Season 9 Episode 14

The Targeted Shukaku

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Unknown on TV Tokyo
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The Targeted Shukaku
A Sand shinobi, Matsuri, has been abducted by a mysterious ninja. In order to bring them bring back, Gaara must accept the mystery ninja's challenge. Can Naruto prevent this challenge ending in catastrophe?

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  • Perfect im love it

    Love the episode
  • Konoha 11 minus Tenten are off to return a favor!

    Here we are with the last Arc of the series, and what better way to end things than to have a big fiesta mission starring Gaara and the Sand!? We get to see Gaara, Kankuro and Temari start training the next generation of ninja and we get to see an important point to this, Matsuri whom has chosen Gaara to be her sensei, Gaara seems to be happy that he got chosen and tries to teach her the way of the rope dart.

    This Arc starts off with a mystery in the Land of Artisans, with Kakashi investigating something. Then we have four guys who are after something in the Sand Village. These guys have something interesting about them. Why are they after Him? Who are they working for? These questions will be answered next time or not at all.

    I liked also how the animation and quality of this episode was pretty good starting from the lighting and technique of the first scene. Looks like they're getting their good men for the last Arc!moreless
  • The Sand Village begins training new shinobi, and Gaara's single student is kidnapped by enemy shinobi in order to draw him out of the village. The Sand Village requests Konoha's aid, and Shikamaru leads a team to "return the favor."moreless

    I'm really not a big fan of filler episodes. It's annoying when the next DVD finally is released only to be full of waste-of-time filler. While I do realize that some filler episodes can be genuinely funny or meaningful, they are few and far between and this episode is no exception to the norm. If you're a big fan of the sand sibs, you'll probably enjoy seeing them in action again, but otherwise, I wouldn't bother. I personally think it's a little contrived to have Gaara opening up and being sociable with a student. Even though he's not trying to kill everyone anymore, I still think that it's a little out of character. Overall, it's just another filler and don't expect anything exciting.moreless
  • Thought for a moment this was shippuden and the two Akutsuki dudes were going to kidnap gaara

    This was one of the most dissapointing episodes its a filler and it has gaara but nothing happened this episode sucked ballz and at first I had Thought for a moment this was shippuden and the two Akutsuki dudes were going to kidnap gaara guess I was wrong anyway thats all folks.

    p.s. All fillers suck this episode sucked this season sucked all fillers suck
  • They return the favor. Nice episode? xD

    So yeah. Again. i'm just writing reviews to raise up my level. This is not my first account. Hmm... this episode is also a filler but ALSO one of my favorites. Again. Only because that the episode has the sand shinobi in it. At episode 125, the sand siblings save Shikamaru, Kiba, and Lee. This time, they return the favor. This episode isn't my favorite - est one but yeah. I think 217 or 218 is my favorite one. xD. And also... no more things to say so then yeah.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • When Naruto's jumping across the rooftops, he jumps past a post that appears to have a stoplight attached to it. Odd, considering the fact that cars don't exist in the Naruto universe.

  • QUOTES (5)

    • Shikamaru: That hard-ass lady's really a teacher?!

      ~Japanese version

    • Boy: You've angered Gaara. I don't think I want to know you anymore.

      ~Japanese version

    • Matsuri: Um... Please?
      Gaara: You're alright with me?
      Matsuri: Please.
      (Gaara walks over to Matsuri)
      Gaara: Your name?
      Matsuri: It's Matsuri.
      Gaara: Matsuri. Pick a weapon.

      ~Japanese version

    • (Naruto's getting pumped up for their next mission)
      Naruto: All right! Everyone, let's go pay back that debt from whenever!
      Kiba: You're not the leader! (Akamaru barks)

      ~Japanese version

    • Kiba: It really is strange that the only ninja here with abilities to find the enemy are myself and Akamaru.
      Rock Lee: Does that mean this team is a really amazing super attack type team?
      Shikamaru: Yes. I'm calling it "Team Return a Favor".
      (Everyone gets a disappointed look on their face)
      Naruto: What a lame name...

      ~Japanese version

  • NOTES (4)

    • YTV Airdate: November 21, 2009

    • Original Episode Title: The Disappearing Craftsman, The Targeted Shukaku

    • Shikamaru's new team reunites all of the pursuers from the Sasuke Retrieval Arc (Shikamaru, Naruto, Choji, Kiba & Neji), includes the one who came in later (Rock Lee), and also the ones who couldn't join the first time (Shino, Sakura & Hinata). The only genin not included (then and now) is Tenten

    • Suna Village asked for Konoha's help because the enemies are located in the boundry line area between the Fire and Wind countries.