Season 8 Episode 5

The Star's Radiance

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Jul 26, 2008 on TV Tokyo

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  • Sucky ending to a sucky filler.

    Another sucky Naruto filler arc ends, and like the entire arc, the ending sucked. First half was spent on the Hoshigakure losing trust in his own people, which was pretty poorly executed. The whole thing felt forced in order to move the story forward. Why wouldn't you try to hide your intentions? Well it was just dumb. And then the whole with him turning into some monster after fusing with the star, your typical "final boss" type of battle. They usually turn into disgusting tentacle monsters or angelic beings. The way it ended wasn't entirely bad, and the only reason why this episode isn't any lower than a 3.
  • Sumaru goes all Norman Bates on us...

    Wow, for a few minutes I thought Sumaru was gonna go all Norman Bates on us... In case you haven't seen the movie "Psycho", Norman Bates was this creepy guy who couldn't go on without his mother after she died, so he had her taxidermied and he carried her around the house with him. And apparently her spirit posessed him, or he thought it did, and he killed people, hence the name "Psycho". Well anyway, Sumaru finds out that Natsuhi has died, and swears revenge on Akahoshi. It's all a very messy process. Everyone in the village but Hokato and Mizura (who IS voiced by Brian Beacock, the guy who plays Takato in Digimon Tamers! I thought they sounded alike!). And of course the Leaf Ninja hang around too. But after a while everyone sees what a butthead Akahoshi is, and sides with Sumaru and the others. Then Natsuhi's spirit comes to assist everyone in tking Akahoshi down, and they do and he is sentenced to jail. Good gravey, I've heard Natsuhi sing that Natsuhiboshi (Summer Star) song so many times I have the first part of it memorized! XD Well then the Leaf Ninja go home and all is well.
  • The Hidden Star Village finds out how ambitious Akahoshi is.

    Akahoshi and his henchmen have mortally wounded Natsuhi and Sumaru has gone to find her. He enters the star training building and find his mother dead. Akahoshi has gathered the village outside the building and orders the archers to fire arrows with paper bombs attached. They destroy the building and Naruto, Neji, Lee, Tenten, and Hokuto watch. Hokuto jumps out and demands that the village stop the star training. Mizura shows up and shows the effects of the star training. The villagers realize that Akahoshi is a mad man and stand with the children against him. Akahoshi then takes the star and...
  • a good ending to an ok arc (spoilers ahead!)

    In this episode Naruto is basically just plotting with Rock Lee to get revenge on Akahoshi but every time Neji acts retarted and is like "no it's against the mission blah blah blah" well i say BS 2 Neji... Akahoshi is freakin killing everyone (which includes Neji) but he still refuses.

    In the end Natushi becomes some spirit thing and helps Naruto and his rasengan explodes the freakin star, and in the end the mission was worthless because Akahoshi got hurt and he hired them, and now Naruto and Sumaru have some little rivalry 4 being hokage/ hoshikage...(^_^) bye everybody!!!!!!!!!!! =]
  • End of filler arc.

    This episode is the end of the Hidden Star Village filler arc. It was very, very emotional. At parts it was slightly unclear (example, what did Natsuhi use to protect Sumaru and give Naruto strength? That could have been explained.) But still, the emotion from the episode was enough. I now think that Konoha has the best medical corps, cuz if they were able to heal someone that was destined to die and had an arrow in his back, then ok then. So it was a superb episode, score is for the entire filler arc itself. So end of the review.
  • End of this filler arc

    Akahoshi is one crazy person. He fused with the star by putting it into his chest. Out of the Naruto series so far he is the worst villian strength wise. Naruto's rasegan cut throw his blast like butter. Glad to see that all the victims of Akahoshi plans are ok.
  • This was truely one of the most emotional episodes of the filler arc.

    This was truely one of the most emotional episodes of the filler arc. The conclusion to the bird country arc. Even in death Natsushi continues to protect Sumaru and help to bring down the star once and for all. This truely was a great episode to watch and I found myself watching it over and over.
  • The epsidoe was horrible, which is the theme for now.

    I say at this moment stop wacthing the fillers they are a waste of time. The writers are getting major writers block and the story itself is going in a circle. It had horrible animation, ending was easy to figure out and they don't even succeed to make it worst. What also had made it worst was that in the end no one actually cared about what happened. I say if your going to put a couple of episodes into this to build up the action i ecpect something to happen. This filler like others is becoming unorginal where there is story line to say the least and the three man cell system doesn't exsit.
  • A summary about this episode is just not worth watching. Why would suddenly a lot of unknown ninja village exists?

    Another filler episode. I think a season is more than enough. Two seasons filler is just too much. It makes the original naruto story become weaker and weaker. The reason is that originally, anime and manga should have the same story. Some episodes outside the manga, which is classified as the filler episodes, will be sort of a buffer. However, too much of it, audiences will be lossing their senses about what naruto is all about. I even forgot why is the story became like this. What was the previous story? In the manga, after naruto went into the hospital, there was Kakashi\\\'s side story, which is sort of a manga filler. Then, Naruto came back as a grown up teenager. So, at least if the anime want to make a filler, they should just make filler about Naruto\\\'s training, which was unavailable in the manga. At least that filler would strengthen the storyline, not weaken it just like these fillers.
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