Season 7 Episode 10

The Tactician's Intent

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM May 03, 2008 on TV Tokyo

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  • Some good mystery mixed in with some decent fighting.

    The story is pretty interesting so far and it's at least good to know that mystery is involved. It's still keeping us guessing who the culprit is and the real identity of the real cursed ghost warrior. Although a suspect was arrested, nothing is set in stone yet. The only thing I didn't really like about the episode though is Sagi. It seems that this anime just loves to take exaggerated character behaviours and make it the central theme of an episode. Not that Sagi's situation isn't realistic, but it's also portrayed pretty weakly. Other than that, some decent action scenes and fights.
  • And the plot thickens!

    After their first run in with Noroimusha our heroes go to Mousou's house to find out more information. They suspect that Koumei is behind the ghost's appearances because he would gain the most if lord Sagi was not in power since he is the village strategist. Neji decides that they must talk to lord Sagi. After foiling an assassination attempt, they talk to Sagi. They decide that they need to shadow Koumei and gather evidence that he is behind the ghost and the assassination attempt. They follow him to the building where they last fought the ghost. He appears again, but there is something different this time......
  • I have my doubts...

    OK, so Naruto, Tenten, and Neji has been sent of to capture a ghost in the Land of Birds on Tsunade's orders. They assume it's just some guy in a costume, but when they fight him, nobody is inside. The guy who escorted them takes them to see the feudal lord, and the lord gets attacked by random ninja. Naruto and crew save him, but the lord bad mouths them and says they don't need any shinobi around. Um....................................................... The gang suspects some guy named Koumei or something of being behind the ghost, and they go to investigate him only to find him having an encounter with the ghost himself. Neji uses his Byakugan and senses that there is actually someone inside the armor this time, and Naruto, not thinking, as usual, attacks it. Koumei flees, and with the help of Neji and Tenten, Naruto defeats the ghost. And then some kind of gross green slime oozes out from it. EW! One thing leads to another, and the townspeople decide that Koumei is the one behind the ghost attacks, and arrest him. However, Neji is certain that there are not one, but two ghosts. How will they handle this one?
  • The cursed warrior

    Naruto, Tenten and Neji continue learning about the cursed warrior. While they wait by the lake to find Sagi, assasins come out of the water, and everyone tries to protect lord sagi and he comes out unscathed. Sagi looks at the shuriken and informs Naruto that this type of shuriken is used by someone who trains the gaurdians of the land of birds. Naruto and friends follow the trainer and the trainer goes into the shack and the cursed warrior comes out of the shack. the trainer escapes then naruto, neji and tenten fight the cursed warrior. after the battle, they find that no one was in the warriors costume. left off at a cliffhanger. very good episode. plz try my website slash not in words)6tacky
  • The mystery of the cursed warrior continues...

    Naruto, Neji, and Tenten are introduced to Fedual Lord Sagi, who doesn't seem to really want their help in the whole Cursed Warrior scenario. The threesome then confirms that Koumei is their man, and that he is the one controlling the Cursed Warrior. However, it seems that the bodyguards he trained seem to have been given orders by someone else to kill Lord Sagi. After the attacking in the morning, the threesome go out and investigate. They see Koumei, and another Cursed Warrior, which Neji confirms that someone is inside of the armor this time (making things a little bit more difficult), however, after defeating him, they soon see that the armor was once again empty. Kouemi decides to turn himself in, and mission over right? Wrong? Neji now suspects more people involved in this scheme. And so the mystery continues.... A 10 out of 10.
  • A little more info on this ghost.

    In this episode we find a little more information about the ghost. I found it the same as last episode, where the beggining and middle have a lot of talking and investigating as such, and in the end we have a nice brawl. I liked this episode a little better though, cuz the fight was nicer. The end gave off a nice cliff hanger aura, with the whole "The ghosts were two different ones" or something like that. Even though this is random, I would like to say that I was shocked that when Tenten said that that Sagi guy was hott that Neji didn't like get jealous. ( laughs at self ). So it was a great episode.
  • Filler. Naruto and gang do a little more research.

    These filler episode's are really getting on to me. Basically there was an assination attepmt on the Feudal lord and it all points to Kouhmei. He was also seen at his store house with the spirit, which in the end turned out to be empty. But the weird part was that he did not cause any trouble are arguing when he was captured.
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