Season 9 Episode 5

The Supposed Sealed Ability

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Unknown on TV Tokyo



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    • (Gets knocked back by the Id Monster and gets up)
      Naruto: I may not know what the heck you are, but Kiba, Shino, and Hinata are out there and I'm makin' sure they get their sensei back!

    • (Hinata is using her Byakugan and is thrown back against the wall)
      Shino: What is it?
      Hinata: I felt something strange in there. I don't know, but it somehow felt different than it did before.
      (Shino's bugs return to him)
      Shino: Hmm, my insects are acting strange.
      (Kiba and Sakura rush in)
      Kiba: Whats going on in the other room? Have you heard anything yet? Are they okay? (Akamaru gets upset and barks)
      Hinata: Oh no! I'm sensing something new forming on the other side! An incredibly powerful chakra!
      Sakura: (Thinking worriedly) Naruto.

    • Yakumo: I remember now.
      Naruto: (Struggling to break free) Yakumo.
      Yakumo: It was... It was me. The thing inside me destroyed my mother and father that day. My own hidden genjutsu killed my parents!
      Kurenai: You're wrong, Yakumo! That thing wasn't you! You and that monster are two different beings!
      Yakumo: I wish you were right, but the truth is that thing lives inside my heart. (Picks up her tool) Thank you, sensei, for everything you tried. (Intends to use the tool to end her life) Farewell, sensei.
      Naruto: Don't do it!
      Kurenai: No! Stop!
      (Yakumo starts to stab herself but a hand appears from the painting and grabs her arm, stopping her)

    • Naruto: Old man Unkai told me everything about what happened between you and Kurenai-sensei. He told me that...
      Kurenai: Stop it, Naruto!
      Naruto: No! I'm sayin' it. Sure, Kurenai-sensei sealed your powers, but only because she cared about you and wanted to protect you.
      Yakumo: What are you talking about?
      Naruto: You think you're the only one that's been suffering? Knowing your secret and not being able to tell the truth all this time, Kurenai-sensei suffered just as much as you.
      Kurenai: Please Naruto...
      Yakumo: What do you mean by "the truth"?

    • Kurenai: (Referring to the demon called "Id") This ghastly specter; it's more powerful than it was back then. Even so, I'd die before I let that thing get loose in our village!
      Naruto: (Thinking) She'd die?! Wait, so that's why she quit Squad 8; this mission is more important than anything!
      Id: I absorb all your pain into my body. And now I'll settle the score for good...

    • Gai: I knew that Kurenai had decided to seal Yakumo's powers, but this is the first I've heard about the danger the girl's subconscious caused.
      Unkai: (Nods) Yes, when the Third Hokage died, so did the secret. At this point, only Kurenai and the Kurama Clan know the whole story.
      Sakura: Kurenai-sensei risked everything to keep it a secret, even her reputation.
      Kiba: (Making a fist) We've gotta go rescue her!
      (Akamaru barks)

    • Shino: None of us, including Akamaru, is safe from Yakumo's Genjutsu. Her power attacks complex nervous systems, anything with a cerebrum.

    • Sarutobi: There are only two ways to stop the demon inside Yakumo. Either teach her to control it, or seal her powers away.

      ~Japanese version

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