Season 9 Episode 5

The Supposed Sealed Ability

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Unknown on TV Tokyo

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  • The final episode of the Yakumo Arc... but unfortunately not the end of the infamous fillers. This episode, after Unkai reveals the truth about Yakumo, centres at a more deeper flashback of what Yakumo's past involved.

    For the episode classification, I would've selected "Predictable" but it wasn't available.

    The Naruto fillers has been going on for so long and are in a dangerous need of a good plot. This "Yakumo Arc" wasn't the band-aid for the wounded reputation of the Naruto fillers.

    I personally found not only this episode, but the entire arc predictable, tiring and cliche. Unfortunately, for spoiling purposes, I cannot mention what is cliched and what I found predictable. Of course, this episode was better than some other fillers, but it's nothing compared to some of the better filler arcs such as the Raiga Arc and Gennou Arc.

    I literally started seeing red. My eyes were bleeding!

    Let's hope that the next episode/arc is better. Or even better, Part II Naruto or Kakashi Gaiden come on air soon!
  • i love this show but i did not under stand the ending ...

    i love naruto and all but i did not understand this episode i understood the orther episodes but this can of got me off i never gave this show never lower then an 8 but i really did not under stand it mabey i just did not get the ending i dont know mabey its one those episodes were you dont get it every show has one of those episode rumor had it season 9 was bad i did not belive it but i guess it is just this story well we hope it will get better over all naruto rocks
  • Hmm...Every Sensei has a story..

    I knew that something in that dark nature had to be shown for Kurenai sensei because very one of the elder (and some young ones) have some sort of deep past. Kurenai-sensai was always this dark and quiet person so i figured that it was something hard like that. You know what i found interesting? I had no idea that Kiba, Shino and Hinata were so close to her. I mean yeah, i suppose every student gets close to their senseis but..heh. I hope that they explain more in depth about Kakashi, Tsunade-sama, Gai and Jiraya. They are my favorite! especially Gai-sensei (i can't look at him without laughing for some reason).
  • Wow...that was the best of Kurenai's past. I had no idea wat kinda of monster was hidden within Yakumo.

    This was a great ending to this sort or episode of Kurenai's past. I can't believe that this was the ending. I wasn't really surprised by how they ended, because it was sorta of a short one. Yakumo killing that beast within her took like 10 seconds, so yea. I have to admit that this episode was pretty good though. At the very end where they showed Naruto touching his stomach and the flashbacks, I felt like crying. It was extremely touching. Now I regret saying wat I said in Kurenai's Decision, Team 8 Left Behind.
  • Ending this filler is another good conclusion.

    This concluding episode had a lot of questions to answer, but that problem was quite easily solved here. This part did not leave many questions unanswered, and has yet another turn of events.

    Only one piece of information was given during this saga that could be vital to the future of Naruto: If you become unconscious, then you are invulnerable to any form of Genjutsu! Naruto cleverly used this information to get to Yakumo in his own funny style, and he might use it again. Only time can tell here.

    This saga is meant to reveal more statistics and personalities behind Kiba, Shino's, and Hinata's group, as well as Kurunai's personality. This saga also helped out with explaining what's going on with Sakura and her training.
  • a good ending to a suprisingly good filler arc

    At first i thought this would be like all the other fillers... a boring waste of time that i only wath because i'm obsessed with naruto but this was actually good and the plotline was great...finally kurenai gets a big part, usually she barely even talks plus i thought that the idea of painting the genjutsu was pretty cool ^_^, but what's up with all of the new demons lately... it's supposed to be a basic Naruto and Garra having demons only but now almost everybody has 1... wuts up with that? well anyways besisdes that i think this arc rocked even though it was filler bye!
  • As Yakumo's Genjutsu continues to take over, what will become of everyone in the end of this filler arc?

    Just as Kiba is engulfed in flames, Naruto hurries over to put the illusionary fire out. Meanwhile, Yakumo still has Kurenai trapped in her Genjutsu, and threatens to kill her if she doesn't tell the truth about what really happened to her parents, as well as what the Third Hokage ordered Kurenai to do. Using Shadow Clones to beat himself up so he doesn't feel the effects of the illusion, Naruto charges into the flames to the alternate dimension where Kurenai and Yakumo are. Back outside, Kiba rushes over to where Sakura, Gai and Unkai are, and explains what's going on inside.

    Unkai then decides to tell Sakura, Gai and Kiba what really happened, and tells the story of how the real reason Yakumo's parents died in the fire, was because of the demon inside of her. Already knowing this story, Naruto tries to explain it to Yakumo herself, but Kurenai doesn't want that to happen. Though it's too late; the memories of what really happened that day her parents were killed bubbles up to the surface of Yakumo's mind. She comes to the conclusion that it was herself that killed her parents, despite Kurenai's cries that it wasn't. Not able to bare it, Yakumo attempts suicide, thrusting her blade towards her heart... But is stopped by something in the painting in front of her. The something begins to emerge, filled with hate... the something that is the demon called "Id".

    What exactly is this horrible demon? And what will become of Naruto, Kurenai, Yakumo, and everyone else? You'll have to watch this suspenseful conclusion to the Yakumo Arc to find out!

    An excellent ending to this filler arc, and it was really great to see more screen time for Kurenai. Yakumo was definitely an interesting filler character, too. Next Time: The Weight of the Prized Artifact!
  • Ending.

    This episode was the ending to a good filler arc about Kurenai. It's good we get to see more about her. Poor Yakumo, it was obvious what was going on the whole time though. Yay Kurenai is back to team 8. Also, Naruto's Kyuubib is way better than Yakumos, even though her genjutsu throughout this entire filler arc was really good and stuff. Also Kurenai is an amazing genjutsu user, just wanted to say lol. So anyway yeah everything is good blah blah blah. This was a pretty good filler arc. I thought people said it was bad, but it was good.
  • The Yakumo Arc concludes

    OK, I realize that this review is extremely late. I apologize. I was sure I already reviewed this episode and was coming in to review the next one and realized that I still hadn't done this one yet. Anyway, I will try to recall what I can. OK, so Yakumo's got Kurenai trapped in this genjutsu thing that slowly erases her body. Naruto shows up and tries to convince Yakumo that the fact that her genjutsu is sealed away isn't Kurenai's fault. Well, it is, but it was for Yakumo's own fault. She apparently has this hideous beast within her and it feeds on her brain cells. O_o Anywho, Kurenai and Naruto end up killing the monster and saving Yakumo. YAY! Da end.
  • Naruto and Kurenai are trapped in Yakumo's genjutsu.

    Naruto is trapped in Yakumo's genjutsu with Kurenai. Yakumo starts to remember something from her past and Kurenai tells her not to do it. Yakumo can't help herself and thinks back to when she was talking to her parents about her difficulties in her training. They tell her that she should give up and she gets upset. As she loses control of her emotions, a monster appears from her subconscious. It is called the Id Monster and it kills her parents. She snaps back to reality and thinks the only way to stop this monster is to kill herself. As she is starting to do so a hand reaches out from her painting....