Season 1 Episode 30

The Sharingan Revived: Dragon Flame Jutsu!

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Apr 22, 2006 on TV Tokyo

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  • Things take a turn for the worse for our heroes.

    Naruto has been knocked out and now Sasuke must face Orochimaru himself. Sasuke finds the courage to fight and activates his sharingan. He begins his attack and puts Orochimaru on the defensive. Sasuke is able to grab Orochimaru at one point and drive him headfirst into a large branch, but it wasn't really Orochimaru. He used a substitution jutsu and now attacks Sasuke. Sasuke is able to turn the tables and traps Orochimaru and uses his Dragon Flame Jutsu against Orochimaru. Sakura thinks he has defeated Orochimaru, but Orochimaru breaks free and gives Sasuke a curse mark. Orochimaru disappears and Sasuke cries out in pain until he passes out....
  • This was very good.

    One of the best episodes ever. A rare gem in the long line up of Naruto episodes that offer nothing but stupid comedy and boring side stories.Excellent camera work. The animation style changed to a more bland and rag doll looking but it was dynamic overall.Its was simplistic, yet entertaining. I truely enjoyed watching it over and over. The episode had a clear focus, which was the struggle between Saskue and Orochimaru,as well as Sasuke's desire to prove himself, and he did just that.It had suspense, intrigue, plot development, a little character development, without any boring recap or prolonged explanation to distract you.If more episodes were made this way I would be glued to the tv forever.
  • Poor Sasuke!!!!!

    Sasuke finally realizes if he's gonna take Itachi down someday, he'll have to take Orochimaru first. Sasuke uses a bunch of fire justu and damages him and melts his face. (Ick!) Oro stop the fight and says he's seen enough and then makes his neck go like a giraffe and stretch out and he bits Sasuke on the neck like some kind of vampire type thingy. Meanwhile, Anko is busy doing Ankoish things and she stops and realizes that the Grass ninja from before was really her former teacher, Orochimaru. ('Bout time!) She runs the forest and finds him. They fight, she loses, and he bites her too. The episode ends with Sasuke and Naruto unconcious and the Sound Trio planning their attack.
  • action packed intensity.

    One of the best episodes ever. A rare gem in the long line up of Naruto episodes that offer nothing but stupid comedy and boring sidestories.Excellent camera work. The animation style changed to a more bland and rag doll looking but it was dynamic overall.Its was simplistic, yet entertaining. I truely enjoyed watching it over and over. The episode had a clear focus, which was the struggle between Saskue and Orochimaru,as well as Saskue's desire to prove himself, and he did just that.It had suspense, intriguie, plot development, a little character development, without any boring recap or prolonged explanation to distract you.If more episodes were made this way I would be glued to the tv forever.
  • Good episode

    Wow, this episode was pretty awesome. That fake grass ninja re defined creepy. I loved the battle scenes they were...Uhhh, interesting and I love it when sasuke fights serious (his my favourite character. Too me it was pretty good character development and they are on their way to reaching their full potential. Having sakura there ,to me was plain useless. She didnt say anything during the episode, only sitting there in the corner crying out sasukes name. It was pretty annoying watching her sit there doing nothing. I hope she gets more into the show soon. For now, I hate her =K

    Despite my feelings towards Sakura, I still liked this episode
  • WOOF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    D O N ' T Y O U J U S T T H I N K I T ' S C O O L W H E N O R O C H I M A R U
    I S I N A N E P I S O D E ? I D O
    I T I S T H E C O O L E S T T H I N G
    E V E R . . . I T H I N K T H A T I F Y O U T H I N K O R O C H I M A R U I S W E I R D T H E N Y O U M U S T BE C R A Z Y...... That is it for what i will write about this episode but i think that orochimaru is cool still... Hee... Hee... Hee...
  • Another good episode with some good fight sequences.

    I enjoy watching Sasuke when he is fighting seriously, as it conveys how I believe the ninja should fight without turning into those ridiculous monsters (future episodes) or with ridiculous jutsus.
    The episode is only tarnished by Sakura - she doesn't have to say anything, just the fact the she is there and useless is enough to irritate me.
    It is a good show of power by Naruto and Sasuke who have yet to fully realise their full potential but none the less, battle an unknown enemy with guts and determination and perform exceptionally well considering that the grass ninja is actually orochimarao, one of the most powerful ninjas in the world.
    Good episode. I hate Sakura.
  • A good one

    With Naruto defeated, Sasuke realizes that if he wants to kill his brother, Itachi, he'll have to risk his own life. Sasuke prepares to take on the foe again and give her quite the challenge. The Grass nin end battle, stating he saw enough, and bites Sasuke to implant a cursed seal. Meanwhile, Anko realizes the Grass nin is not who she seems, but actually her former sensei, Orochimaru. Then she gets in a fight with him, but she fails in killing him. The episode ends with the Sound nins planning out their attack on the now defenseless Team 7 with both Naruto and Sasuke down.
  • Sasuke finally has the guts to take on Orochimaru.

