Season 2 Episode 45

The Third Hokage, Forever...

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Mar 24, 2007 on TV Tokyo

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  • The finale of Naruto and Gaara's duel


    is the emotional high point of the episode. Both were so much alike (being shunned for things beyond their control) and both wield powers of gods. In the end, Naruto chose the path of love and compassion, while gaara embraced his hatred. In the final moment, when the two warriors are lying on the ground, wasted, it is Naruto who has the strength to continue fighting. The scene where Naruto explains how he understands Gaara's pain is simply heartbreaking; in the end Naruto truly dodged the bullet thanks to Iruka's help and compassion, and transcended his pain. Gaara never had that compassion and felt hatred. This truly shows just how far Naruto has come from the beginning of the series and it also helps Gaara finally let of his anger and rage. All in all a great episode

  • Emotional

    Orochimaru defeated, Gaara defeated, the sand and sound ninja piling up bodies, the raid turned out to be a failure. A pretty good wrap up to the Konoha invasion arc but I'm really surprised at how emotional the funeral of the Hokage is. A lot of flashbacks were being shown from the entire cast with the Hokage, from Chouji to Sakura, Jiraiya and Iruka, Naruto and Sasuke, etc. The music did a really good job of heightening the effect. It didn't simply stop there as the episode ended with two mysterious figures overlooking the beaten village, one of them having the eyes of the sharingan.
  • The Third Hokage Died...

    It was a very good episode and quiet sad. . . I felt so bad for the Hokages Grandson. It was defiantly one of the more emotionally heavy episodes of the show. A real tear jerker if you're more of the emotional type. The 3rd meant a whole lot to the Hidden leave Village and we see just how much in this episode. It's so sad that the Hokage died, but with a new Hokage comes new adventures. I guess we sorta benefit from his death. The new Hokage brings more action a new-ness to the show. It was over all a pretty good episode.
  • very very sad...

    This was a very sad episode especially when Konohamoru was crying for his grandfather. That was really really sad. I almost started to cry. Also when Naruto was crying because some of the people in the village called him a monster and when the kids at the hidden sand village were yelling at Gaara that was sad too. It was sad when all the ninja were gathered at the funeral for Sarutobi and nobody was crying because ninja arent supposed to show emotion. At the end of the episode we see a cloaked man with the sharingan. One word AWSOME!!! cool
  • Sad episode.

    Naruto has just beaten Gaara. Gaara's chakra is completely drained. Naruto starts to use his shoulders to inch along over to Gaara. Gaara asks Naruto why he is doing it and why he doesn't give up. Naruto tells him that he is doing it for the people he hold dear to him, his friends. Sasuke stops Naruto and tells him that Sakura is safe and he can stop now. Then Temari and Kankuro show up. Gaara tells them not to fight and it's time to go. They leave and as they are heading toward their village, Gaara apologizes to the amazement of Temari and Kankuro.....
  • 3rd Hokage dies and here is his funeral

    here the 3rd Hokage died after his fight with Orochimaru In this episode it has his funeral here there is many information about everyone they finally say or show that kakashi visits obito Uchiha his former teamate it is sorrowfull that the 3rd hokage died but then it starts the search for the 5th hokage which will soon be Tsunade a sanin such as jiraiya and orochimaru here iruka tells naruto "When a person dies, he disappears...along with his past, current lifestyle, and his future. Many people die in missions and wars. They die easily and in surprisingly simple ways. Hayate was one of them. Those who die have goals and dreams, but everyone has something as important as those. Parents, siblings, friends, lovers...people who are important to you. They trust and help each other. The bond between the people important to you ever since birth. And the sting that binds them becomes thicker and stronger as time goes by. It's beyond reason. Those bound to you by that string will do that...because it's important"
  • The Third Hokage Passes Away -.-

    The third hokage has risked his life for his village. He says that the only way to be hokage is to put your life on the line and risk everything for the benifit of your village.Hokage was born with courage and died with it. We will always remember him. This was a great episode. the absolutely best episode of naruto and it was also the saddest episode in naruto. The third Hokage was a great guy and his spirit wall always live on in the hidden leaf village. I admit that it was so sad that i had started to cry and i was yelling at the T.V." why did it have to be the hokage?" It was a very touching episode and i am always going to remember this episode until the end of my life. I think that the person who wrote this episode should get an animation gramy. This episode was probably the best in the whole series of naruto. i wonder who is going to be the next hokage?
  • So sad...

