Season 3 Episode 42

The Sand Shinobi: Allies of the Leaf

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Dec 22, 2007 on TV Tokyo

Episode Recap

One of the sound nin are hot on Kiba's trail. Kiba can't smell the enemy anymore so he thinks he is safe but the enemy is right next to him. Rock Lee is down but he won't quit. He unrolls his bandages and attacks but his opponent's defenses are just way too much to handle.
Shikamaru, Rock Lee, and Kiba's opponents starts to attack them but they were saved by the nin from the sand village.
Rock Lee asked Gaara why he is here and Gaara's reply was that he has a big debt to Konoha.
Shikamaru and Temari are talking and Temari says that she didn't want to attack Konoha but they were orders. Also the reason she is here now is because it was her orders as well. Temari tells Shikamaru that he has become dim-witted. Shikamaru took offense and says that he won't give up this time because it's embarrassing to be saved by a woman. Their opponent started using her flute but Temari used her great whirlwind jutsu and was able to deflect the sound wave and to cut her enemy's flute at the same time.
Kankuro used his puppet to attack Ukon. Suddenly, Ukon's brother, Sakon, appears and attacks Kankuro. Kiba tries to help but he can't move. Sakon thinks he's got Kankuro but he actually got one of his puppets. That puppet reveals its blade and Kankuro ordered it to kill Sakon. He then attacks Ukon but Ukon went over to Sakon and combined their bodies. They fought but Kankuro was able to capture him using one of his puppets. He then used the other puppet to finish them off.
Temari's opponent has disappeared. She thinks that she left but Shikamaru thinks otherwise. She wants Shikamaru to tell her their opponents fighting and he did. She then bites her finger and used a summoning jutsu. The thing she summoned cuts all the leaves and branches to expose the enemy. Luckily, it also trapped her in between logs and she was finally defeated. Shikamaru comments that Temari is scarier than his mom.
The episode ends with Gaara and Kimimaro squaring off.

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