Season 9 Episode 5

The Supposed Sealed Ability

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Unknown on TV Tokyo

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  • The final episode of the Yakumo Arc... but unfortunately not the end of the infamous fillers. This episode, after Unkai reveals the truth about Yakumo, centres at a more deeper flashback of what Yakumo's past involved.

    For the episode classification, I would've selected "Predictable" but it wasn't available.

    The Naruto fillers has been going on for so long and are in a dangerous need of a good plot. This "Yakumo Arc" wasn't the band-aid for the wounded reputation of the Naruto fillers.

    I personally found not only this episode, but the entire arc predictable, tiring and cliche. Unfortunately, for spoiling purposes, I cannot mention what is cliched and what I found predictable. Of course, this episode was better than some other fillers, but it's nothing compared to some of the better filler arcs such as the Raiga Arc and Gennou Arc.

    I literally started seeing red. My eyes were bleeding!

    Let's hope that the next episode/arc is better. Or even better, Part II Naruto or Kakashi Gaiden come on air soon!
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