand stops the bone bullets)
      Lee: (Thinking) He fired the bones from his fingertips?!
      Gaara: Impulsive, aren't you?

    • Kiba: What do you know? It looks like were allies this time.

    • Kankuro: We Sand shinobi aren't as easygoing as those of Konoha.

      ~Japanese version

    • Lee: (Thinking) Sand? Am I still drunk? (Talking again) Gaara of the Desert...
      Kimimaro: Gaara? So, that's who you are. Hessendan!
      (Kimimaro shoots his bones at Gaara)
      Lee: (Thinking) He launched his fingertip bones?
      Gaara: (Sand protects Gaara) You're hasty, aren't you?

      ~Japanese version

    • Temari: Well...It's over.
      Shikamaru: (Thinking) What a violent person. She's scarier than my mom...

      ~Japanese version

    • Shikamaru: A real man doesn't need protection from a woman.
      Temari: You're still going on about the man and woman crap? Stop acting tough!

      ~Japanese version

    • Gaara: Hey, why aren't you moving faster like last time when we fought?
      Rock Lee: I'm not holding any grudges, but I've been through a lot because of you.
      Gaara: Is that so?

      ~Japanese version

  • NOTES (10)

    • YTV Airdate: February 29, 2008

    • Sakon and Ukon are killed by Kankuro's "Karakuri Engeki: Kuro Higi Ippatsu" (Secret Black Move: Iron Maiden) technique.

    • Original Airdate: March 9, 2005

    • Original Episode Title: Allies of Konoha! The Shinobi of the Sand!
      Romaji Episode Title: Konoha Doumeikoku Suna no Shinobi
      Kanji Episode Title: 木ノ葉同盟国 砂の忍

    • According to Kankuro, Kuroari (his new puppet) is used for trapping his opponents. It isn't an offensive puppet. Also according to Kankuro, Kuroari works well with Karasu as the two puppets together can use the Karakuri Engeki: Kuro Higi Ippatsu technique. (The Puppet Play: Darkness Attack)

    • Temari is the only other genin besides Naruto who can perform the Kuyichose no Jutsu.

    • Tayuya is killed when Temari uses Kuyichose to summon the giant scythe-wielding Kamaitachi (a Weasel Yôkai), Kamatari.

    • This is the third add-on to the opening, the 1st time was when they put Tayuya, Kimiaro and Sakon up to replace the other two, and also showed the bandaged up Oro, the 2nd time was with the Lee and Gai part and now the 3rd time, they now have Gaara, Temari, and Kankurou appear right after the scene with Tsunade, Sakura, Hinata etc

    • Kankurou face paint has changed from triangle type designs on the side of his face (also the lip paint) to straight designs now on the front of his face.

    • Temari and Gaara have new nin-fuku, while Kankurou's is still the same.


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