    If your following the Cartoon Network series of Naruto then this is one of the best episode around. In this episode Sasuke is fighting Orochimaru. Of course he doesn't know that this guy is one of the legendary Sannin and the chances of him beating the guy is zero. Of course he still fought him and the fighting sequence during the episode was excellent. The sharingan triple windmill attack and the Dragon Flame jutsu was an amazing combination. Even with those attacks Sasuke lost and Orochimaru gave him the curse mark. Then Orochimaru left and this is where we find out that Anko, the second proctor, was once an apprentice of Orochimaru.
  • Good example of action.

    The fight between Sasuke and Orochimaru start. With Naruto out and Sakura being...Sakura, Sasuke has no choice but to fight Orochimaru. We see a small flashback of Sasukes' past. But back to the tight fight between Sasuke and Orochimaru. Sasuke ended up losing but of course he put up a good fight. This was really nothing but a hand to hand fight with only a few jutsus' used. But who cares this was a good episode.
  • Things just can't stop getting better.

    With Sasuke finally getting his will to fight again, he battles Orochimaru, the snake ninja, in a fierce and competitive battle. He gave everything he had, using every slick tactic he had, and exhausting most of his battling options, but despite valiant efforst, Orochimaru remained standing. He then extended his neck all the way to reach Sasuke, and bit him on the neck like a vampire. Then, a seal was formed at the back of his neck, which caused him great pain. That night, Anko appeared, and reveals that she was a former subordinate to Orochimaru, and always regretted working for him. She tries killing him, but Orochimaru was way too skilled. She orders Anbu members to take her to the tower, and report this case to the Hokage. Sakura takes Naruto and Sasuke underneath a tree for shelter, but three sound ninja await to attack at day break.

    Yet another episode with a ton of things to reveal, along with a lot of information. The mysterious behind Orochimaru is making me more anxious to find out who he really is, because he seems to carry extreme importance if Anko, a jounin, couldn't defeat him. Plus, it'll be exciting to find out what role these cursed seals play later on in the story. The fight with Orochimaru and Sasuke in this episode is one of the more underrated fights in the series. It combined eye drooling action, along with strategy. Sasuke did a great job of combining his various attacks to try and defeat Orochimaru, and he came close a couple of times too. The short fight with Anko and Orochimaru was also pretty entertaining. Overall, a wonderful episode containing great action, and great story development.
  • This has got to be the most action packed episode yet!

    Naruto's fox demon is sealed and hes unconcious on a tree leaving Sasuke to fight the grass ninja. I have to say, Sasuke is incredibly powerful when he used the sharingan at its full power. Sasuke uses all of his fire style jutsu's and then he gets even more creative. Sasuke uses a Sharingan Triple Windmill attack to tie the ninja to a tree, then he used his most powerful jutsu yet, Dragon Flame Jutsu. After beating the
    grass ninja she reveals herself to be a man named Orochimaru, a ninja from the Hidden Sound Village. Orochimaru bites Sasuke and marks him with a strange mark. There is so much action in this episode that it makes up for a whole season of dissapointment.
  • Well

    This was another great episode to the series. The animation was great and everything from the fighting and what is said by everyone fits together to make this episode perfect. I think that Sasuke could have done better but he is just a kid still. Him using the Sharigan at its full strenght made the episode great. It really sucks that the mark thatwas put on Anko was put on Sasuke to but what really sucked is that Anko went through all that trouble to find the Orchimaru and try and kill but did not succeed. Well thats what makes this series so great the thing that makes you keep watching it.
  • Sasuke finally uses his sharingan at his full strength! He's fighting pretty well but eventually Orochimaru stuns him then bites him. Orochimaru sinks into the ground then comes up in front of a big tree. He then locks himself into a tree. Anko comes and

    Sasuke fought really well against Orochimaru, the strongest person he's fought yet. It was probably his best fight yet. The part where Sakura was :cry:ing "I don't know what to do!!!!!!!" was really unnessessary and boring. The fight with Anko and Orochimaro was also really awesome. Too bad twin snake sacrifice didn't work, it would've killed Orochimaru and put an end to his evil curse seals. Those parts were probably the only good parts of the episode. I wish there was more in that episode :cry:. When Sasuke was battling Orochimaru it was kind of stupid that he shouted "I can see" as if he was blind before. :roll:
  • Sasuke gets focused again and starts fighting the snake guy again and right when he thinks that he\'s almost killed him he finds out that he\'s mistaken. He gets a curse placed on him by the snake guy and the pain is to much for him to handle and passesou

    I love this episode there\'s alot of fighting and a really cool jitsu that sasuke uses called the dragon flame jutsu that is one of the coolest techniques i have ever seen and i seriously can\'t wait for next weeks because this serious is the best i\'ve seen in a while besides some of my other favorites you figure more out about the person giving the test which is good because i like to know about the backgrounds of the different characters so for me this was a good episode because it wasn\'t all about one person it was about many and i can\'t wait to see the other episodes with Gaara, Hinata, and others in them.
  • Why?

