Season 8 Episode 17

The Third Super-Beast!

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Sep 06, 2008 on TV Tokyo

Episode Recap

Naruto is asking Tsunade if there is something wrong with him because he is failing with his jutsus more often. Naruto leaves to get Lee. Tenten brings him to Lee and they see that he has been training. Naruto tells him that he needs to go to Tsunade for his medical check-up.

They finish the check-up and she says that he is cleared to go on missions, but the reverse lotus is extremely forbidden. Lee leaves the office with a sad look on his face.

Gai tries to cheer him up and we see a flashback between a conversation that Lee and Gai had before. Then Gai tells him that since the Reverse Lotus is forbidden then they will have to find a jutsu that he can master through hard work.

Gai and Lee train, and suddenly Lee see a person in the gym. Gai tells him that his name is Yagura and he has been training here for just a week. Then Yagura challenges Lee to a spar.

Naruto and Tenten arrive just when they are about to start. Yagura attacks and he is faster than Lee thought. Yagura does a technique that almost breaks Lee's ankle, but fortunately he is wearing his weights.

Lee goes to Sakura to get his legs fixed and she tells him to rest for awhile. Lee leaves the medical area and he overhears Naruto and Tenten telling Neji about the spar. Then Neji tells them that if he had no genjutsu and ninjutsu skills he would have probably quit a long time ago. Then Tenten tells Naruto that she is grateful that Lee was there during their training.

Yagura and Lee cross paths and Yagura tells Lee that Gai has abandoned him. He sees Yagura and Gai leaving the village.

Shizune goes into Tsunade's office and tells her that Yagura was attacked before he came to the village. It turns out that the Yagura that was with Gai is a fake. Then Tsunade tells her to get Naruto, Tenten and Neji. She orders her to tell them to go after Gai and the fake Yagura.

Gai and Yagura are on their mission. Yagura and Gai are running through the mountains and Yagura falls. Gai goes after him and sees kung-fu posts. Suddenly these posts start to move and attack Gai. Gai fights them off but they are able to regenerate.

While Gai is fighting Lee is continuing with his training.
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