Season 1 Episode 35

The Scroll's Secret: No Peeking Allowed

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM May 27, 2006 on TV Tokyo
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Team 7 still has only one scroll and there is only a day left before the test ends. Naruto decides they need to make a fake scroll and goes to open their Earth scroll, when Kabuto shows up and stops him, explaining that the scroll will knock them out until after the exam ends. He then tells them he will help them find the scroll they need. They seem to be on the ones on the hunt, but what happens when they fall into a trap set by the enemy?moreless

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  • Don't open the scroll

    With Naruto with Sakura, they try to open the scroll even though it's booby trapped. Kabuto stops them and says he has both scrolls. He's a bad guy obviously. Then Sasuke wants to fight Kabuto for those scrolls. However, he takes them to fight another team for the heaven scroll. This move was risky and I got to say if it weren't for Kabuto, then who knows what might've happened. There were teams that were waiting to get to the centre building. that way, they can rob other teams. When some ninjas fight, it looked like Kabuto was going to be knocked out.moreless
  • Naruto and Sakura decide to open the scroll even though it may be booby trapped.

    Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura have stopped to rest and recuperate. Sasuke goes to get more water after they finish their meal. Naruto tells Sakura that he has extra scrolls and maybe they can creat a fake Heaven Scroll to go with the Earth Scroll that they have. Sakura thinks that it is a bad idea at first, but then agrees that it may be the only way they can pass the exam. Just as Naruto is about to open the scroll, Kabuta shows up and stops him. It seems that Kabuta needs help getting to the temple and he already has both scrolls. Kabuta agrees to help them if they help him get to the temple....moreless
  • Exciting

    After much needed rest, Team 7 takes a break. Everyone got a souvenir from the battle with the Orochimaru and his followers. Sakura has short hair, Sasuke has a curse mark, and Naruto has a 5 Pronged Seal on him. Naruto thinks he can create a Heaven scroll, but first needs to know what is inside the Earth scroll. Sasuke goes to look for water, and leaves Naruto in Sakura's care. Naruto convinces her to look inside the scroll, and they almost do. Kabuto shows up at the last minute and stops them. Sasuke returns and sees that Kabuto already has both his scrolls, and tells Kabuto he'll fight him for them. Kabuto says that he'll just shows them how to get a scroll by ambushing another team. On the way to the tower, they encounter a team of Rain Genin. They start making clones. Is all lost for Team 7 and Kabuto?moreless
  • Naruto tries to peak at the scroll that his team has but Kabuto stops them and then Team 7 with Kabuto go to the tower to get some scrolls there from other teams by defeating them.moreless

    This episode was definitely well written. They showed what had happened to 2 people who had read the scrolls and then when Naruto is about to read the scroll with Sakura Kabuto Stops them. That moment was definitely a moment of suspense that was waiting to happen. Finally Kabuto helps the team out by making a plan to get the needed scroll which means that they would have to go to the tower. Kabuto seemed nice but there is something about him that I didn't like. The team realizes that they aren't getting any closer, Sasuke realizes that it is genjutsu. Sasuke is clever as I've said before. The episode had much suspense with the revealing of what the scroll contained which is what I liked about this episode.moreless
  • Suspenseful.

    Naruto's idea wasn't completely stupid. (It reminds me of something I'd think up. The idea seems good at first, but when you tell it to someone else, they find many flaws in it and it sounds stupid. Yet he tried to go through with it anyways because it seemed like it was their only hope of passing the 2nd part of the Chunnin Exam. He knew the plan had a lot of flaws, but he was goning to try to take the plan one step at a time. It's so much like something I'd do it's scary. O_o XD) Lol. When Sasuke came back from fetching water and was scolding Naruto and Sakura, he sounded like a mother. Overall it was a decent episode.moreless

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    • Sasuke: What's their game?
      Kabuto: They're probably trying to wear us down, and then strike when we're frustated and physically exhausted.
      Sasuke: You mean like we are right now.
      Kabuto: Right...They'll be coming soon.

    • Sakura: How far have we walked? That tower's not getting any closer.
      Naruto: Now that you mention it, I was thinking that too. It's weird.
      Sasuke: (Thinking) Maybe not.
      Kabuto: It would seem that we've been spotted. Somebody is playing games with us. Look...ring a bell? (Points to giant centipede that Naruto killed)
      Naruto: Huh? Oh man, no way! It can't be!

    • Naruto: So what? The more the merrier, I say! Whoever they are, we'll take care of 'em! Ha! Wouldn't want this to be too easy, that wouldn't be any fun!

    • Kabuto: It's best that we get out of here. The smell of that cooking fire is going to draw every wild beast in the forest. And not only animals, but the competition too.

    • Naruto: It's our only chance. I'm gonna open and read this scroll.
      (Sakura hits Naruto)
      Sakura: Naruto, can't you get it through your empty head! We're expressly forbidden from opening the scrolls before arriving at the tower.

    • Sakura: We have to face it...there may not be any more heaven scrolls left.
      Sasuke: Well, that's a cheerful thought.

    • Sasuke: I can't believe you guys!
      Kabuto: If I hadn't come along when I did...
      Sakura: Sorry, Sasuke.
      (Naruto mumbles something that sounds like "Sorry")

    • Sakura: All I get is that you're a nimrod. We've never even had a heaven scroll, so how would we know what's inside it?! (Naruto stares at her, realizing that she made sense) Next time you get an idea, how about keeping it to yourself. We've already have enough problems.

    • Sasuke: That's it? I only got three. Go do it again. I could eat three fish myself.
      Naruto: If you think it's so easy, why don't you get wet and I'll stand on the shore!?
      Sakura: (In the distance) Sasuke! The fire's ready to light. I could use one of your fireballs.
      Sasuke: I've got to do everything around here. (Walks away from Naruto)
      Naruto: What do you think I've been doing, huh?!

    • Naruto and Shadow Clones: Breakfast time. Shadow Clone Fishing Jutsu, bombs away!

    • Sasuke: I'm beginning to understand...You came along with us because you're scared!
      Kabuto: Are you crazy? Of course I'm scared!

    • Sasuke: Well Naruto, you wanted a fight!
      Naruto: Hmm...Four against forty...I like those odds.

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