Season 9 Episode 14

The Targeted Shukaku

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Unknown on TV Tokyo

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  • Perfect im love it

    Love the episode
  • Konoha 11 minus Tenten are off to return a favor!

    Here we are with the last Arc of the series, and what better way to end things than to have a big fiesta mission starring Gaara and the Sand!? We get to see Gaara, Kankuro and Temari start training the next generation of ninja and we get to see an important point to this, Matsuri whom has chosen Gaara to be her sensei, Gaara seems to be happy that he got chosen and tries to teach her the way of the rope dart.

    This Arc starts off with a mystery in the Land of Artisans, with Kakashi investigating something. Then we have four guys who are after something in the Sand Village. These guys have something interesting about them. Why are they after Him? Who are they working for? These questions will be answered next time or not at all.

    I liked also how the animation and quality of this episode was pretty good starting from the lighting and technique of the first scene. Looks like they're getting their good men for the last Arc!
  • The Sand Village begins training new shinobi, and Gaara's single student is kidnapped by enemy shinobi in order to draw him out of the village. The Sand Village requests Konoha's aid, and Shikamaru leads a team to "return the favor."

    I'm really not a big fan of filler episodes. It's annoying when the next DVD finally is released only to be full of waste-of-time filler. While I do realize that some filler episodes can be genuinely funny or meaningful, they are few and far between and this episode is no exception to the norm. If you're a big fan of the sand sibs, you'll probably enjoy seeing them in action again, but otherwise, I wouldn't bother. I personally think it's a little contrived to have Gaara opening up and being sociable with a student. Even though he's not trying to kill everyone anymore, I still think that it's a little out of character. Overall, it's just another filler and don't expect anything exciting.
  • Thought for a moment this was shippuden and the two Akutsuki dudes were going to kidnap gaara

    This was one of the most dissapointing episodes its a filler and it has gaara but nothing happened this episode sucked ballz and at first I had Thought for a moment this was shippuden and the two Akutsuki dudes were going to kidnap gaara guess I was wrong anyway thats all folks.

    p.s. All fillers suck this episode sucked this season sucked all fillers suck
  • They return the favor. Nice episode? xD

    So yeah. Again. i'm just writing reviews to raise up my level. This is not my first account. Hmm... this episode is also a filler but ALSO one of my favorites. Again. Only because that the episode has the sand shinobi in it. At episode 125, the sand siblings save Shikamaru, Kiba, and Lee. This time, they return the favor. This episode isn't my favorite - est one but yeah. I think 217 or 218 is my favorite one. xD. And also... no more things to say so then yeah.
  • This episode is okay, I guess.

    I like this episode because you get to see inside the Sand Village's new training program. I hope that Gaara rescues his student in the next couple of episodes. One of the weapons portrayed in this episode is interesting in the way that it is ment to prevent the oponent from attacking. It is meant to immobilize them.
  • Great episode even if it is a filler you need to watch.

    In this episode it showes konoha's allies the sand ninja. Gaara,temeri,and kankoru are teach young students to fight. There is around twenty kids, the kids get to choose who would be their teacher. About half choose temeri the others with kankoru. But there was only one girl, who choose gaara. Her name is Matsuri and her parents were murdered in front of her in a early age. There is a mysterious group of ninja from an un-named village. They snuck into the sand and kidnapped the student. Seeing as she is important to him, by him being her sensei. They kidnapped her trying to draw gaara into their trap, and take his iner-demon.
  • It's good they are now introducing how Garaa and his gang is doing and how they came from bad to good now and how he has changed since he fought Naruto

    It's good they are now introducing how Garaa and his gang is doing and how they came from bad to good now and how he has changed since he fought Naruto. and now Garaa is a teacher thats freaking awsome with his tatics and fighting skills dang the sand village is going to be one tough cookie to beat for the next exams. I thaught this was a good episode showing how Garaa has changed and showing Sakura back on a mission again Dang been too long since she's gone out of that dang village

    Overall: great show not in the filler phase but its still a little off topic
  • Gaara is back!

    In this episode, Gaara and his siblings are giving out lessons about being shinobis to kids. Later four people came and told the Sand Village or Gaara that they want a challenge with him. No matter what they will kidnap villagers if Gaara doesn't respond to their challenge. Back in Konoha, Shikamaru was given a mission to recruit some Genins to help him go help Gaara, who is targeted by the four people. Naruto also joined and can't wait to repay the debt back to Gaara and the others, after they came and help him back in the Sasuke's retrieval arc. Overall, it is gonna be a very interesting series.
  • Finally Gaara and his siblings are back!

    I started to give up on the filler episodes until this one came. For one reason, Gaara is one of my most favorite characters and he wasn't in any of the fillers, so I decided to stop watching them. When I finally heard that there was a filler episode with Gaara and his siblings on it, I wanted to watch it because it's been over 50 episodes since Gaara appeared. So here's my opinion on the episode:

    One of the best filler episodes! Gaara and his siblings are back which makes it great to watch. I still feel bad for Gaara, people still don't like him. The siblings are starting their own school so the students there are assigned a weapon and with any of the siblings. Since the kids there know Gaara is a weapon, they don't choose him and go with Temari and Kankuro. I wanted to cry in that part, because everyone left Gaara alone and I felt bad for him, Gaara himself didn't look happy and looked kind of sad. Until one girl named Matsuri decides to go with him. I won't spoil the rest of this episode but if you're a big fan of Gaara, then this will be a good filler for you.
  • well this episode was good even though some poeple thinks it a filler i on the other hand thinks it an episode not a filler...........

    well this episode was about naruto and everyone eles paying back a flavor to garra from the time the help naruto and everyone eles track down suskae and a group of ninjas want to fight garra and we leave of on them starting the mission oh man it took me forever to see this episode now i hate details they drive me nuts i really dont care about them oh well so that why this review summary is so short i got more stuff to tell you then a dumb summary now the reason i dont think its a filler because it has to do with the story line of naruto and everyone eles helping repay the favor of the suskae thing in season 5 so it has to do with the story line so it is not a filler oh man i cant wait till feb 15 because the new naruto show is coming on and i cant wait it takes place 2 and a hafe years later and only 6 more months till they have to save suskae man its going to be good cant wait now i am not sure if i am going to do reviews for the new naruto show i am not sure oh well over all naruto rules and i cant wait
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