Season 3 Episode 42

The Sand Shinobi: Allies of the Leaf

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Dec 22, 2007 on TV Tokyo

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  • The Sand steal the show, frighteningly too.

    With the Sound ninja already weakened, it didn't take much for the Sand to clean up. Even though it was relatively easy for them, how they fought was pretty entertaining, most in particular is Kankuro. It is always fun watching different ninjas develop different fighting styles combined with different weapons, Kankuro's two set dummy was really well thought out, one to contain the enemy and the other for offensive purposes. Temari seems very overpowered though, possibly already chuunin status, high powered winds that can literally cut through a forest, definitely above genin level. Though the best part is that they left the best for last, Gaara vs. Kimimaro.