Season 8 Episode 17

The Third Super-Beast!

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Sep 06, 2008 on TV Tokyo

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  • A Gai/Lee episode is not new ground for the series at all, but this episode is better than most fillers. Finally a high-water mark for Tenten fans, I'm not sure if she's ever had this many lines. Good episode, but not enought to make one like fillers.

    This is another episode spent on Lee's injuries and his relationship with Gai. They've spent plenty of time on both of those topics already, particularly with a Gai/Lee episode not two fillers ago. Still, there are some pretty nice parts to this episode.

    I was really glad to see Tenten actually get some serious dialogue. She still does not have a lot of action scenes or any background, but she is the dominent person who is setting the tone for Naruto here. She also apprently still has that small crush on Lee.

    Neji was also interesting. He's apparently found some appreciation for Lee's hard work, even going so far to admit that someone with Lee's work ethic could beat someone with natural talent. Can anyone imagine the season 2 Neji saying that? Neji did not have much to say in this episode, but that was a key quotation.

    Outside of that, there's not much to this episode. Lee is worried about his future again. Another ninja has sneaked into Konoha. There was a humorous scene with Gai fighting the kung fu posts.

    It's a pretty good episode, but these themes have been covered before. It is better than most of the fillers.