    Ahh, such a sad, sad episode. Gaara and Naruto's fight is officially over. The war is coming to an end. And the third Hokage died. It really got me depressed while everyone was paying their respects to Sarutobi. He was a very devoted man and I'm glad they honored him like they did. I wonder who the next Hokage will be. Kakashi really acted different. I guess they all kinda felt helpless, especially those who were right there but couldn't help due to the barrier. I hope they take Orochimaru down! I can't stand him, but hey, someone has to play the villain.
  • The third is put to rest. Really not something I expected or wanted.

    The third hokage has died and everyone is mourning his death. This is something I never expected. A hokage died in battle and the killer got away. I feel that this episode is the most depressing episode there has ever been in Naruto. The Village being raveged was not enough but they also lost a large amount if ninja and their leader. Now that we know of Elder Chiyo's jutsu the dead hokage could be brought back to life to protect the village in time of need. I never thought that Team 7 would be some of the select few to be at Sarutobis funeral.
  • we'll always remember you....

    As Gaara and Naruto lie exhausted on the ground, Gaara asks where Naruto gets his strengh. Naruto responds by saying it's to protect his friends is what drives him on to fight so hard. Gaara realizes this and tells his brother and sister this. The next day, Everyone in the village comes to his memorial to mourn his death. Naruto asks why people do this and Iruka tells him it's to protect his family: the entire hidden leaf village. Naruto realizes he fights for the same reason and vows to protect his friends. The rain clears up and they all leave. Elsewhere, two mysterious figures approach the village.
  • the Good old man

    the good old man was killed by orichimaru that bad snake it is to sad now what happed really he was one od the best nija but the live is difficult and the good people have to gone.i going to miss ,Naruto sakuke sakura and the rest of the nija looked verry sad for the dead od the old mani fell sad too .the anly thing that we have to be happy is that one day orichimaru havde to pay for al his sins i think soo well the episode was sad reallly sad but i was a developing character well i think that because all looked melancolic .
  • bye 3rd hokage

    well the 3rd hokage is now dead cause orochimaru killed him theres alot of people crying in this episode which makes the episode sad and alittle boring and since the leaf vs sand village war is over there has been alot of deaths in the village almost half there strenth is gone and they cant go into another war so the sand village made a truce with the leaf village thats all i can say about this episode oh yea and i give it a 9.0/10 also naruto won the battle against garra i like that part :) i love this show !
  • The village must deal with the death of the third hokage.

    Absolutely amazing! It was so much of a tearjerker. I loved it. And, I think a major forshadow into the future. One, for when Naruto defeats Gaara and Gaara turns and is now on the path to becoming Kazekage. Two, for when Sasuke sees Naruto the goof defeat an opponent who he could not and it fuels his need for Oorochimaru's power to defeat Itachi. And three, with Naruto asking all the questions about dying to save others and I think Kakashi saying he'll understand one day, I think that is forshadow for the end of the series. I think Naruto will end up at the end of the series having to sacrifice himself just like the third hokage and like the fourth hogage and will die and finally be recognized as the hero the fourth wanted him to be recognized as. but that's all just me. if it turns out to not be true it doesn't matter. this is still a great episode.
  • About the show

    Man who knew that this episode would really be sad and inspiring at the same time. That the Third Hokage dieds that we morn for the leaf villages loss. Espeally the sensa who was Narutos first friend and his parents got killed by the fox which I did not know that but now I know. Everybody put a white flower of symathy. The words at the end were great. That it was just a cycle of life and that we remeber him through our memories. Narto understand what the 3rd Hokage was doing. I was cool that it start and stop the rain after the funneral.
  • Good-bye, Lord Hokage. We will miss you.