    Ok what the heck just happened? Why did they change the animation style in the begining of the episode? It totally clashes with the rest of the show and I really don't think it was done for artistic reasons either. That would imply that they were trying to improve on the art and taking a step back at least in my opinion is not artistic. The show did not need to switch to less detailed character designs for fast action movement as the previous style managed it quite well. Did they change animation studios? I hope that this is the case and I hope that they're not used often as I think they have failed the show.

    Now for the rest of the episode it was rather lacking much like the rest of the show but not having Naruto do anything was pretty lame other than that the backstory for one of the other ninjas (the name escapes me and I don\\\'t feel like looking it up) was cool but I hope it\\\'s explored more in future episodes.

    I hope I don't have to see that animation style switch anytime soon. It's simply horrendous.
  • sasuke fights against orochimaru and risks his life because if he cant fight him then he cant fight his brother.He gets bitten and marked by Orochimaru.

    In this episode we find out that the proctor used to be orochimaru's apprentice and she also has the mark that sasuke got. This episode was so cool because it showed sasuke's awesome skills and if he wants to fight his brother one day he has to kill orochimaru. in this episode Naruto doesnt talk at all because he was still unconscious from last time.Loved this episode.
  • With Naruto out of comission Sasuke steps up to face the oppenent and puts agood fight up until he is knocked out, but the fough leaves! So Sakura is left to help Nauto & Sasuke.

    This was an awesome episode Sasuke has awesome skils. he like really got into the fight. I am very curious about sasuke's brother. I wounder what the story between the two of them is. I can't wait for the next episode because they really leave you in suspense at the end of the episodes.

    I give this episode a 5/5 (*****/*****)It was really awesome.
  • We actually learn most about Anko and Orochimaru in this episode, instead of Team 7.

    I was very impressed by this episode, but a little dissopointed at the storyline. I expected this episode to be mostly about Sasuke and Sakura, and it did have a little of them, but mostly it was about Anko and Orochimaru. I\'m very surprised at how Cartoon Network is rating the past few episodes. Anko\'s outfit alone seems almost enough to take it to teen for sexual content, maybe even a higher rating. The censorship is actually flawed, you can actually hear Sakura swear when she\'s crying, though it\'s only a very soft \"Oh, dammit!\", obviously attempted to be covered up by loud music. Sorry guys, it didn\'t work! That would leave it at teen for sexual content and language, which would have it on Adult Swim from now on. Orochimaru didn\'t look half bad in this episode, especially now that he\'s no longer disguising himself as that grass village girl. When I learned that Anko was Orochimaru\'s apprentice, I must say that I was absoulutely speechless. I kept asking myself, \"Why Anko?\" Why would any boy would want a girl like Anko as an apprentice, which also makes me wonder what exactly went one before we met Anko... The fact that Orochimaru tucks a lock of hair behind her ear before he leaves also suggests a little bit. But enough about them, let\'s move on to Sasuke and Sakura. I was extremely happy with their storyline. Naruto is out of the way, and Sasuke (literally) has nobody else to fall on but Sakura. The scene where Sakura is holding Sasuke against her chest is seriously sweet, it made me smile despite the sadness of Sasuke close to dying. I didn\'t like how Sakura was \'playing the mother\', or tending to Naruto and Sasuke as if they were her children. I completely hated the scene where Sakura lays a hand on Sasuke\'s head and says his exact temperature, it makes the female characters look as though they\'re only there to care for the injured ninjas instead of fight, which is exactly why I\'m so anxiously awaiting the episode Sakura Blossoms!, though the next episode does seem pretty good. All in all, a pretty good episode.
  • Sasuke tried his hardest what more can we expect? Another Anime King review.

    We can\\\'t say anything about Sasuke. My nigg* Sasuke tried his hardest. He would have killed that dude if it wasn\\\'t for that extra skin. That is harsh for Sasuke, for his whole life people will be after him just because, just because, he is a Uchiha and has the Sharingan. Just like Kakashi and Zabuza. Anime King out.
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