Season 6 Episode 20

The Search for the Rare Bikochu Beetle!

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Mar 15, 2008 on TV Tokyo

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  • Yay a good episode!

    Following up what was a very mediocre filler is this. Although the premise to it isn't all that appealing, the underlying theme about this arc so far has been about Hinata. Hinata has been one of the more underrated and likable characters in the Naruto universe because she's super timid, but in secret is a very hard worker. It was enjoyable watching her train while everyone slept, and even Neji has seen the results of her hard work. This episode is also a breath of fresh air because we actually haven't really been well acquainted with Shino, Kiba, and Hinata's group that well, and seeing them finally be the focal point of the show was really nice to see.
  • Super episode

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  • Squad 8 is given a new mission along with Naruto.

    Shino, Kiba, and Hinata go to the hospital to visit Kurenai when they run into Tsunade and her assistant in the hallway. Shino and Kiba tease Hinata about the last time they came to the hospital and she saw Naruto in bandages and passed out. Hinata tells them to stop and opens the door to find Naruto hanging from the ceiling just inches from her face. He doesn't see her at first and when he does, he sees how red she is and touches her head to see if she has a fever. Hinata panics and headbutts Naruto across the room....
  • LOL!!!!

    Giggle! This is the first of the fillers that I have watched. I didn't feel like watching fillers at first, but after not seeing an episode of Naruto in a few weeks, I thought I'd tune in. I loved this one!! The humor in it had me laughing really hard. The beginning where Hinata gets nervous when she is so close to Naruto and accidentally head butts him is hilarious!!! Great way to start off! I also loved how Shino was crazy creepy, Hinata did this really cool waterbending-like jutsu, Naruto called her beautiful without even knowing it (sigh), and Naruto ate the big, dangerous fruit. He's really a fantastic shinobi, but he can be a brick wall sometimes. Oh well, that's why he's my favorite character!! :-) I also like the fact that we'll be seeing more of Hinata. I can't wait to see what she's like in Shippuden!
  • Finally! Something interesting after that loooooooong Mizuki Arc!

    Well, I for one, was quite relieved to learn that the Mizuki Strikes Back Arc is finally over. The Bikochu Arc may not be as long, but it's lots more interesting. OK, so Kurenai is still layed up after having the crap kicked out of her by Mizuki, so Team 8 is without a fourth ninja. They go to visit her, but are stopped by Naruto who is looking for Tsunade. He accidently embarrasses Hinata by getting too close to her, and she faints. Again. After she awakens, Naruto begins to bug Tsunade about giving him another chance to find Sasuke. Hinata sympathizes with him, offering to help however she can. Shino states that there is a beetle called the Bikochu that could track his scent. Tsunade agrees, and puts Shino in charge and adds Naruto as their fourth man. However, Naruto is used to leading his squad, so he constantly battles Shino for control. Shino, with his creepy dimeanor, wins. They go along for a while, until Shino declares that they make camp. After everyone is asleep, Hinata sneaks out to the near by lake and begins practicing her new jutsu. Naruto, who had to pee, sees her, thought he doesn't know who she is, except he describes her to Kiba later as, "very beautiful." Anyway, they find the habitat of the Bikochu, however, three other shinobi are after it as well.
  • This episode was an awesome filler!

    Even if this episode didn't have any action, it doesn't matter. It was plain out amazing!!! The humour was awesome! The whole Shino creeping Naruto out thing was funny, and I just loved it when Hinata fainted when Naruto's face was that close to her! Yay Hinata and Naruto! Also, when Naruto called Hinata beautiful even when he didn't know it was her(sigh, Naruto can be so dense sometimes). Loving them! It was mean of Hinata's dad to say "Try not to get into everyone's way" to her like that, Hiashi must really favor Neji. At least Neji is softening up to Hinata a bit. Hinata rules! Go Hinata!
  • This is one of my all time favorite episodes!!

    This is one of my all time favorite episodes!! This is exactly why I love watching Naruto! The episode started off great with Naruto getting super close to Hinata's face! That was soo funny!! Then when she fainted and Shino and Kiba tryed to catch her but they dropped her. That was super funny!! I love this episode because it shows how much Hinata wants to prove herself to her father, and Naruto. It shows how hard she has been training. Another thing I liked was how after Hinata's father told her not to get in everyone's way, (which was mean, poor Hinata!) Hinata turns a corner and is about to run into neji but then she quickly spins and dodges him! I like how Neji is alot nicer to Hinata and how he is starting to like the Main branch a bit more. And I love how Naruto called Hinata beautiful, even if by mistake!
  • Funny episode.

    Well once again the gang heads off to catch a couple of bugs. But this time its Shino the leader. This was a really funny episode. Hinata passed out just seeing Naruto. And i never knew Naruto was a perv. I believe Hinata should just spill the beans about her loving Naruto. I hope they'll end up together in the future.
  • My favorite episode ever!

    This episode is about Naruto and team 8 looking for a bug that can find sasuke. Funny when Hinata headbutts Naruto in the head. It got even better when Hinata sneaks out and at night to go to a waterfall. Than Naruto goes out to pee and sees Hinata naked but he doesn't know that it is Hinata. Then the next morning Naruto is talking about that he saw a ultra pretty girl in the waterfall. And you see a face of shock on Hinata's face. It gets even better when Naruto eats that fruit that can get to the size of a human and he comes out of the bushes and his pants fall off. Then Hinata has a face of shock.
    Best episode of Naruto ever.
    Peace out.
  • An amazingly funny episode.

    This episode was absolutely funny from the start when Hinata completely blasts Naruto and faints. Hinata acts so funny in this episode. Also I was very interested to continue the episode because some of the episodes just don't seem to make me interested. Some episodes don't get my interest because they dont have anything interesting. Or no fighting I guess. One other funny part was when Naruto had to pee. Then he went to the water and he saw a figure going "WOAH!" ~ Naruto. A great episode sort of strange in parts but great all in all. Oh, Naruto's sleeping cap rules.
  • this is a very funny episode..

    this episode was super-funny - especially when hinata knocked naruto out and then faints - also this episode shows more of hinatas feelings toward naruto and their relationship evolves
    also a very entertaining episode for a filler.

    it begins with naruto trying to get tsunade to agree to let him look for sasuke. hinata wonders if she can help somehow an d shino tells her about the legendary bikouchoo bug which can smell up people. they tell Tsunade and she agrees with them to go on a mission to find the bug and taken naruto with them. then the journey start. naruto wakes up one night in the tent and goes by the waterfall and sees a girl dancing naked (wich is hinata but he doesnt know that). then the next morning he tells to the gang thatb he saw a beautiful girl by the waterfall last night and hinata starts to laugh and blushes. then they finally arrive at the bug place but they are being watched..