    Lord Hokage has just died. Crittically wounded, Orochimaru calls off the Invasion of Konoha, and he and his Sound 4 flee. Elsewhere, Naruto and Gaara lie on the ground. Both have no chakra left to fight. Naruto tells Gaara that he's sorry for what happened during his childhood, but should Gaara ever come after Sasuke or Sakura again, Naruto would kill him. Gaara always believed that true strength came from being alone, but Naruto was stronger than he was and Naruto had friends. Gaara begins to rethink his life and Temari and Kankuro show up to take him back to Suna. Gaara appologizes to them, and they are both stunned. The next day in Konoha, it's Lord Hokage's funeral. Naruto is walking to it when he is met up with Sasuke and Sakura. The trio walk wordlessly to the gathering. Meanwhile, Kakashi is at the grave of a friend. Hayate's lover comes up next to him and they mourn together. At the funeral, Lord Hokage's son and Team 10's Jonin, Asuma Sarutobi, mentions that even the sky is crying when it begins to rain. The speaker at the funeral says that they are not only there to remember Lord Hokage, but every shinobi and kunoichi who gave their life during the Invasion of Konoha. Everyone lines up to lay a white flower on Lord Hokage's grave and remembers a time that they shared with him. Sasuke remembers Lord Hokage rubbing his head for whatever reason, Sakura and Ino remember picking flowers with him, Shikamaru and Choji remember being chased by him for getting into some kind of trouble, and Team 8 (Hinata, Shino, and Kiba) remember eating something that looked like corn dogs with him.
  • This was the last battle between Orochimaru and the Third Hokage. The Third Hokage cut of Orochimaru's arms and sealed them away. After he did he was smiling because he finally did the right thing. Right before he died he saw Orochimaru as a little kid.

    This episode was good. It was just like the episode when Zabuza and Haku died side by side. It was real emotionally because he fought for his life and every body elses. But, it was kinda of sad that he died. The one person that i feel sorry for the most is Konohamaru because that was all that he had. I don't know much abuot his parents. but that was kind of bow. Everybody was there. He was a great person. I really liked him. He was kinda of funny in a way.
  • EDITED VERSION: An emotional episode that’s centered around the 3rd Hokage, Sarutobi. He sacrificed his life to save Konoha, his family.

    The episode begins with the end of the invasion, as Orochimaru and the Sound 4 retreat. From there it shifts to Naruto crawling inch by inch towards Gaara in order to finish him off. While he scratches up his chin trying to move within striking range, they each flashback to their pasts, their similarly lonely pasts…..void of love and life. The only thing that seems to separate them is the fact that Naruto eventually found someone who cared for him, Iruka-Sensei, while Gaara never had anyone (even his uncle tried to kill him….that was the end of innocence for gaara and the beginning of the gaara of the present). On top of that, Naruto then befriended his fellow comrades, Sakura and Sasuke, and their sensei, Kakashi-Sensei. During this time one of my all time fav songs from the show, Sadness And Sorrow, it always does at times like these. The whole time this is going on, Gaara comes to realize that he isn’t immortal and can be hurt. His sand had failed to protect him and now he was defenseless, a feeling that was new to gaara…..and it scared him. However, Sasuke appears next to naruto, while Kankuro and Temari appear next to gaara. Sasuke tells naruto the fight's over and the three sand ninjas disappear before naruto’s and sasuke’s eyes. As they retreat, gaara does something amazing, he apologies to Kankuro and Temari , which surprises them. The story then skips to the Third’s funeral…*as the music changes to Grief And Sorrow*… everyone gathers to pay their respects and bid farewell to their Hokage. kakashi is late as usual, however, this time we learn the true reason as to why he’s always late (something missed if you don’t see the subbed)… is because he visits the stone upon which the names of fallen ninjas are written, in order to pay his respects to Obito (dub viewers, we’ll learn more about him later on). He visits it each day as a way to remind himself of his “old foolish self”. After this, kakashi comes to the funeral and the ceremony proceeds. Konohamaru cries and Iruka-Sensei comforts he remembers when the Third comforted him many years ago (The Third told him that it was ok to cry for loved ones and that he should know that Konoha is actually one big family….driven by the ‘will of fire’). Naruto then asks Iruka-Sensei why do people die to protect others and Iruka-Sensei responded that if a person dies for himself he is forgotten, but if he dies for others then he is forever remembered by them. Naruto nods and then responds that it is hard to lose someone. Everyone then passes by the coffin *as Oh! Student And Teach Affection plays* and remembers a personally fond memory of the Third and themself. After the funeral, everyone goes their separate ways (minus team 7 who meet up). The show then ends with two figures dressed in long black robes looking at Konoha (obviously Itachi and Kisame).

    ~As a Note: CN really messed up this ep…..this was one of the show’s most emotional eps and they ruined it! If you missed the ending and don’t want to wait 2 wks for it, go to youtube and watch the rest of it in the subbed version. In my opion, as it it with others i have talked to, the subbed is way better than the dubbed. i might even change to the subbed after this incident~
  • TYhe third hokage has risked his life for his village. He says that the only way to be hokage is to put your life on the line and risk everything for the benifit of your village.Hokage was born with courage and died with it. We will always remember him.

    This was a great episode. the absolutely best episode of naruto and it was also the saddest episode in naruto. The third Hokage was a great guy and his spirit wall always live on in the hidden leaf village. I admit that it was so sad that i had started to cry and i was yelling at the T.V." why did it have to be the hokage?" It was a very touching episode and i am always going to remember this episode until the end of my life. I think that the person who wrote this episode should get an animation gramy. This episode was probably the best in the whole series of naruto. i wonder who is going to be the next hokage?
  • It was a very good episode until it got to where Kakashi and that Anbu chick were talking.Still I was pissed they were supposed to put Itachi on at the end but they never showed it.

    It was a very good episode.The battle between Naruto & Gaara finally ended.They showed part of the Hokage's funeral.It was very good until it got to the end.I'm pissed stupid Cartoon Network had difficulties and it showed One Piece when it still had 5 minutes left.They never showed Itachi & Kisame who was at the end of this episode.They better show it again or get thing working before they play the episode on the air.
  • the war in the leaf village ends.

    this was a great episode and excellent conclusion to the invasion arc. naruto finally defeats gaara and convinces him on a new path of life. the third hokage sacrifices himself to take orochimaru's arm and prevent his goal of mastering all the world's jutsu. the saddest moments were when the found the third's body and at the funeral. for some reason cartoon network messed this episode up and couldn't get past kakashi saying "since". because of it eveything else started five early. i hope cartoon network makes this up and repeats this episode in an hour block with a new one.
  • Made me cry...

    This is another episode that has been able to make me cry . It was so sad when Konohamaru was crying , and when they showed Naruto and Gaara . It really surprised me that Gaara apologized to Kankuro and Temari . I had to watch the rest of the episode on youtube , though. There channel had technical difficulties and they cut the episode short . There's not that much I have to say about this episode . It was one of my favorite episodes. It didn't make me cry more than Haku's death , but it was still very sad.
  • This was a good episode but it broke in the middle!

    Well, the episode started well and all was fine and dandy (but sad) But then, when they got to the part where Kakashi was at that big rock thingy with all the names and that purple hair woman came to mourn the coughing guy there was alot of issues. I wonder why? Will Cartoon Network apoligize (I doubt it) becuase they just went on with the next show, they didn't even say anything or put a message or something. They should have, it's common curtisy and I heard they sued Youtube for having Naruto episodes, well no wonder no one would wanna watch the episodes on Cartoon Netowrk if they're messed up AND they don't even say anything. Oh well.
  • The Hokage Forever

    After Orichimaru ended up in defeat.The 3rd hokage lost his life and sacerfise himself to save the viliage and the people.Both Gaara and Naruto end in defeat.Gaara questioned why Naruto was strong.Which Gaara questioned what love really means.The first word that Gaara ever said to his siblings "I'm Sorry" all the ninga's gather to give their last respect and final good bye to the 3rd hokage and also giving the last respect to those who lost their lives in battle.Iruka remembers what the hokage told him when he lost his parents back when he was young.Kakashi and Hayatto girlfriend begin to chat.Jiraya begin to remembered his past.At the end we see two characters hinting of its Sasuke's brother.

    Yeah was an sad episode! I nearly cried.An great episode as well.
  • Naruto finally beats Gaara. But when they return to the village, the Hokage is dead. They have a funeral for him. A very sad part of the episode.

    This episode is one of my favorites. Its a sad episode when the Hokage dies. It's even sadder when they have a funeral for him. It was very very sad when all the people were having flash backs of when they were with him. He must have been a very important person. I like it especailly becuase near the end. Near the end, Sasuke's brother, Itachi, returns to the village. Sasuke wanted revenge on his brother ever since he killed his whole family. Itachi returns with a friend of his. I want to know what will happen next. Will Sasuke finally get his revenge?
  • sad, the third dies.

    Naruto just beat Gaara by an inch. Then they go their seperate ways, Gaara and the group back home, same for Naruto's group. As Gaara was leaving he apoligized to them about what he has done in his past. Seemed as if Naruto has changed him. Mean while they had no idea that what was going on with the hokage at the time. The fight had ended, with the Third hokage dead. In his sacrifise, he had cause Orochimaru's arms to decay. It had turned out when Orochimar summoned the first and second hokages he used Kin and Zaku as sacrifises to summon them. Now everyone pays their respects to the great Third hokage.
  • Really sad.

    Man this episode is really sad. Everybody is dressed in black and they have flashbacks of them with the third. Seeing Konohamaru cry was really sad for me. I know how it feels for someone that close to you die. What I think is weird is that Konohamaru's parents never appear I even think that Konohamaru doesn't have any parents. I was really close to crying from this episode. Well this was also the first appearence of Itachi and Kisame. I would think that Naruto would be more injured then just minor injuries. Naruto almost got killed. Overall good episode. But sad
    Peace out
    R.I.P. Sarutobi
  • gaara seems to become a good person at the middle of this episode.

    This was pretty sad.:( But also good :) But mostly sad. :(Gaara seems to know the error in his ways and is desperate to have someone to care for, than again he did cry and apoligize. But that was kinda the good news, orrochimaru lost his arms but in the end lord saratobi died, and that was the bad news. So now that the battle is over Timari,konkaru, and gaara retreat and so did the Sound Four(plus the sound and sand ninja) Then everybody seems to be so sad about the hokage dying and it seems that naruto has learned a lifelong lesson from Iruka sensei but kanohomuru is not doing so well due to his grand fathers death. Jiraya seems to remember the time he became the hokages student along with Tsunade and Orrochimaru which tells us that Jiraya and Tsunade was the Hokage's student. But at the end of the episode we finally see Itachi Uchiha.
  • kisame and itachi! YAY!

    the third hokage sacrifices himself to take away orochimarus arms. then there is a funeral. and kisame and itachi appear. in about 3 months we will see this episode on cartoonnetwork (if they make more than 1 new episode a week, then it will be faster). i wonder if itachi and kisames voices will remain the same? but remember, just because part of the akatsuki are in this episode doesnt mean it will be happening often. their next appearance is episode 135.
  • this episode was pretty sad, but definitely a good one....

    I can't believe that Sarutobi, the big third hokage actually died! Now tsunade takes over...
    But at least the old man took away orochimaru's arms although his special technique or whatever didn’t work.
    Too bad he didn’t win, he was a good guy... however, can't wait for what's going to be coming after this! Naruto's going to keep getting more and more interesting and I am eager to keep moving on! Go Naruto! Keep fighting those battles!
  • PZ out Hokage

    After the all too recent attack that the sand and sound tribes have laid on Konoha, this is the result. Sarutobi was not able to destroy Orochimaru with his special attack. But, with the last ounce of strength that he had, he was able to take away the use of Orochimaru's arms so that he could never again use his tecniques. On the other side of the battlefield Gaara and Naruto are both almost completely out of chakra so they give it one final attack. Naruto dodges Gaara's punch and lands one of his own. Then at the end of the episode all the Leaf ninja assemble for the funeral of all those who died. The very last thing that we see ini the episode is Itachi and Kisame looking over the village.
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